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Discover the Power of Our Human Resource Dashboard Solution

Our HR dashboards seamlessly integrate technology and analytics to elevate your workforce management to unprecedented levels. These dashboards provide real-time visibility into key metrics, empowering decision makers with timely insights. This fosters agility and responsiveness in a dynamic business world. With our human resource dashboard service, you get comprehensive analytics covering employee performance, attendance, recruitment and more.

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What We Can Do to Elevate Your WorkForce Management

At OrangeMantra, we specialize in the seamless implementation of HR Dashboards, a pivotal step towards elevating your HR strategies. Our dedicated experts collaborate closely to ensure a smooth integration, providing the bedrock for a new era of data-driven decision-making. Recognizing the diverse needs of organizations, we take pride in our ability to customize HR Dashboard Software to align precisely with your unique HR objectives. As your strategic partner, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, collaborating with your team to refine strategies and ensure ongoing success in the dynamic realm of HR management.

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Human Resource Dashboard Solution For Proactive WorkForce Management

Our comprehensive suite of services designed to redefine the way you perceive and manage your workforce.

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Executive HR Dashboard

Elevate your executive decision-making with our Executive HR Dashboard. Gain a high-level overview of key HR metrics, enabling leadership to make strategic decisions, track organizational performance, and ensure alignment with business goals.

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Employee Performance Dashboard

You can optimize workforce productivity with our human resource dashboard service. They help you dive deep into individual and team performance metrics, identify top performers, and address areas for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous growth and success.

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Employee Development Dashboard

Our Human Resource Management Dashboard track training programs, assess skill development, and identify opportunities for professional growth. These HR dashboards empower employees to reach their full potential and contribute to organizational success.

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Workforce Diversity Dashboard

Our Human Resource dashboard service promotes diversity. It helps analyze demographic data, monitor diversity metrics, and gain insights into the representation of different groups within your organization. Thus, driving initiatives to create an inclusive workplace.

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Workforce Demographics Dashboard

Understand the composition of your workforce with the our Workforce Demographics Dashboard. With our HR dashboard software, visualize key demographic data, including age, gender, and tenure. Utilize insights to inform HR strategies, address disparities, and ensure a balanced and inclusive workforce.

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Women in Workforce Dashboard

The HR Dashboard fosters gender equality and empowerment. It tracks the representation of women in different roles, monitor gender-related metrics, and implement targeted initiatives to support the advancement of women within your organization.

Success Stories

Boosting Employee Productivity with Human Resource Dashboard Solution

Our client faced challenges in understanding and optimizing employee productivity across various teams. With a growing workforce, manual tracking and analysis became inefficient. This lead to a lack of visibility into performance metrics. After implementing our Human Resource Management Dashboard, the client gained real-time insights into individual and team productivity. The dashboards highlighted areas of high performance and identified potential bottlenecks. The insights helped the client in implementing targeted training programs and recognizing top performers, resulting an increase in overall productivity within six months.

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Human Resource Dashboard Solution to Transform Recruitment Strategies

Our client was struggling with a prolonged time to fill for critical positions. The HR team lacked visibility into the recruitment process, hindering their ability to optimize strategies and make data-driven decisions. Integrating our Human Resource Dashboard Solution gained a comprehensive view of their recruitment funnel. They identified stages with the longest durations, streamlined processes, and improved candidate experience. As a result, reduced time-to-fill and enhanced the overall quality of hires.

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Enhancing Employee Satisfaction With HR Dashboards

A leading tech company faced challenges in understanding employee satisfaction levels and identifying areas for improvement in their workforce culture. Traditional surveys provided limited insights, and the HR team needed a more holistic approach. Our Human Resource Dashboards enables the organization to analyze survey results, feedback, sentiment analysis in real-time. The dashboard highlighted specific pain points, allowing the company to implement targeted initiatives. As a result, employee satisfaction increased, contributing to improved retention rate and a positive organizational culture.

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HR Dashboard Software Optimizing Training Programs

A well known organization sought to enhance the effectiveness of their training and development initiatives. The HR team faced difficulties in tracking the impact of training programs on employee skill development and overall performance. With our Human Resource Dashboard service, the client gained insights into training program effectiveness. Thus, identifying high-impact programs and addressed areas of improvement. With targeted training interventions, client witnessed improvement in employee skill proficiency and an increase in overall employee satisfaction with training programs.

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Technological Stack for HR Dashboards

We use cutting-edge tools, technologies, and programming languages to craft powerful HR Dashboards that redefine workforce management.



React.js for front-end development ensures a dynamic and responsive user interface. It allows us to create interactive dashboards that provide a seamless user experience, fostering engagement and usability.



As the backbone for server-side JavaScript, Node.js plays a crucial role in handling backend operations. Its event-driven architecture facilitates scalability, ensuring optimal performance as your organization's data needs evolve.



Data visualization is at the core of our HR Dashboards, and D3.js is instrumental in creating dynamic and interactive visualizations. This powerful JavaScript library enables us to represent complex HR data in a visually compelling manner.



Python serves as a versatile programming language for our back-end development and data processing needs. Its readability and extensive libraries make it an ideal choice for implementing intricate algorithms and handling diverse data sets.



For managing relational databases, we turn to MySQL. This open-source database system ensures data integrity, security, and efficient querying, allowing us to organize and retrieve HR data with precision.



Docker provides a streamlined solution by encapsulating our applications into containers. We ensure seamless deployment across various environments, enhancing the scalability and reliability of our HR Dashboards.

Tech Stack

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  •  JavaScript  JavaScript
  •   Python  Python
  •  SQL SQL
  • Frameworks

  •  React.js React.js
  •  Angular.js Angular.js
  •  Node.js Node.js
  •  Flask Flask
  • Database Management

  • SQL Server  MySQL
  • Entity Framework Core PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Libraries

  •  D3.js  D3.js
  • Chart.js Chart.js
  •  Highcharts Highcharts

Benefits of Using a Powerful HR Dashboard

Human Resource Dashboards offers a plethora of benefits to the organization that help the organization achieve business growth and productivity. Let’s dig deeper to know what an HR dashboard has in store for you.


Real-time HR Monitoring

A powerful HR dashboard software enables the HR department to keep a hawk’s eye on the important aspects of the organization by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) With HR dashboards. you can gain actionable insights into emerging trends, opportunities, and threats that can be addressed in time.


Improved Employee Retention

HR dashboards display key metrics and information to help you identify crucial issues in an effective and transparent way. As an HR manager, you can focus on making improvements without losing any star-performer in your company.


Quick and Automated Reporting

HR dashboards eliminate the need for compiling data manually from multiple sources through automated reporting. Automated reporting ensures real-time, accurate, and up-to-date data within the shortest timeframe. This ensures improved efficiency and saves a lot of time on reporting processes.


Management Information

With HR dashboards, it becomes easier to keep the concerned upper-level management and team members informed about any information or development news in the organization. This helps everyone to stay up-to-date with all the necessary data or information.


Increased Transparency

HR dashboards display key metrics and data that will give you and other concerned team officials a clear picture of the current scenario. Hence, this eradicates confusion and miscommunication, and ensures transparency within the in-house team officials.


Comprehensive View

An HR dashboard helps aggregate and see all of your data data related to attendance, payroll, time, core HR, compensations, benefits, and many more at one centralized place. You can easily access complete data of any employee when you need to.

HR Dashboard Software for Every Sector

Our HR Dashboards service in India cater to the specific needs of various sectors to ensure that organizations across diverse industries can benefit from precision in workforce management.

Journey To Streamlining Your HR Transformation

Being a Human Resource Dashboard Service provider, we believe in transparency, efficiency, and a collaborative approach to deliver impactful Human Resource Dashboard service tailored to your organization's unique needs.

  • discovery

    Initial Consultation

    Our team connects with your HR professionals to understand your organizational goals, challenges, and specific requirements.

  • design

    Needs Assessment

    We delve into your current HR processes, identify pain points, and strategize on how our dashboards can enhance efficiency and decision-making.

  • development

    Customization Planning

    Our experts collaboratively plan the customization, ensuring that the dashboards showcase the most relevant metrics and align with your HR objectives.

  • deployment

    Implementation and Integration

    With a well-defined plan, we proceed with the implementation and integration of our HR Dashboard software while ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Training and Onboarding

    We provide comprehensive training sessions and onboarding to ensure that your staff is proficient in using the HR dashboard software effectively, extracting maximum value from the tools.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Ongoing Support

    Post-implementation, our commitment continues as we provide assistance, address queries, and offer guidance as your organization continues to leverage the power of our HR Dashboards.

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Frequently Asked Question

Our HR Dashboard software offer a centralized platform for real-time data visualization, providing a comprehensive overview of key HR metrics. This empowers your organization to make data-driven decisions, enhance workforce management, and drive strategic initiatives efficiently.

Our HR Dashboards are highly customizable to align with your organization's unique requirements. You can tailor the dashboards to display the specific metrics that matter most to your business. This flexibility ensures that you get the insights you need for effective human resource management.

We prioritize the security of your sensitive HR data. Our HR Dashboards adhere to robust security measures and comply with industry standards. Rest assured that your data is handled with the utmost confidentiality and integrity, providing a secure environment for your HR information.

Yes, our Human Resource Dashboards are designed with integration in mind. They can seamlessly integrate with a variety of HR software and systems, ensuring a smooth implementation process. This allows you toleverage the power of our dashboards without disrupting your existing workflows.

HR Dashboards are particularly beneficial for small businesses with limited HR resources. These dashboards streamline HR processes, automate data analysis, and provide insights that can significantly reduce the administrative burden. This enables small businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their human resource management effectively.

Turn Data Into Results with Our Advanced Human Resource Dashboard Solution