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We harness the amazing features of Wikitude SDK to craft the most exceptional Augmented Reality mobile apps. Get ready to create a wonderful experience for your customers with Wikitude apps.

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Hire Expert Wikitude Developers to Create Outstanding Apps that Take Augmented Reality to the Next Level

Augmented Reality is a technology that is making waves on the mobile application front because of the exceptional experiences it delivers. Such is the extent of its popularity that not only gaming applications but business solutions too are embracing this technology with open arms. At OrangeMantra, we serve you with innovative Wikitude development services to take your AR apps to the next level.

We recognize the promise that this technology holds and create futuristic apps by leveraging the potential of Wikitude SDK. Whether you are an emerging startup or an established enterprise, we ensure that you keep ahead in the race with our unmatched Wikitude solutions. Our team comprises of seasoned Wikitude experts who are capable of developing rich AR applications for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Explore the Powerful Features that Wikitude Offers

Wikitude has exceptional features that can be leveraged to fabricate the most amazing AR Applications

Object Recognition

With the powerful object recognition technology, Wikitude is capable of creating an additional touch point to interact with the users and furnish amazing 360 degrees AR experiences around real objects.

Image Recognition

Wikitude’s innovative image recognition and tracking technology can be used to switch between augmenting the recognized images and the geo-located points of interest that lie within the live camera image.

Multiple Image Target

Multiple image target enables simultaneous recognition of several images. With this feature, it becomes possible to bring interactivity to apps by layering 3D models, images, videos, buttons, and more on each target.

3D Augmentations

Loading and rendering 3D models in the AR scene is possible with Wikitude. Additionally, it provides a plugin for Unity3D that helps you to integrate Wikitude’s computer vision engine into an application based on Unity3D.

Instant Tracking

Based on Wikitude’s SLAM technology, the instant tracking feature of Wikitude allows the mapping of environments (indoors and outdoors) and displays the AR content without requiring a target image (markerless).

Extended Tracking

Extended Tracking too used the SLAM algorithm to provide robust performance for Wikitude-based apps. It facilitates amazing AR experiences with the users being free to move their devices without keeping the marker in the camera view.

Cloud Recognition

With the cloud recognition feature, the developers are empowered to work with a large number of cloud-hosted target images. It is a scalable solution with high recognition rate and quick response time.

Multiple Platforms

Wikitude is available for both iPhone and Android platforms and can even be used for augmented reality smart glasses. These apps are capable of running flawlessly on a variety of devices and across diverse platforms.

Industries We Cater To

Our Wikitude Developers offer amazing AR apps for diverse industries

  • Media ApplicationsMedia Applications
  • Health ApplicationsHealth Applications
  • Travel ApplicationsTravel Applications
  • Fashion ApplicationsFashion Applications
  • Retail ApplicationsRetail Applications
  • 3D Gaming Applications3D Gaming Applications
  • Event Managing ApplicationsEvent Managing Applications
  • GPS ApplicationsGPS Applications
  • Photo editing applicationsPhoto Editing Applications
  • Art and Design ApplicationsArt and Design Applications

Why Choose Us

At OrangeMantra, we develop Wikitude applications that translate excellence.

Our team comprises of skilled Wikitude developers with expertise in the innovative technology
We have a rich experience and have catered a large number of apps for cross-industry clientage
We ensure the highest quality standards by following best practices and stringent testing measures
Timely Delivery
Our professionals value time and ensure that every project is delivered within the deadline
We bring flexible hiring models to hire Wikitude developers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis
Our motto is to deliver high-quality solutions that fit into the client’s budget

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