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Explore the Best Magento Theme for Your E-commerce Store

The appearance of an e-commerce store is vital to its success as it can fetch more visitors as well as improve the chances of conversions for the business. PSD to Magento theme conversion emerges as the most preferred solution for businesses that want an eye-catching website to define their online presence. We, at OrangeMantra, specialize in converting PSD to Magento theme to give e-commerce business websites the right look and feel.

We create the much-wanted traffic by creating a browser-friendly website to reach the targeted audience in a faster way. Our team of skilled developers possesses extensive experience in Magento themes development which enables us to render flawless and high-quality Magento themes for your e-commerce store. At the same time, we ensure that the converted theme is a perfect replica of the design visualized by the client.

Our Service Offerings

Explore our expertise in Magento theme development and PSD to Magento conversion


Expertise in creating quality Magento themes that render exceptional browsing experiences on the e-commerce stores


Proficiency in slicing PSD docs into Magento files to create pixel-perfect websites that match the client’s vision


Mastery in creating innovative custom modules that add the desired functionalities for the e-commerce store


Competency in creating hand-coded markups to enhance the visibility of the Magento website


Adherence to valid W3C standards to ensure optimal user experience on the Magento store


Comprehensive skill to convert psd to magento theme and customize it for the desired look and feel

Benefits of PSD to Magento Theme Conversion

Pixel perfect theme

Move over to the best Magento theme that is pixel-perfect and renders the most attractive and stylish online store./p>

Perfect coding

Application of hand-coded W3C Valid XHTML/CSS, and layer based XHTML code for the Magento theming.

Cross-browser compatibility

Supports all the major browsers such as Googe Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Explorer, and more

Extension and upgrades

A futuristic theme that accommodates extensions or any upgrades in the future so as to cut the investment cost.

Magento SEO

Integration of Google rich snippets for maintenance of SEO and semantic aspects of the theme.

Optimization of speed

Use of CSS/JS and graphics optimization to decrease the server load and load time, thus optimizing the website’s speed.

Mobile ready theme

The brands look perfect on any of the mobile devices as we incorporate the responsive Magento themes.

Easy branding

A complete and functional website with an easy loading of images, videos for easy brand identity.

Why Choose OrangeMantra for PSD to Magento Theme Conversion Services

  • A team of expert developers who excel in PSD to Magento conversion
  • An excellent track record with hundreds of clients across the globe
  • Adherence to deadlines while being committed to delivering quality work
  • A client-centric approach with a focus on the clients’ needs and goals
  • A complete range of services at a single destination
  • Round-the-clock support for resolving all issues with your website
  • Flexible hiring models to match diverse client requirements
  • A dedicated team that is always open to communication