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Backend Development

Only a powerful backend ensures the flawless performance and user experience you’re looking for. We use the most advanced frameworks and proven methodologies to build failure-proof backends.

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Backend web development that paves frictionless performance

Backend is to software what the brain is to humans. It’s the engine that runs all the processes and functionalities. A well-built and robust backend is a must for a software solution that needs to engage users. And you cannot achieve that without using tried-and-tested backend programming methods. The backend, also known as the server-side, is the code that runs on the server. It receives requests from users and contains the logic to send the right output to the user. The backend also comprises the database that stores all the information associated with the software solution.

Being a globally trusted back-end development company, we rely on a software experience honed over two decades. From writing the best-quality code to efficiently managing databases, our backend development team executes everything meticulously. With a team of masterful software developers, web designers, and quality analysts in place, we are poised to deliver first-rate backend development services.

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Backend development frameworks we use

An array of backend development frameworks with different capabilities is available. We use the best ones and choose a framework per the client’s requirements.

1. Laravel

Written in the PHP coding language, Laravel is a widely used backend web development framework. It is built on the MVC architecture model and provides beautiful syntax. Laravel has a robust ecosystem and offers a database migration system and efficient documentation.

2. Django

Django is based on the Python programming language. It follows the MVC software architecture and is suitable for building sophisticated software solutions. Some of the striking features include optimal pluggability, reduced coding, rapid development, and code reusability.

3. Ruby on Rails

It’s a Ruby language-based back-end web development framework. The framework offers database default structures and web pages, among other features. Ruby on Rails enables the use of data transfer standards like XML, JSON, and interfacing standards like JavaScript and HTML.

4. CakePHP

As the name suggests, it’s a PHP-based backend development framework. It follows MVC architecture and uses some of the best software development concepts, including front controller, active record, data mapping, and model view controller, among others.

5. ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core follows ASP.NET architecture. It’s a modular backend development framework that can run across the entire .NET ecosystem. Being a cross-platform framework, it makes web app development easier. ASP.NET Core enables minimal coding and easy maintenance.

6. Phoenix

Phoenix is written in the Elixir programming language. The backend web development framework uses the MVC architecture pattern. Phoenix enables the development of scalable and high-performance software applications. Key features include superior reliability and concurrency.

Backend Development Services from OrangeMantra

Whether you’re looking for backend web development or mobile app development services, we have the experience and expertise to serve you well.

Backend Development Services
Backend web development
Build a robust, feature-rich website using the most advanced web development frameworks. Hire backend developers according to your specific website requirements. We ensure timely and flawless delivery.
Backend Development Services
Backend app development
Make fully customized and frictionless mobile applications that have a well-built backend. Our experienced backend development team will make sure your app runs without any functionality issues or bugs.
Backend Development Services
Backend API management
Create exceptionally powerful backend APIs using the most evolved breed of software tools. We build highly scalable and feature-rich interfaces that transform your software ecosystem management.
Backend Development Services
Custom CRM development
Change the way you manage customer relationships with powerful CRM solutions. Our backend CRM development services are designed to strengthen the software ecosystem of your business with unique functionalities.
Backend Development Services
Backend migration to the cloud
Move the server-side of your software to the cloud to get unmatched scalability and accessibility. Our cloud computing experts help you chalk out a migration plan and move the cloud without losing any data.
Backend Development Services
Backend maintenance & support
Whether it’s fixing glitches in your website’s backend or adding new features to an app, we are here to help. We also offer a comprehensive range of technical support services focused on the backend.

Our Backend Development Portfolio

From independent mid-sized businesses to the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers, we have worked with every kind of client. Our backend development portfolio is a testament to your two-decade-long success journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Backend development is the process of building the backend, or server-side, or website. The backend of the website consists of a server, an application, and a database. The development process involves the use of tools and frameworks like PHP, Laravel, Python, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, etc.
A backend developer builds and maintains the frameworks that run the backend of a website or an app. They create an ecosystem that enables the user-facing side of the website to exist.
A web application programming interface is the interface created by the backend of a website. It’s the collection of endpoints and the resources that the endpoints expose. You can use One web API to provide data for different frontends.
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