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VAPT Testing Services

Secure application from cyberattacks with end-to-end vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

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Identify, Classify, & Address Application Security Risks on Time

As cybercrimes are on a rise, any vulnerability in the system security, design, or implementation becomes a serious concern for business enterprises. These vulnerabilities can exist in internally made software or applications availed from third-party vendors but can be easily fixed once identified.
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services have emerged as an ideal approach for businesses as it provides a more comprehensive application evaluation as compared to any single test. By taking this approach, they can get a detailed view of the threats to its data, networks, systems, and applications so that they can protect them all from malicious attacks.

VAPT Testing Solutions We Offer

At OrangeMantra, we offer dependable VAPT testing services that enable businesses to focus on the identification and mitigation of critical vulnerabilities that they may face.

1. Web App VAPT Testing

More enterprises are moving their critical operations to web applications. Our security testing team initiates VAPT testing of your browser web application to identify inside loopholes. We uncover the possible vulnerabilities and fix issues to maintain seamless functionalities.

2. Mobile App VAPT Testing

The malicious mobile app can exploit the overall user experience and break your brand’s reputation in front of customers. We perform VAPT testing on the mobile app, network, APIs, and database to eliminate the possibilities of unexpected hacking.

3. IT Network VAPT Testing

Our team of safety experts performs IT network security testing to identify exploitive vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and hosts. We reveal the unauthorized access of hackers into your system and create precautionary measures to avoid movement.

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Why VAPT Testing?

Prevent your software from the uncalled criminal breach by cyberattacks with VAPT testing services. Uncover the visibility of security weaknesses and preferred guidelines to address issues.

  • 1. Comprehensive Evaluation: A single security test is enough to ascertain the potential vulnerabilities inside your application & network.
  • 2. Prevent Malicious Attacks: Create better applications and systems by preventing unidentified attacks and security risks with the help of VAPT testing.
  • 3. Meet the Regulatory Compliance: Undergo end-to-end testing and evaluation of the software and meet the statutory and regulatory compliance with ease.

VAPT Testing Methodology

We start by defining the scope and objectives of vulnerability analysis. The possibilities in the scope include:

1. Information Gathering

Our team obtains in-depth information about the IT environment of the client’s organization. The areas covered include networks, IP Addresses, Operating System Versions, and more.

2. Vulnerability Detection

Vulnerability detection is perhaps the most critical phase of the entire process. It encompasses the use of reliable vulnerability scanners to scan the entire IT environment of the organization.

3. Information Analysis & Planning

As a part of the VAPT methodology, we analyze the vulnerabilities so identified and come up with a result-oriented plan for penetrating the systems and network

4. Attack & Penetration

In the next phase, we perform the exploitation of the vulnerabilities that are detected in the VA scanning. This is done by performing an attack on the system to confirm the existence of the vulnerability.

Our Services

We perform comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to cover all the applications and systems within an organization

Application Security
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Application Security Evaluation Checklist
  • Functionality testing
  • Authorization testing
  • Injecting malicious codes into the application software
  • Searching backdoor traps in application log files
  • Checking weaknesses in software structure
  • Source Code Auditing
  • Binary Auditing
Application Security
Network Security
Network Security
  • Password Security Testing
  • Firewall Security Assessment
  • Router Security Assessment
  • Switch Security Assessment
  • VPN Security Assessment
  • WLAN Security Assessment
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) Security
  • Wireless Network Security Testing
  • E-Mail Security
  • Internet User Security
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Security Assessment
  • Anti-Virus Security Assessment and Management
Database Security
  • Assessment of suspicious activity by authorized or unauthorized users
  • Assessment of overloads and performance constraints
  • Assessment of programming bugs and design flaws
  • Assessment of data corruption
  • Assessment of malware infections
Database Security
Host Security
Host Security
  • Web Server Security Assessment
  • Unix /Linux System Security Assessment
  • Web Server Security Assessment
  • Other relevant Security Assessment


Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing is a software security testing methodology. It is an imperative part of the IT systems, networks, applications, and websites to identify known and unknown vulnerabilities.

There is an extensive range of VAPT testing benefits to look into:

  • Detect security issues before attackers do
  • Create a list of all networks and the purpose of testing
  • Listing of vulnerabilities on different devices
  • Prepare for the future upgrades
  • Maintain seamless application performance
  • Create security testing record for later assessments
Penetration testing identifies the intentional hacking of cyberattacks into your application and finds exploitive vulnerabilities well in advance. The testing is meant for all websites, networks, and applications.