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Get custom full-stack solutions for your any business need with OrangeMantra’s expertise on each component of MEAN.
Using agile and iterative approach we create significant room for frequent feedback integrations, collaboration, and rapid adaptation to dynamic business needs.
Our skilled team of MEAN Stack developers is capable of developing futuristic web applications and websites which can add a winning advantage to the client’s business.

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Choose MEAN Stack Development Company for Robust Solutions

MEAN in the MEAN stack development stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. It is powerful combination to create dynamic web applications with several advantages to business such as a single language (JavaScript) for both client and server-side development, better scalability, greater flexibility, and a robust ecosystem of libraries and frameworks for rapid application development.

Under OrangeMantra’s comprehensive MEAN stack development services, we leverage MEAN stack capability to reduces complexity and improving efficiency.

Through MEAN stack’s modular and flexible nature we accelerate development cycles for rapid time-to-market.

All this while, saving you money by eliminating the need for expensive proprietary software licenses and achieving cost-effective full-stack solutions for your business.

MEAN Stack Development

Get Unmatched Scalability with Our Comprehensive MEAN Stack Development Services

Our expert MEAN stack development team is ready to deliver with full-stack solutions through an agile and collaborative approach. Unleash the full potential of your web applications, turn your ideas to life with our seamless execution of MEAN Stack App Development Company.

MEAN Stack Web And Mobile App Development

MEAN Stack Web And Mobile App Development

We empower your business with versatile web and mobile applications. Our team leverages the robustness of MEAN Stack Development to deliver the most seamless user experiences that contribute to your brand image.

MEAN Stack Application Development

MEAN Stack Application Development

Get ready to unlock endless possibilities with customized MEAN Stack applications. We created tailored MEAN stack solution for your business needs while ensuring high scalability and unmatched performance.

MEAN Stack CMS Development

MEAN Stack CMS Development

Struggling to manage content across platforms? Get our MEAN Stack CMS Development for dynamic content delivery and easy maintenance. Manage it all with a single point for higher convenience, better uniformity and efficiency.

MEAN Stack ERP Development

MEAN Stack ERP Development

With our Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, we optimize your business operations by integrating critical functionalities. The result, you achieve powerful productivity and a easy resource management capability.

WordPress Upgradation Service

ExpressJS Design And Development

Want to get an expressively dynamic web application with ExpressJS? Here we are, offering you a lightweight and minimalist framework for accelerated development. So, you beat competition with speed and superior user experience.

AngularJS Design And Development

AngularJS Design And Development

Achieve higher user engagement by utilising the powerful features for interactive and intuitive user interfaces of AngularJS Development. Captivate their attention, increase brand engagement and boost business expansion.

NodeJS Development

NodeJS Development

We offer you robust backend development for your applications with strong connectivity and powerful functionality with NodeJS Development. Get an app that perform well and contributes to your brand image to expand your loyal userbase.

API Development And Integration<

API Development And Integration

Looking for solution that facilitate better business scalability and greater flexibility? With our API development and integration service, let MEAN Stack technologies do the trick for a seamless data exchange for you.

Porting To MEAN Stack

Porting To MEAN Stack

A smooth transition to the MEAN Stack environment appears challenging? Let us help with achieve high performance and scalability, through rapid and seamless porting experience for your applications.

Success Stories with Our MEAN Stack Development Company

OrangeMantra team has worked with businesses across scale and industries to delivered under its comprehensive MEAN stack development services.

Scalable MEAN stack solution for an expanding eCommerce Startup

A rapidly growing e-commerce startup was looking to utilise the capability of MEAN stack technologies. They needed an expert partner to get them a scalable MEAN stack e-commerce platform with real-time updates and seamless user experience, while being compatible across devices Our MEAN stack eCommerce solution proved useful. It delivered increased customer satisfaction, substantial sales boost, and efficient operations.

A Real-Time Collaboration Suite for a Leading Software Consultancy

A leading software consultancy firm with teams distributed across the globe, reached out to us for a real-time collaboration suite. It should be built with MEAN stack technology to facilitate communication, file sharing, and project management. Our expertise as a MEAN stack development company, help them achieve collaboration, heightened productivity, improved teamwork, and, of cource on-time project delivery.

IoT Fleet Management Platform for Logistics Player

A logistics company wanted to optimise their fleet operations. They wanted a platform developed with MEAN stack, integrated with features like real-time vehicle tracking, route optimization, and predictive maintenance. OrangeMantra helped them with right solution that reduced their operational costs, accelerated delivery, and improved vehicle maintenance efficiency.

Tools We Use to Deliver Powerful Solutions with MEAN Stack

We use the best tools with maximum compatibility and performance under our efficient MEAN stack development services.

  • Languages

  • TypeScript TypeScript
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Tools

  • Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code
  • WebStorm WebStorm
  • Postman Postman
  • Git Git
  • Frameworks

  • Express.js Express.js
  • Angular Angular
  • React React
  • Vue.js Vue.js
  • Database

  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • SQLite SQLite

Industries We Cater as a Leading MEAN Stack Development Company

With our powerful full stack solutions developed using pathbreaking capabilities of MEAN stack technologies, we have contributed to the success of business across industries.

Our Refined Process as a Trusted MEAN Stack App Development Company

Over the years, we have worked hard on different projects and delivered solution that transformed business operations and delivering capability of our client. Here is the process we follow under our MEAN stack development services

  • Analysis


    We start by analysing your business requirement and the solutions you want. All the while, we keep the customer perspective involved for ensure success.

  • Design


    Once we have all the requirements and related information, we start by designing for the best possible combination of feature, functionalities and user experience.

  • Implementation


    After the design gets it green flag from your side, we move on to the implementation part, where we develop the solution for the intended goals.

  • Testing


    Post development, the solution undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it works flawlessly across devices and platform, achieving the intended goal.

  • Support


    The solution is deployed, and you get a thorough and unwavering support from our side. So, that you can operate with full conviction and attain business success.

Want a Robust Full-Stack Solution on MEAN?

Why Choose Us as your MEAN Development Company Partner?

Our market-recognised capability in MEAN stack development services give you more options than one join hand with us.

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Frequently Asked Question

It is an open-source and free JavaScript technology stack for web app and mobile app development. It supports all programs under one language and coded in JavaScript to work effectively on both server-side and client-side.

Using MEAN Stack for web app development, you will get next-generation application designed and developed effectively using advanced features. It is also cost-effective and less time consuming to develop a business-oriented web app using MEAN Stack. Also, attain an optimum level of flexibility and scalability using this tech stack.

Yes, you will get the source code. We provide you with licensed and copyright source code while maintaining an optimum level of transparency as per our non-disclosure agreement.

There are several factors taken into consideration while estimating the cost of the MEAN Stack web app development of your enterprise. The factors are mentioned below.
  • Project complexity
  • Number of integrated features
  • Number of resources
  • Testers
  • Design elements

Get Seamless Web Development with MEAN Stack