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Managed IT Security Services

Choosing the right IT security partner is a business-critical decision

IT security is complex and costly, but partnering with a managed security partner you can trust can make it simpler and cost-effective. Most businesses do not have massive IT budget and lack adequate skilled security experts to address their security concerns effectively. To create more mature and reliable information security systems and policies, savvy organizations are now turning to managed security services for help. OrangeMantra’s Managed IT Security services provide unmatched expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and innovative technology, so you can focus on your core business. Since each business is different, we tailor full-scale and reliable IT security management services to the individual requirements of the clients.

Managed Security Services

Know the scope of services we offer

Why Comprehensive IT Security Services Matter

The managed IT security services we offer span the entire information security space, which means we have you fully covered. We bring a comprehensive portfolio of services to address business needs and challenges at the strategic and tactical levels and every point in between. Empower your business with our IT security services in more ways than you expect!

IT Security Consulting: Fill the security gaps

IT security consulting from OrangeMantra provides the perfect blend of expertise and experience to address the gaps in the in-house capabilities of your business. As a trusted partner to enterprises of all sizes, we provide the guidance and the heavy lifting needed to execute your IT security strategy and make your business secure from every aspect.

Regulatory Compliance: Transform your organization

The challenge of IT compliance is overwhelming for businesses as they struggle to demonstrate compliance with a variety of regulatory frameworks. But well-managed compliance efforts can promote better decision-making, improve agility and leverage business insight. OrangeMantra can help you secure advantage from your compliance programs.

IT Risk Management: Make better security decisions

When it comes to securing your organization, IT risk management is something you cannot ignore. A clear perspective on the security risks you face can help you in modifying your security programs effectively, optimizing technology efficiently, ensuring IT compliance, and successfully planning future investments to improve IT risk management.

IT Security Monitoring: Protect your organization

IT security monitoring is also a vital component any IT security program. As security products are always at risk, there is a probability of threats and breach of network. IT security monitoring is implemented to alert you when there is an attack underway and provide timely and accurate details that enable you to respond quickly before the worse.

Get a comprehensive risk assessment and strengthen your business IT security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does managed IT security mean ?
Managed IT security refers to having a systematic approach to managing the IT security needs of an organization. The services may be provided by an in-house team or outsourced from a service provider which oversees the entire network and information system security of the business.
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