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The cosmopolitan industry of smartphone apps development no more remains fragmented, as PhoneGap is there to bridge the gaps between the individual development platforms, i.e. Android, Windows, and iOS. It powers building cross-platform apps using its built-in standards web technologies, viz. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

This appears to bridge the huge gaps between the users of these devices by reaching all them collectively.

phonegap application development

Choosing PhoneGap Is Right

PhoneGap requires coding only once and the app will be compatible with several mobile platforms. Besides, the results are even better than mobile responsive websites. The following features add on to your choice:

An open source project to work on.

Requires using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

One time code for iOS, Android, and Windows compatible apps.

Highly compatible testing and porting.

Easy and quick integration of third-party APIs.

Interaction with Hardware and its functionality.

Customized App Design For Industry Verticals

Location Based
Real Estate
Social Network

Technical Expertise For PhoneGap Application Development

mobile user interface
Mobile User Interface Design
Experts in developing simple and intuitive design, user-friendly interface, Interface customization, secure and fast loading ability.
Business Expertise
Business Expertise
Our app developers use proven methodologies, prototype the business value as per the need of the clients, and develop bug-free application.
programming skills
Programming skills
Years of expertise in programming languages namely HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript web technologies to develop mobile applications.
App Optimization
App Optimization
We optimize your PhoneGap apps in terms of design and intuitiveness for the best ranking and increase the number of apps download.

Our PhoneGap Development Services

Orange Mantra is a leading custom PhoneGap Application development company serving all over the world. We beleive that it is an interesting and efficient platform for developing cross-platform mobile applications using simple HTML and JavaScript. Our wide range of services to enterprises with respect to their business-critical data have established our esteemed image in the PhoneGap mobile development market. Besides,

  • We deliver quick, efficient, and cost-effective services.
  • We frequently build mobile apps for already created websites.
  • We are HTML proficient and regularly use JavaScript.
  • We have a large dedicated team of PhoneGap developers.

Get The Best PhoneGapApplication Development Services

We, at Orange Mantra efficiently manage the client’s requisites for PhoneGap App Development which includes its architecture, design, development, deployment, testing and marketing services.

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