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Enterprise Product Maintenance And Support Services

Don’t Let Issues Hinder Your Users’ Experience while Using Your Product

Are technical glitches degrading your software’s performance? Looking for reliable product maintenance and support services? We provide best-in-class product maintenance and support services, available 24/7/365 days.

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Dedicated Software Product Maintenance and Support Services from Experts

For most product owners, once their products are launched into the market, it is regarded as the end of their product development journey. But the fact is, the product release isn’t the end; it’s actually the beginning of extended maintenance and upgrade cycle to keep your business running for years. Product owners should look out for ways to incorporate the feedback received from their customers about their product to increase usability, improve user-friendliness, add new features, and value to their products

Are you using applications and complex legacy systems that require maintenance and support? Is your IT team abridged to serving as a helpdesk? Are they overburdened with mundane product maintenance and support services, with absolutely no time for the development and implementation of new applications or software systems? If yes, outsource product maintenance and support to save more time and money on operational costs.

At Orange Mantra, we provide dedicated product maintenance and support services that will help you have sufficient time to focus on other business-oriented operations. We have a team of proficient software specialists having esteemed years of experience in the industry, diverse skills, and passion for their job. We are committed to providing you with effective ongoing product maintenance and real-time support to address all your software requirements and concerns in a timely manner.

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Why Do You Need Long-term Product Maintenance and Support?

Most product owners often face problems related to product maintenance and support. The need for real-time maintenance and support for your product may arise to

  • Fix errors, requirements, and design flaws
  • Retire systems
  • Migrate legacy systems
  • Interface with other systems
  • Convert to use other hardware
  • Incorporate the feedback into the product to make enhancements in UI/UX
  • Maintaining control over the daily functions of your system
  • Maintaining control over product modification
  • Improving existing functionalities of your system
  • Prevent the sluggish performance of your system

Stop System Issues from Slowing Down Your Business.

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Why Should You Outsource Product Maintenance and Support?

While your in-house IT helpdesks are generally more familiar with the ins-and-outs of your company’s IT set-up and systems, they require a hefty sum to ensure dedicated support and maintenance of your systems. This added cost of hiring and training IT experts becomes a heavy load for small to medium-sized enterprises. For small-medium businesses, outsourcing product maintenance and support proves to be cost-effective as it offers highly-trained experts to handle a diverse range of IT problems. Some of the benefits of outsourcing product maintenance and support include:

  • Better Cost Management
  • Focus on Your Unique Selling Propositions
  • Performance Improvement
  • Enhanced Security
  • Instant Bug Fixing
  • Handling of a Wide Variety of Issues
  • Backup Maintenance & Disaster Recovery
  • Access to More Resources
  • Stay Up-to-date with New Trends
  • Dedicated Support Service

Product Maintenance Services We Provide

Our top-notch product specialists proactively support and maintain your software to ensure that it is bug-free at deployment. We follow the best practices for software maintenance and support services to deliver application software that is robust, flawless, and secure. Our software maintenance services include:

Adaptive Maintenance and Support
We can help you incorporate changes, make the necessary modifications, and extensive revisions to your software to meet the digital transformation needs of your business. As part of product maintenance service, we can help you with Data format change, Hardware configuration change, Localization and regulation change, Support Utility Modification, and Integration of the latest operating system.
Preventive Maintenance
With our proactive and preventive application software maintenance services, we aim at preventing system failures due to any unforeseen or future changes. We incorporate changes into your system based on the customer feedback and past incidents to prepare your software for the future transformational needs of your business.
Corrective Maintenance and Support
You can approach us for fixing any kind of error in your system ranging from logical errors to coding errors to design errors. We scan your system for any bug that may arise in your software algorithm and fix it in real-time to ensure your software’s optimal performance.
Perfective Maintenance and Support
System monitoring is essential for leveraging the full potentials of the technology for your business. We investigate your system thoroughly for the necessary corrections, modifications, editing, addition, deletion, and enhancements to make your system perfect and powerful.

Product Support Services We Provide

Our top-notch product specialists proactively support and maintain your software to ensure that it is bug-free at deployment. We follow the best practices for software maintenance and support services to deliver application software that is robust, flawless, and secure. Our software support services include:


We provide software version upgrades and functionality upgrades to add value to your system and ensure its peak performance in the changing business environment.


We help businesses to make a smooth migration of their system’s Database and Language.


We provide extended application software post-release support, operational, and helpdesk support to address concerns and issues that may arise due to several reasons.


We offer a wide spectrum of product maintenance services including website maintenance, packages software maintenance, custom application maintenance, and long-term product maintenance.


We provide application enhancements and performance enhancements to ensure that your system is up-to-date and delivers outstanding user experience and performance.

Other Support Services

We bring a diverse range of product maintenance and support services under one roof. Our other product maintenance and support services include Porting, Software Re- engineering, Configuration Management, Bug Fixes, Defect Resolution, On-demand Software Services, Change Request Handling, and Status Reports.

Our Product Maintenance and Support Process

Our product maintenance and support processes are based on transparent methodologies and a systematic framework that guides us to process your requirements from start to finish. We also offer close-knit support to businesses that need an agent to guide through the stages. Our process is as follows:

Requirement Gathering

First, we acquire the documentation and processes followed by your software developers. The details help us define maintenance goals.

Product Analysis

After requirement collection, we rely on our vast knowledge and experience in the industry to analyze your program and decode its objectives to understand the complexity and self- descriptiveness.

Maintenance Proposal

Once we are through with the program analysis, we devise the best software product maintenance strategy and prepare a comprehensive maintenance proposal that will be furnished for your approval.

Analyze the Infrastructure Stability

We also evaluate the scalability and stability of your business infrastructure to understand and combat the potential for the ripple effect.


We perform rigorous testing of the maintenance protocols to make your software robust, reliable, and secure. If required, we also provide long-term preventive maintenance to ensure the peak performance of your system.

Product Release and Reporting

Once we receive approval for product release, we compile our strategies and actions in a legible and comprehensive report for future references.

Why Choose Us for Outsourcing Software Maintenance and Support Services?

At Orange Mantra, we follow a systematic and scalable maintenance process. Our support specialists follow the best preventive maintenance practices for your product so that it requires minimum maintenance or upgrades. With our reliable product maintenance and support services, we aim at helping enterprises focus on their niche without worrying about the backend of their system. If you’re planning to approach an outsourced product maintenance and support service provider, here are a few reasons why you should choose us.

Enterprise-standard Maintenance and Support Services
Robust Data Management Policy (Duly Signed NDA)
Certified Team of Maintenance Specialists
Superior Quality Maintenance and Support Services
Flexible and Scalable Services
Best-in-class Infrastructure
Cost-effective Solutions
Vast Knowledge and Strong Expertise
Quick Turnaround

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We handle all confidential data as per the NDA and with the help of authorized software maintenance and support specialists. We strictly prohibit the movement of your project outside the dedicated project zone.
Outsourcing product maintenance and support can help you
  • Reduce hiring and training costs
  • Facilitate your in-house team to focus on higher value-adding activities
  • Make rapid improvements in the product to increase its relevance in the market
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There is a diverse range of pricing models for product maintenance and support services. Typically, agencies usually charge anywhere from $110 to $165 per user, per month. However, we provide the same service at affordable prices to help businesses of all sizes and types. Get in touch with us to request a quote.
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