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OrangeMantra creates technology specific to your organization improving your company’s ability to:
– Make informed business decisions
– Streamline operations
– Maximize existing technology
– Improve customer and partner relations
– Manage technology change
OrangeMantra is a professional technology solutions firm formed to deliver measurable business results through rapid value driven custom software development.
Whether your company needs to improve its flow of communication, create compelling revenue enhancing online business or increase productivity, OrangeMantra can structure a technology solution that meets your business goals.

Maximize returns on existing investments, exploit new revenue streams, or capturing and keeping strong customer relationships, every business is facing similar challenges in the race to realize the true potential of networked digital technology.
The ability to drive advanced technology throughout the enterprise – to truly integrate and transform its core processes – will be the mark of game-changing market winners.
Success requires a new kind of partner. Not a company focused on providing their latest software or services, but a partner who can bring together all the ingredients necessary to deploy the most innovative and value-driven solutions – faster, better, and more reliably than anyone else.

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E-Commerce Development

We offer a full set of rich e-commerce platforms to ensure that your online business gets the winning advantage. We believe that each business has unique requirements that need to be resolved with unique solutions. Our endeavor is to enhance the user experience on your e-commerce store.

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services include a wide range of consulting services in addition to implementation of IT infrastructure and applications for a business. With these services, businesses can avail the flexibility to focus on their core functions while we manage the infrastructural aspects for them.

CMS Development

Pick a sophisticated CMS for a concrete technical infrastructure so that you are able to manage your business data and content in an organized manner. Avail the ease of creating, deleting, or editing the content on your business site anytime, without the need of technical expertise.

Mobile Apps Development

We understand the need to take your business on the mobile route and give you the competitive advantage. Regardless of what device you bring, we create customized mobile applications to enhance dynamic correspondence with customers and raise your business esteem.

Digital Marketing Services

Business growth is all about being visible and reaching the maximum number of potential customers through the diverse online channels. Extend your web presence and convert visitors into loyal customers with our variant online marketing technologies and services. We leverage the power of internet to build brands online.

Managed Services Program Staffing

Empower your business with contingent talent acquisition that serves the benefits of visibility, control, compliance, and cost savings. Avail our Managed Services Program (MSP) to get the best people in the industry for rendering services as your contingent workforce.

Other Services

Get a full range of services and solutions to strengthen the IT infrastructure of your organization. We offer high-performance applications to streamline diverse business functions. We also extend ancillary services to make sure that all the business applications perform smoothly and seamlessly.

Framework Development

We deliver the choicest high-ranking frameworks for creating customer-centric applications. We understand the unique requirements of your business and pick the right framework to address them. We leverage the apt framework features to create simplified solutions to cater to intricate demands.

Information Security & Compliance

As businesses adopt IT applications and infrastructure, they get exposed to cyber security risks. Additionally, they have to comply with certain regulatory requirements to run smoothly. At OrangeMantra, we bring expert Information Security and Compliance to curtail the security risks and ensure regulatory compliance for businesses.

Java Frameworks

Experience the power of Java to serve secure, scalable and efficient business applications that match your requirements to perfection. Trust us for leveraging futuristic Java-based technologies for delivering high-performance networked applications and services for your business.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript development enables the creation of rich, responsive, dynamic, and performance-intensive websites. We have expertise in core JavaScript programming in addition to Javascript frameworks and libraries such as Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js, MeanStack development and more.

Big Data

Most organizations face the challenge of handling massive data every day as they try to formulate an information management strategy that is capable of accelerating the flow of insights. We have expertise in big data engineering and help organizations in generating valuable insights that drive smart decisions.


We create informative and interactive dashboards that yield rich and comprehensive reports to track key business metrics such as financial performance, customer satisfaction, resource efficiency, and more. Our data visualization services are based on innovative technologies and platforms.

UI/UX Design

An engaging website has the power to behold the visitors, keep them on the site and stay long enough to convert. We comprehend the user’s expectations and design websites that are trendy, easy to navigate and search engine friendly. We make sure that they deliver the most amazing user experiences.

QA and Testing

QA and testing encompass examining the applications and assessing their quality in comparison to pre-defined standards. We offer end-to-end QA and testing services to ensure the quality and usability of applications. We extend a complete set of testing tools to ensure that each application we create is perfect.

Maintenance and Support

We secure your online investments made for web development by offering reliable ongoing maintenance and round-the-clock support services. From bug fixing to application upgrades, performance optimization, issue resolution, and emergency support, we do it all to ensure seamless running of your business applications.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training helps high-potential candidates and teams to adopt new paradigms and ignite the workplace enthusiasm. We help corporate organizations to embrace the latest technologies by training their workforce and enhancing their skills and productivity for the sustained growth of organizations.


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