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Dashboarding Solutions to Improve Productivity & Profit

Project management is one of the most complex parts of business operations. Organizations with efficient project management fare better even during periods of high demand. Since project management involves so many diverse factors, using more advanced tools means better efficiency. Be it managing tasks, resources, or clients’ expectations, a good project management tool makes things easier for your team.

As requirements become more sophisticated, project managers need more technological aid than ever. Successful organizations, therefore, are equipping their project management with cutting-edge software applications.

OrangeMantra’s development team has diverse experience of working with businesses and organizations of every kind. Having built project management solutions for clients across industries, we can quickly grasp your requirements. Our software dashboards feature the most advanced technologies like machine learning and predictive analysis. Let the dashboarding solution experts build the most suitable solution for you.

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Get Yourself Managed Easily with the Incorporation of Project Management Dashboard

A project management dashboard empowers your project teams with data and visualization. With an easy visual representation of KPIs, a dashboard dramatically improves the efficiency of project managers and teams. A well-designed project management dashboard displays project data, key metrics, and real-time progress status, among other things.

Check the potential of your business with our enhanced Project Management Dashboard services. Our expertise in checking tailored PMO Dashboards and Project Tracking Dashboards makes sure that your projects are on track. And delivering effective results. Also, as a leading company we provide Project Management Dashboard Services in Gurgaon to both small and large firms. We specialize in creating the best project management dashboards designed to meet your needs.

Our custom solutions go seamlessly with your existing systems. This way you get real-time updates and visualizations. And these all are available via enterprise project management dashboard software.


Propel Your Projects with Dynamic Project Management Dashboards

Check out the overall potential of your projects with our Project Management Dashboards. Our services will be delivering services in Gurgaon and beyond. Where we will be delivering tailored solutions to enhance the project management processes.

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Customizable Solutions

Crafted to your specific needs, our PMO Dashboards are fully tailored, providing you with tracking the overall metrics. And at the same time the KPIs are most important for your project's success.

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Real-Time Insights

Get real-time visibility into your project progress and overall performance via Project Tracking Dashboards. This will be making sure that get timely interventions and can make right decision.

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Seamless Integration

Our services smoothly integrate with your present systems and tools. Which also includes project management dashboard software. Delivering for a coherent project management experience.

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Accessibility for All

Enhance collaboration and transparency among all of the stakeholders with our seamless Project Management Dashboard Services. This shows enhanced communication and proper coordination across teams.

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Data-driven Decision Making

Utilize our enterprise project management dashboard to showcase comprehensive data and analytics. This enhances data-driven decision-making at all levels.

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Efficiency and Productivity

Experience enhanced efficiency and productivity with our management dashboard solution. Optimize resource allocation and look for project workflows for more impact.

Success Stories

Analytics-Powered Dashboarding for a Top Furniture Brand’s Market

OrangeMantra built a dashboarding solution that benefits the leading furniture brand with real-time consumer-behavior data for strategic decision-making and foster sales opportunities.

Intending to ensure consistent, automotive, and centralized decision-making for their business, we helped our client to build a sophisticated dashboarding platform providing real-time visibility into operations and validating data. Powered by big data and predictive analytics, this solution revealed opportunities for improving our client’s business in specific regions and increasing sales efforts.

We Create Digital Transformation Experiences that Puts Business First

Get transformative technology solutions for your business expansion using the most suitable and set of next-gen technologies to accelerate growth.

We partner with Startups to build their initial product or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our team can help startups bring their ideas to life and scale their business as per market trends and customer behavior. We serve SMEs with our custom software solutions, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and other business applications to address complex challenges. We assist large enterprises in their respective industries with our process automation, supply chain solutions and other emerging tech tools. Our solutions have streamlined complex organizational structures.

Next Gen Web Solution for India’s Top Two-Wheeler Manufacturer

Our client Hero MotoCorp is an Indian two-wheeler manufacturing company. The brand offers a wide collection of two-wheelers to ensure riding comfort, style, and cost-effectiveness.

We take pride in building tech solutions that redefine the ways businesses operate and foster innovations across industries. By combining trending technologies with human ingenuity, we unlock competitive advantages for your business.Why OrangeMantra as Your Next Digital Transformation Company? A trusted digital transformation company in India for accelerating growth & future-readiness using next-gen services and solutions.

Technology Stack

In today's growing tech landscape. Having a correct tech stack is important for developing enhanced and scalable applications.

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  • Oracle SQLite
  • Amazon Redshift Redis

Intensify Business Efficiency with Our Project Management Dashboards

Utilize the power of Project Management Dashboards to bring efficiency and success in your overall business operations. All crafted to meet your specific needs.

Real-Time Insights

Get actionable insights into your project process and performance with the dynamic Project Tracking Dashboards. This provides on-time decision-making and enhanced management.

Improved Communication

Enhances collaboration and develops transparency among all stakeholders with easily accessible Project Management Dashboard Services. This delivery facilitates smooth communication across teams.

Strategic Resource Allocation

Go for resource allocation and project workflows with our enhanced and comprehensive management dashboard solution. This ensures maximum effectiveness and productivity

Data-Driven Decisions

Utilize our enterprise project management dashboard to oversee comprehensive data and analytics. This empowers data-driven decision-making on every level of your firm.

Customizable Solutions

Customized PMO Dashboards give you an opportunity to track and visualize the metrics. Also, KPIs that matter most for the overall success of your team.

Seamless Integration

Our services easily combine with existing systems and tools. This also includes top-notch project management dashboard software. Which ensures an enhanced and streamlined project management experience.

Industries We Cater

As a top-notch product management dashboard company, we provide services in various industries like

Crafting Comprehensive Project Management Dashboard Services: A Strategic Roadmap

With Project Management Dashboards, we make sure to consider a strategic roadmap to provide tailored Project Management Dashboard Services. This can be a huge success for your business.

  • discovery

    Requirement Analysis

    We start by knowing your business needs and project requirements to enhance our PMO Dashboards and Project Tracking Dashboards to go with your objectives.

  • development

    Design and Development

    Our expert team craft and design a custom based Project Management Dashboard Services. By using the latest project management dashboard software and tools. We make sure to deliver seamless functionality.

  • deployment

    Testing and Quality Assurance

    On-time testing and getting indulged in the quality assurance processes. We cater these to deliver are conducted to make sure that you get reliable and accurate solutions.

  • deployment

    Deployment and Implementation

    We make sure to deliver smooth deployment and implementation of our enterprise project management dashboard solutions. This will be delivering enhanced support and training to your team.

  • deployment

    Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    Our commitment does not end with deployment. We deliver ongoing support and maintenance services. This makes sure that you get the best management dashboard solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Project Management Dashboards

Project Management Dashboards are smart tools that deliver real-time insights into project progress, performance, and key metrics.

We provide comprehensive Project Management Dashboard Services. Which include design, development, customization, integration, deployment, and ongoing support.

Project Management Dashboards deliver various perks, which include improved project visibility. Also, enhanced communication and collaboration, with better decision-making, increased efficiency.

Yes, absolutely! Our PMO Dashboards Service Provider is well-equipped in specializing in and delivering tailored Project Tracking Dashboards that go with your unique business requirements. We work with you to know your needs and provide customized solutions accordingly.

We utilize the best project management dashboard software and tools present on the market to provide robust and user-friendly dashboards. Our solutions are crafted using cutting-edge technologies to deliver smooth functionality and optimal performance.

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