SharePoint is a portal based Microsoft platform for collaboration and document management. Many organizations use it as content management system (CMS). Built on .Net technology SharePoint enables users to create intranet and internet sites like shared applications, blogs, wikis and others.

What do we offer?

We provide the following services to our SharePoint customers:

• Analyze: Heard of SharePoint but don’ t know if it will be beneficial for you organization or not? We will work with you and help you in finding the solution to above question. This would contain analysis of your current intranet or internet environment, collaboration methodologies currently being used and how SharePoint can increase the productivity

• Road map: SharePoint is so vast, how do I decide what I want from it?

SharePoint provides so many features that many times users get confused that what exactly they want from this platform and will it fulfill their business goals? With a proper road map we define the functional, content, and business needs of the SharePoint solution. Create milestones for future phases of the project and deliverables so that we always on track to achieve our objectives

• Architecture and implementation: How do I install it?

Our experienced team of SharePoint professionals will create the SharePoint environment for you. From verifying minimum hardware/software requirements to installing and custom development we can provide you full support

• Support and Training: SharePoint stopped working, what should I do?

Contact us, our team of experts will not only troubleshoot the problem but will also analyze the environment to prevent possibility of problems which may occur in future. We can also work as a SharePoint helpdesk for your SharePoint users, where users can contact our support services to resolve their common issues like how to share and manage information. Other than this our SharePoint professionals can train the end users on how to use SharePoint and mentor administrators to maintain SharePoint environments

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