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    Headless eCommerce solutions for super-fast and incredibly personalized shopping experiences.

    The intricacies of backend often affect user experience on the frontend of your online store. Not anymore! The headless eCommerce architecture separates the complex backend of your online store for the design and content-rich frontend.

    A growing number of online retailers are replacing traditional eCommerce with headless commerce solutions. The shift to headless commerce enables you to use the freedom of frontend and backend to create a superior shopping experience for customers. Get more control over how you showcase products and content on your website with headless commerce development.

    The eCommerce development team at OrangeMantra creates a highly customized frontend experience that is not reliant on the backend. We use the best Magento eCommerce development tools and APIs to ensure seamless performance. With unmatched expertise in Magento eCommerce, we build industry-best solutions.

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    Key Benefits of Headless Magento Commerce

    Limitless personalization

    Personalization of user experience is the most striking benefit of developing a headless commerce solution. With headless commerce, developers have immense liberty to experiment and create unique features. Since these experiments don’t disrupt the backend operations, developers often go extra miles for innovation.

    Lightning speed

    Website speed significantly impacts performance, engagement, and even conversion. The headless commerce architecture is designed to boost speed. The decoupled structure of frontend and backend enables seamless integration of new features and functionalities without affecting the speed of performance on the frontend.

    Unmatched flexibility

    The headless Magento framework allows developers to focus exclusively on frontend development. This crease immense scope for innovation and design flexibility. Developers can create features completely focused on customers’ interaction with the frontend of the eCommerce website, independent from the backend.

    Omnichannel commerce

    Omnichannel is the next big word in eCommerce. With full-stack eCommerce solutions, it’s often challenging to create seamless omnichannel experiences. With the flexibility and freedom of headless commerce, omnichannel development becomes much easier. Headless commerce means great omnichannel features.

    Reduced time to market

    Since the front-end is independent of the backend, you can launch the store even when backend development is ongoing. It substantially shortens the time within which you can launch your online commerce. Content and products can be shared using integrated APIs.

    Agile, adaptable marketing

    Headless commerce supports advanced marketing tools and technologies. It enables you to use specialized content and leverage social media platforms for effective marketing campaigns. Magento headless commerce lets you efficiently launch daily or weekly marketing sprints.

    Development Methods We Use to Build Headless eCommerce

    Different online retailers have different needs for their eCommerce solutions. We use two different development approaches depending on the clients’ requirements and their technological preferences.

    Monolithic architecture-based solutions

    Monolithic headless commerce architecture relies on the traditional method of developing software applications. It’s an intuitive development approach. This method is focused on a single codebase for programming the entire eCommerce solution. The monolithic architecture-based method uses both the client-side and server-side of the application alongside the database.

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    Microservice architecture-based solutions

    The monolithic architecture is broken into smaller units of the application in the microservice architecture method. Every small application has its own code logic and database. The units of the application exchange information and interact through APIs. Headless commerce development further separates the back-end codes from the customer-facing front-end features.

    Our Headless Commerce Portfolio

    We have helped many small retailers, medium enterprises, and large retail companies to dramatically enhance the customer experience within record development time. With a masterful team in place, we’re capable of delivering headless commerce in just 2 weeks.

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