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Magento Integrations

With over 1000 successful site launches, OrangeMantra has the technical expertise and passion to bring success for Magento integrations. From deep integrations to standalone enterprise applications, we provide them all. We help to translate the business challenges into digital solutions that yield revenue.

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Magento ERP Integrations

Leverage ERP with Magento integrations to experience multiple benefits such as automation of core business functions, enhanced customer service, and better connectivity of processes across your business functions. OrangeMantra offers reliable Magento ERP integrations to help you deliver better shopping experiences and smoothen up your e-commerce processes.

Our experts start with a detailed requirement analysis to identify and determine your requirements, existing infrastructure and future plans, which enables them evaluate the most relevant and cost-effective integration solution for you. Let us help you in bringing end-to-end visibility and complete control over the critical operations of your business.

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Magento CRM Integrations

Integrating a CRM software system into Magento store enables you to collect diverse customer information and centralize the customer data at one location. You can use the data to gather insights about the user behavior and preferences and create personalized targeting strategy accordingly. OrangeMantra brings advanced CRM integrations to strengthen relationships with your e-commerce buyers.

We understand your business and offer the best solutions which exactly match your requirements. Our highly skilled developers bring the perfect CRM solution that enables you to establish a seamless connection between marketing, sales, and customers. Enhance customer support and eliminate inter-departmental gaps for delivery of better experiences.

Magento Email Marketing Integrations

Being connected with customers is the driving force behind e-commerce conversions and sales. E-mail marketing plays a key role in this context as it facilitates delivery of targeted mails to the customers. Unlock the power of Magento email marketing integration to stay connected with your buyers and target them effectively propel sales for your online store.

Leverage the rich customer data that these integrations fetch from your Magento store to create targeted email marketing campaigns that bring results. Identify the target audience and send them relevant emails at the right time to ensure that they are driven to convert. OrangeMantra delivers result-oriented Magento email marketing integration services to enable your business to capitalize on targeted campaigns.

Magento PIM Integrations

PIM becomes an essential for e-commerce businesses as it enables the management of business-critical information needed to market the products through diverse distribution channels. It allows the customers to access accurate pricing and availability information related to specific products. Avail a PIM integration to your Magento store to consolidate product, marketing and user data effectively.

Keep the entire product-related information updated from a central hub and deliver multi-channel personalized products to your target group using PIM integrated solutions. Enhance customer service and improve the level of their satisfaction by giving them information about the products they want to buy. OrangeMantra provides expert Magento PIM integration services to enable your business to capitalize on targeted campaigns.

Other Popular Magento Integrations

Explore a range of popular Magento 1 and Magento 2 integrations that bring new opportunities by helping you in maximizing the performance and results from your web store. Add value to your business with the right Magento integtrations.

  • Empower your selling capabilities by deliver a seamless user journey and exceptional shopping experiences
  • Save your time and resources and use them to focus on the business development activities
  • Manage your business operations, right from distribution, sales and marketing activities, campaigns etc.
  • Gain better visibility across all distribution and sales channels and enhance your omnichannel capability
  • Have informative and well-maintained analytics dashboard to get reliable and accurate insights in real-time

Case Study

FloraIndia’s e-commerce business taken to the next level with a high-power Magento store enriched with rich features and functionalities to deliver personalized user experiences.

Customers can order from anywhere across the globe for delivery all over India
Flexible delivery time slots according to customer’s convenience and preference.
Generation of shipping location according to the zip code entered by the customer.

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