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Non-Functional Testing Services

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Successful Applications are efficient, functionally stable, and have excellent performance. Non-Functional testing is required to make sure that applications are secured and are performing well. Ensuring the security and performance of software leads to its success! Functional testing is essential to the improvement of apps performance, however, our non-functional testing helps a software stand out in the various non-conventional environments. OrangeMantra, in its more than 2-decade run, has helped numerous enterprises across the globe in enhancing their application’s performance by determining errors in the software and eradicating them. Non-functional testing helps in evaluating software and further aids in determining the scalability, compatibility, accessibility, and responsiveness.

Our Non-Functional Testing Services

Performance Testing
Our QA Engineers are experienced enough to carry out Performancing testing by writing test scripts that help them in determining the application’s performance. These tests are done under different circumstances and load conditions that allow developers to simulate real-world data.
Load Testing
Our team is ready to deliver different types of Load testing techniques on software. Performing load testing across different technology and domains of an application including client-server applications, SOA based applications, and web-based n-tier architecture applications.
Security Testing
Security testing is a must and at OrangeMantra, we offer a comprehensive range of security testing including penetration testing, Audits, Code reviews, and Vulnerability assessments, all under a rigid testing procedure to ensure that your software is safe and secure.
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Usability Testing
We thoroughly evaluate the application from the users’ point of view as well and confirm the user experience, interaction design, architecture, etc of the application to ensure the application is easy to use and understands consumers’ requirements.
Compatibility Testing
Compatibility testing is a process where our QA experts check the application’s compatibility across different browsers, Operating Systems, and functions.
Data Quality Validation
Data Quality validation includes Data Validation, Data monitoring, Data Profiling, and Cleaning. With such services, we help our clients in improving the quality of their user’s data and help them in delivering their best in business.

Benefits of Testing

This type of testing helps our clients in defining:

Product’s Reliability

It defines systems response to the unforeseen challenges.

Product’s Performance

Applications’ behavior under different conditions.

Product’s Usability

How user-friendly is the application?

Product’s Scalability

Allows business owners to determine the horizontal or Vertical scalability.

Product’s Security

Client’s data security and application’s security w.r.t. Hackers.

Product’s Portability

Defines Products’ portability to different platforms.

Why OrangeMantra?

We’ve acquired the best testers with strong experience in Non-functional testing.
Multiple Business models
We offer multiple and flexible business models that suit our client’s requirements.
Latest Tech
We use the latest testing technologies such as HP LoadRunner, HP Performance center, etc.
Smart Testing
Test less, Test Smarter is our motto, that lets us deliver high quality in a limited time.
Time Constraints
On-time delivery and in most cases before time delivery with our dedicated team of QA engineers.
We ensure little to no burden on your budget and reduce extra expenditure with early detection


Un-conventional methods of testing such as testing how many users can access the website at once or how many consumers can log in simultaneously are some examples of quality Non-FUnctional Testing.
Non-Functional testing is as important as Functional testing as it allows clients to ensure the reliability and security of the application.
There are a number of non-functional testing services, all based on the application’s requirement. Some of the major testing types are Performance testing, Load testing, Volume, Stress, and Usability testing.
Functional testing is used to determine ‘what’ of an application i.e. if the system is working fine or not. However, Non-Functional testing is required to verify the ’Why’ part of an application, i.e. if the requirements of clients are met or not.
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