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Event-Driven Microservices Development with Apache Kafka

Transform your tech stack with fast and reliable microservices architecture and enhance techniques into deliverable initiatives and real-time solutions with the help of Apache Kafka

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What Are Microservices?

Microservices separate monolithic structures into a group of impartial, self-containing services that allow less complicated deployment, testing, and maintenance. Microservices have several benefits: being far faster and easier to build and store apps, autonomous groups, and keeping off the bottlenecks that include monolithic architectures. Most importantly, microservices provide simplified, agile, flexible, and scalable development that continues up with modern enterprise necessities. Apache Kafka is the most popular tool for microservices because it solves some of the problems of microservices orchestration whilst permitting attributes that microservices goal to reap, inclusive of scalability, efficiency, and speed. It additionally facilitates inter-provider conversation while keeping ultra-low latency and fault tolerance. At OrangeMantra, our proficient developers have the expertise to develop the best microservice architecture with the help of futuristic technology, Apache Kafka, and Microservices.

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Kafka Microservice Development Services

Apache Kafka Big data Consulting

Our group of Kafka consultants helps massive companies and corporations construct real-world big data packages. Starting from designing, building new systems to excellent-tuning existing systems, we offer an entire range of Apache Kafka microservices solutions.

Kafka Integration

Our Kafka integration can correctly solve data streaming and processing challenges – processing and turning in streams of data efficiently and in real-time.

Kafka Implementation

Our Big Data specialists can combine Kafka to guide your use case. We assist teams in layout and construct platforms that correctly and successfully meet commercial enterprise and technical requirements.

Microservices Evaluation

The entire evaluation of your organization’s IT systems and a strategic roadmap for a smooth adoption of microservices.

Microservices Migration

Microservices assist in the seamless migration of your monolithic apps and legacy structures to a microservices-based totally architecture.

Microservices Integration

We construct and control microservices efficiently by means of integrating APIs to make software databases and legacy apps more flexible and agile.

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Uses of Kafka and Microservices

The Data Dichotomy: Rethinking the way We deal with Data and Services

Services include a problem: They’re not well for sharing data. This communication examines the underlying dichotomy all of us face as we piece such structures together. one that isn’t always nicely served today. The solution lies in mixing the traditional with the new and Apache Kafka plays an imperative position.

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Building Event-Driven offerings with Apache Kafka

Should you choose to relax communication between microservices? Is it better to apply a richer, brokered protocol? This realistic communication digs into the advantages of occasion-pushed structures for microservices, the way it works, and the way we use a dispensed log to create a principal, persistent narrative.

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Placing the Micro into Microservices with Stateful Stream Processing

How small can a microservice be? This talk looks at how Kafka works in microservices, what stateful stream processing is, and the way it’s used to construct actually self-reliant, often minuscule services. With the allotted ensures of precisely once Processing, and simplified scalability, event-driven services supported via Apache Kafka grow to be dependable, speedy, and nimble, blurring the line between a commercial enterprise system and a massive data pipeline.

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Benefits of Microservices

  • Improved scalability and business agility
  • Higher fault isolation
  • Optimized scaling decisions
  • SLA 3D Printing Software
  • Smaller and more agile development teams
  • Even distribution of sources
  • Continuous delivery model
  • Allows multiple tools & technologies
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This experience is illustrated by a huge portfolio of correctly introduced initiatives. Our clients range from rapid 50 startups to Fortune 500 global organizations.

Understanding Requirements

We are agile and ready to align on the project specificity, so our partner’s wishes are constantly met with great and satisfactory resources. We know both the artwork of matching people and the technology of generation.

Skilled Programmers

Our programmers are specialized in most of the trendy software program technologies: from Microsoft .net frameworks to Java, from cloud technologies to mobile development equipment and frameworks, from database management structures to network technology.


We offer a strong and stable partnership. We’ve got customers which have been operating with us since the employer was founded.


In the assignment, create an AlertService for sending the event info. This provider will construct the payload and serialize it into a JSON String, and use the default Kafka StringSerializer and StringDeserializer already defined in software.
Kafka-centric microservice architectures are often more scalable, reliable, and comfy than conventional monolithic application architectures — where one big database is used to store the entirety in software.
Netflix embraces Apache Kafka because it de-facto popular for its eventing, messaging, and circulation processing needs. It affords Kafka with the excessive sturdiness and linearly scalable, multi-tenant structure required for operating systems at Netflix.