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Unlock the power of the ultimate technology stack with LAMP web development services.

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Hire Expert LAMP Developer to Harness
the Power of LAMP Stack

LAMP Stack is an advanced tech stack that comprises powerful, open-source web development platforms that can be used to create highly scalable and dynamic websites and applications. What really makes this stack stand apart is the fact that the codes for all these components are easily available, platform independent, and extensively interchangeable as well. To top it all, it serves as a cost-effective option because of the open-source components, making it ideal for businesses in more than one way.

OrangeMantra brings expert LAMP development services to help businesses get tailored solutions for their unique requirements. With a stronghold in PHP based technology, our LAMP developer team comes ahead as a trusted partner for businesses looking for flexible, scalable, and cost-effective applications that take them ahead. Our expertise goes beyond the core LAMP elements and encompasses a wide range of technologies in the ecosystem of this stack.

Unlock The Potential LAMP



The base operating system Linux renders flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness into the lampstack web application development process.



Apache is the web server that is easily available and compatible diverse operating systems such as Unix, Windows, Mac OS, and Novell Netware.



Being a secure database system, MySQL empowers only the authorized members to access the database server and makes the application secure.



A versatile open-source programming language, PHP is capable of developing a advanced and dynamic web applications.

Why Invest In LAMP Application Development?


Platform Independence

Applications that are compatible with different OS such as Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS



Serves scalable solutions that can be aligned with the changing requirements of a growing business


Customizable Modules

Offers a wide range of customizable modules that can be tweaked to accomplish specific functionalities



Full flexibility and adaptability as there are no technical or authorizing limitations that constrain the developers



Ensures robust solutions with a secure design, standard updates, and reliable encryption


Dependable Web Server

Highly strengthened web server that combines the collective strength of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP


Agile Development

Uninhibited access to open-source frameworks and libraries that renders agility in the development process


Community and Support

A huge community support which serves as an asset for achieving enterprise objectives with the stack

Lamp Development Services We Offer

  • LAMP Application Development and Maintenance for Enterprises
  • Custom Social Networking Websites in LAMP
  • LAMP Application Migration and Porting
  • LAMP Server Development
  • Custom PHP Web App Development
  • CMS Development
  • E-commerce Website Development
  • CRM Application Development
  • Community Portal Development
  • Third Party Integration Services
  • Application Testing & QA
  • Maintenance & Support

Why Choose Us To Empower Your Business With LAMP Development

  • A seasoned team that possesses technical expertise in a wide range of technologies
  • Tailored LAMP solutions which are the right fit for your unique business requirements
  • Top-notch software and hardware infrastructure along with proven project methodology
  • Hire dedicated LAMP developers or team through our amazingly flexible process
  • Focus on developing cost-effective LAMP solutions right within the committed timelines
  • Well tested solutions that match the highest quality standards and deliver expected results
  • Constant communication with the team and inclusive project monitoring through Basecamp
  • Reliable post-deployment maintenance and support services that the clients can depend on

Looking for an expert LAMP developer for your project?