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Integration of small modules and legacy systems is a big concern today for the business segment. The multiple applications, technology up-gradation is necessary and inescapable to keep pace with the rapidly moving world. If Enterprise web-based applications are deployed, it is easy to develop and integrate applications. In one console, you may maintain all web-published applications surpassing the client-server technology and/or the home-based applications. The corporates may consolidate their applications like timesheet performance management, lead management, and, etc.

Over a few years of research and brainstorming, Orange Mantra has developed and deployed a banquet of web-based applications which are the crux of several enterprises. These applications are easy to customize, quickly deployable, easily configurable, and modified rapidly, which are the main concern of the enterprises. Our Lead management system/field force reduces the time required from inquiry to order conversion.

Additional Services

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Make the informed strategic decisions by leveraging real-time facts and analytics into your commercial enterprise techniques. Get AI-powered enterprise solutions in your business that power your boom.

Machine Learning

Put your records to apply through the usage of modern-day machine learning solutions that permit you to recognize your marketplace better and transform your commercial enterprise to interact with more clients with the power of personalized services.

IoT & IIoT Solutions

Construct sturdy IoT and IIoT structures to empower your business with advanced tech. We assist organizations to streamline the control and monitoring of their diversely unfold sources in real-time.

Embedded Development

Construct next-gen embedded solutions that permit companies to attain high-stage device integration. Use our expertise in modern-day technologies to develop ultra-modern company answers.

Cloud Integration

Cloud-based agency solutions for ease of use, scalability, accessibility, and safety of information. We allow cloud migration for enterprises you bought its advantages for higher visibility and synchronization services.

Business Enterprise Mobility

Establish the appropriate balance of people, approaches, and tech with mobility-unique business fashions. Let us help you discover the power of smartphones to power engagement and device integration.

Knowing your customers is the best approach to be engaged in your Business.

Our Enterprise Web Solutions Services

  • Enhances competitiveness
  • Easy customization
  • Increases agility in business
  • Implementation of Breakthrough technologies
  • Quicker response to market demands
  • Achieve transparency and scalability
  • Faster implementation
  • Improved Data Analytics

Why Choose Us?

Agile Development Method

User pleasure is the most important element of our offerings, and so, we strictly adhere to agile principles to increase enterprise apps.


With OrangeMantra for organization app development, organizations can leverage services cost-effectively while saving time with professional assets.

Solutions that Match Your Enterprise

We brainstorm with you to understand the wishes of your market and customers to offer the most possible answer that aligns along with your marketplace wishes.

Automate Strategies

Cutting-edge enterprise apps to automate your commercial enterprise approaches to enable rapid actions with minimal human intervention.

Improve Productivity

Organization apps evolved via OrangeMantra are tailored to make an actual distinction for your organization’s typical productivity.

Industries We Serve

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Travel & Hospitality

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Banking & Finance

Information Technology


Our Technical Expertise

We have rich experience in building robust, user-friendly, dynamic, and scalable web CMS solutions and delivered numerous large-scale enterprise content management systems using the following tools and technologies.

What Clients Say


Enterprise Solutions are designed to combine more than one side of an agency’s commercial enterprise via the interchange of data from various commercial enterprise manner areas and related databases.
Business Enterprise Applications(EA) are software solutions that offer commercial enterprise logic and tools to version entire commercial enterprise procedures for organizations to improve productivity and performance. Examples consist of billing systems, client relationship control systems, and dealer relationship management structures.
There are four most important organization programs: Enterprise systems, supply chain management structures, purchaser relationship management systems, and information control systems.
  • Quick adaptation
  • Strict security necessities
  • Processing and Storing Data
  • Integration with other systems
  • Need for excellent release support