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The Next Revolution in the Mobile Industry 2017

Which Mobile Technology is ready to take the jump?

First one is buzzing
The dawn of 2017 is very near and it is going to be the best in mobile innovation with respect to text screens and users’ behavior pattern. It could be the huge influencer in marketing efforts 2017. Positively, the mobile industry may expect revolutionary changes and advancement in anomaly detection, machine learning, automation, gesture interface, and so forth. The things that were fictitious once upon a time are a reality today with mobile technology. In brief, mobile is changing our lives, experience, and redefining too.

Let us explore a bit into the mobile technologies that may pick up the trend and used widely in the upcoming year 2017.

If It buzzes it will sell – Electrovibration technology:
The electro-vibration technology will make the shopping experience ultimate in the coming year as it will change the mobile touchscreen experience in a dramatic way. You can just shop for your clothes without any more tension about the texture or the quality of the cloth.

Through electrostatic charges, the brain is tricked into the feel of the texture on screen touch. Apple has filed several patents related to this technology. It is anticipated that even the blind people would be able to access smartphones with the technology advancement.

Just Say It! – Communication at the global level:
The multi-language conference calls would become a commercial reality. The language featuring features would be built into the apps and people discuss matters across the globe in multi-languages without a translator or the mediator.

Mobile Tech. made for brains- The brain-computer Interface:
The unique electrical signals created by the thought waves in the brain could be mapped out to carry the commands. The brain-computer interface of the smartphone detect the brainwaves and execute the command. A futuristic technology that may influence the commercial application in the near future.

Battery Woes, no more – Wireless and Speedy charging:
These days, we use our smartphones for multiple-purpose and obviously the battery drains out in no time. There is a buzz in the techno field that the smartphone users would be able to charge the cell phones through day-to-day motions such as walking, body heat, or tapping the screen. And we may expect the ultra-rapid charger with advanced battery by which the phone gets charged in just 30 seconds.

Maybe it will walk the ramp! – Flexible and Wearable Smartphones:
The Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology will make the screens to be folded or unfolded; enable paper-thin screens which project from both the sides of the screen. The user is able to show pictures or videos to his friend over the other side, while he manages the images or the videos on the front side.

Though these technologies seem to be like watching a fictitious movie, the technology is not so far. The speed of technology revolution gives a promising note that we will definitely witness these in reality. Time has an answer for all these predictions.

It’s high time to go mobile for the industries which are still lagging behind or have not implemented so far. If you interested in bringing your industry into the limelight of mobility, then we are your true partners to do so. Get in touch with our mobile app developer experts or contact us at sales@orangemantra.com