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Take Advantage of Machine-learning Enhanced Insights

Machine learning can help you turn your scattered data into useful information for your business. It helps you identify patterns, customer behavior, and uncover hidden information in the data. Machine learning-based insights can help you find unique ways to identify customer cohorts and reduce the risks of customer churn. With our machine learning-driven solutions, your sales team can enable machine learning processes directly through a real-time interactive dashboard that perfectly combines human-designed graphical representations and machine-driven outputs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Key Performance Indicator for sales is a measurable value that evaluates and demonstrates how effectively an organization is achieving its business goals.
Depending on the size and type of your business, the average cost of building a sales performance dashboard may range from $109 per month to $499 per month.
Yes. You can include data from any source in the same dashboard. Whether you need to aggregate data from 3 of your client’s Google Analytics profiles or 4 Facebook pages, you’ll face no problem at all.
Not to worry! If you need more dashboards, we can create custom plans for you.