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Innovative Workforce Management Solutions to Make You Digitally-ready for Tomorrow’s Working World

The old working paradigm is dead. Today, we are living in a digitally-driven world and we need new ways of working and new requirements on workspaces to achieve tuned workflow and greater business productivity. A modern working environment offers innumerable possibilities far away from the desk and the filing cabinet. Mobile and cloud solutions have helped many organizations to optimize and boost their employees’ efficiency and productivity, thereby increasing business profits. Assuming that your employees can leverage these new technologies securely and easily, you need to get the necessary performance out of them while managing the ever-increasing amount of data and assets at the same time.

Orange Mantra will provide you with innovatively-designed workspace management solutions that will help you overcome all the challenges of digital transformation and make your workspace ready for tomorrow’s working world.

Innovative Workforce Management Solutions to Make You Digitally-ready for Tomorrow’s Working World

Key Benefits of Our Workspace Management Solutions

We focus on creating employee-centric workspace experience with our intelligent workspace management solutions. Our solutions support an iterative approach to measuring building performance, making informed decisions based on actionable insights, and delivering the optimal workplace to ensure employee wellness, peak productivity and fulfillment of business objectives.

An Ideal Workspace Management Solution Ensures

Optimal Working Conditions

Employee Wellness

Peak Productivity

Accomplishment of Organizational Missions

We Offer a Complete Suite of Workplace Solutions

We offer specialized solutions for workspace management and optimization, assets and maintenance, resource scheduling, strategic real estate planning, along with projects and sustainability that empower organizations to get valuable insights into how their workspace is performing, how they can improve efficiency, and create an ideal employee-centric work environment.

You can easily administer and optimize all the facets of your workspace facilities with our high-end workspace solutions that enable organizations to access and evaluate workspace performance, real estate, and maintenance information in real-time.

Emerging Tech Services

Enterprise Service Management

Human resources, vendor management, and IT services can be regarded as pure cost centers for an organization. With our enterprise service management system, you can easily track, measure, and monitor the services of different departments in your organization. This way you can ensure that their service value becomes quantifiable and expenditure is justified, providing evidence of profitability and productivity.

Our ITIL-based enterprise service management system comes with innovative tools and methods that can be used in various business activities. It is an all-inclusive solution for your service users as well as internal and external service providers. This ultimately ensures the automation of individual process steps, thereby increasing efficiency, quality, and manageability of your entire organization.

Software Asset Management

Organizations deploy software for various business purposes which are stored on servers, mobile devices, workstations, and in the cloud. There are some applications that simply devour licensing fees while some are not even licensed. This is when pointless costs arise, and if software service providers check the licenses, you may have to pay hefty fines. Using our software asset management solution you get an optimal overview of your software, their usage, licenses, and status.

Our software asset management solution monitors the complete lifecycle of any software and hardware asset for more efficient implementation and enhanced service processes. It analyzes and makes all the information related to software and hardware expenditures on vendors and organizations completely transparent. It is an ideal solution for organizations as it uncovers organization-wide savings potentials and helps them prepare for manufacturer audits.

Emerging Tech Services
Emerging Tech Services

Centralized Endpoint Management

Your employees may be using several devices such as desktop PCs, smartphones, notebooks, or tablets for various purposes that need to managed by economically and conveniently from one common application. We combine the benefits of Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Enterprise Mobility Management tools with our centralized endpoint management system to help you manage multiple devices from one centralized place.

We create intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful solutions in unified endpoint management to help you manage multiple devices, applications, and services quickly and effortlessly.

User Identity & Access Management

A mobile working environment should offer security as well as ease of use. Since your employees are accessing technology and business data with a number of devices, it makes both your employees and your organization vulnerable to enormous risks. On the contrary, users also want a convenient and easy way of accessing information, that is, without using any lengthy login processes with different passwords or URLs.

Our high-end web-based identity and access management system provides mobile access with superior security standards and easy handling. You can easily control access to workspaces, business data, and applications from a centralized place. You can even assign or remove access rights of an individual immediately and quickly.

Emerging Tech Services
Emerging Tech Services

Mobile Device Management

Your employees use a diverse range of mobile devices, each with a different operating system for various business purposes. We offer you an intuitive device and workspace management solution that will help you manage the use of hybrid devices through unified application regardless of the operating systems.

Our solution separates corporate and personal data neatly and protects it according to your compliance rules. With our integrated mobile application management solution, you can easily manage applications and enable specific security features depending on the user, device, or operating system. A robust, intuitive, and easy-to-use mobile device management system provides employees with easy and secure access to their usual work environment within the shortest time-frame, without chasing the IT department for manual operations.

Licensing and Asset Management

This is very crucial for every organization. A license and asset management system gives an accurate overview of the software licenses and its lifecycle. You may be running expensive software that is hardly used by anyone in your organization while other licenses may be freely available. Or it may happen that a software license may be under-licensed which can incur legal problems and hefty re-licensing costs. Using a holistic license and asset management helps you gain essential data and maintain complete organization-wide transparency. Our license and asset management system provides comprehensive product identification, inventory consolidation, smart repositories for workflow and tool components, dynamic software identification of all commercial and technical assets, license optimization, and compliance and management reports.

Emerging Tech Services

We Offer Custom Solutions for Every Workspace

We understand that no two workspaces are alike and your clients’ needs and expectations are constantly changing. Therefore, we provide tailored and futuristic workspace management solutions to empower your clients and help you boost your ROI.

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Flexible Workspace


Our Workspace Management Solutions Connect You To All The Tools You Use

We are capable of integrating third-party systems and APIs with our workspace solution to deliver a seamless experience to you and your employees

  • Panasonic
  • SKF
  • Jk Cement
  • Relaxo
  • PVR
  • Hero

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