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OrangeMantra Technology Private Limited

Making Social Commitments

OrangeMantra is fully committed to operating and exponentially growing the business in a socially responsible way. In addition to providing technically advanced assistance to employees, we further strive to create a harmonious balance in society. Here, we have developed a thoughtfully created and deeply embedded approach to corporate citizenship. Through our diverse Corporate Social Responsibility (“Social Initiative”) programs, we play an active role in transforming & further enhancing the lives of communities consisting of better surroundings.

CSR POLICY download
CSR Policy CSR Policy

MD/CEO Message

CSR Policy

"Our Social Initiative is an integral part of OrangeMantra Technology Private Limited. It serves as the impetus propelling us towards promoting transformative development, aiming to harmonize surrounding areas, society, people, and environment sustainability for the collective benefit of all stakeholders." Mr. Vinit Choudhary



To improve community and environmental sustainability through transformation and enhancement.



To create harmonious balance and transform in society where everyone is empowered and enhance the quality of life of less privileged communities and maintain ecological balance .


For society at large, OrangeMantra mandated its social initiatives to provide community development, livelihoods, education, skill building, vocational training, and equal opportunities for enhancing the lives of the needy, underprivileged people of society.


Social Initiative vs Sustainable Development Goals

  • CSR  Programs VS SDGS

    Access to livelihood opportunities for the farmer to grow foods in rural areas

  • CSR  Programs VS SDGS

    Ensuring education access to less privileged children

  • CSR  Programs VS SDGS

    To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

  • CSR  Programs VS SDGS

    Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and work.

  • CSR  Programs VS SDGS

    Promote sustainable protection, restoration, waste cleaning, address animal-consuming plastic, landfills, and cease environmental loss..

Social Initiatives by OrangeMantra

Our Social Initiative has been and continues to be so that we recognize that our business activities have a direct as well as indirect impact on the community. We have endeavored to make a real difference in the communities in the districts of Gajapati, Odisha, and Gurugram, Haryana.

Our Focus Area

  • Committee Education
  • Committee Community Development
  • Committee Environment
Promoting Education

Access to quality education for underprivileged children & setting up a special school where proper learning resources are provided.

Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

Ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, bio-diversity conservation of natural resources, waste cleaning, animal consuming plastic, and maintenance of eco-system.

Community Development

Provide better & faster facilities for community development, benefiting from diverse backgrounds.

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