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Transforming Retail Experiences with IoT-Powered Solutions

Understanding retail customers and delivering shopping experiences that match their expectations has always been challenging. This is because creating and managing their experiences has been more about reactive decisions that are based on delayed and incomplete data. OrangeMantra’s IoT retail solution continuously gathers actionable customer data in real-time. Further, the solution fuses physical in-store data from IoT sensors with digital customer data to create 360-degree customer profiles that enables them to deliver more personalized shopping experiences, engage their loyal customer base, and boost sales through relevant and timely promotions.

Why Switch To IoT-Powered Retail

Smart Operations
Think beyond the basic foot traffic in and out of your retail store. IoT Retail offers in-depth analytics to utilize the data for getting actionable insights.
Smart Marketing
IoT Retail leverages IoT, beacons, and AI to allow retailers to optimize marketing campaigns by responding quickly to evolving customer needs and market trends.
Smart Loss Prevention
Take your retail store’s security to the next level with IoT loss prevention and security tools that are capable of guarding assets and alerting about potential risks.

Smart Business Results with IoT-Powered Retail Solution

With two decades of industry presence and a successful track record for delivering innovative solutions to smart retailers, OrangeMantra emerges as a technology partner you can depend on. You can expect the most amazing benefits by embracing our end-to-end portfolio of IoT solutions.

IoT-enabled retail experiences

With diverse devices used in different locations, retailers are already utilizing cellular technology to connect their kiosks, vending mechanism, and point of sale. Now is the time to scale up with deployment of IoT-based solutions that take in-store experiences to the next level.

  • Automating checkout to get the customers on their way shopping without any unnecessary delays
  • Simplifying the in-store navigation and layout optimization for large retail stores with multiple floors
  • Streamlining inventory management and transparency for empowering sales staff to deliver better services

Analysis of in-store shopper behavior

OrangeMantra’s smart retail solution leverages an integration of IoT and analytics to capture and process real-time customer data from in-store devices to understand the shopper’s in-store shopping journey from start to end.

  • Assessing shopper’s interest by tracking shelf interaction to find the items they pick and abandon
  • Generating aisle traffic heat map to view dwell time of shoppers in specific aisles and plan optimal layout
  • Using digital maps and beacons to understand the in-store path that shoppers use to navigate in-store

Online shopping journeys

While in-store retail is one element that sellers need to pay attention to, they cannot afford to miss out on online platforms as well. Our retail solutions are designed to create exceptional online shopping journey that enable holistic experiences for your customers.

  • Capturing data trails of customers as they navigate the web to gain insights on their preferences
  • Keeping track of social media activities to create a strategy for using each customer as a brand promoter
  • Getting additional details on shopping preferences of the customers by leveraging mobile analytics of retail apps

Dashboards for insight-driven actions

As a part of our intelligent retail solution, we provide an interactive dashboard that merchants can use to harness real-time in-store analytics for creating personalized, omni-channel experiences, while capturing shopper interest across every touchpoint.

  • Offering insights for creating targeted marketing campaigns that give shoppers a reason to visit stores time and again
  • Delivering on-the-fly promotions and cross-sell offers that motivate the customers to shop more in aisle
  • Enabling smart merchandising decisions for orchestrating store layouts and planograms that simplify the path-to-purchase

Why invest in an IoT-powered smart retail solution

OrangeMantra’s IoT-powered solution is apt for retail businesses of all sizes and types, from brand stores to shopping malls, and supermarkets. They bring together the power of beacons, sensors, and IoT platform to serve extensive benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.

  • OrangeMantra’s Smart Retail solution is apt for retail businesses of all sizes and types, from brand stores to shopping malls, and supermarkets. They bring together the power of beacons, sensors, and IoT platform to serve extensive benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.
  • Deliver just-in-time offers to the shoppers for capturing on micro moments and driving purchases when they are instinctively ready
  • Analyze customer behavior and get actionable insights with a user-friendly dashboard which shows all the metrics that matter
  • Get the benefit of smooth inventory management by knowing just when to replenish stocks without locking your funds in stock that won’t sell
  • Reduce fraud and shrinkage to the minimum by keeping constant track of in-store assets and inventory in real-time
  • Align your retail goals with customer interest and unlock new sales and growth opportunities for your brand

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is empowering retail stores to evolve into smart stores that collect data about customers’ tastes, preferences, needs, and habits in real-time. This helps retailers to predict customer’ behavior and offer them relevant products and services according to their needs and preferences.
If you are a retail store owner, you can use IoT analytics to better understand your customer and customer engagement, and provide the products and services your customers are looking for to improve your conversion rate.
Customers are looking for experiences that are only meant for them. Customer-centric IoT-powered retail solutions have to provide immediate benefit to customers, and in the process of doing so, these solutions generate huge amounts of data about shopping behaviors of customers and values back to the brand. Those valuable insights can be utilized to deliver a personalized shopping experience for customers and increase conversions. Moreover, an IoT-powered retail solution reduces the need for keeping additional sales staff as it serves as an e-concierge that addresses the customer’s needs and eliminates any intrusive experience.
The cost of building an IoT application depends on vast array of factors. The major ones include technology suite, app complexity, features and expertise of IoT app developers.