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Project Management Dashboards

Data-driven, smarter project management with feature-rich dashboards. Assign tasks, manage resources, track project progress, and much more.

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Dashboarding Solutions to Improve Productivity & Profit

Project management is one of the most complex parts of business operations. Organizations with efficient project management fare better even during periods of high demand. Since project management involved so many diverse factors, using more advanced tools means better efficiency. Be it managing tasks, resources, or clients’ expectations, a good project management tool makes things easier for your team.

As requirements become more sophisticated, project managers need more technological aid than ever. Successful organizations, therefore, are equipping their project management with cutting-edge software applications.

OrangeMantra’s development team has diverse experience of working with businesses and organizations of every kind. Having built project management solutions for clients across industries, we can quickly grasp your requirements. Our software dashboards feature the most advanced technologies like machine learning and predictive analysis. Let the dashboarding solution experts built the most suitable solution for you.

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Why Project Management Dashboards?

A project management dashboard empowers your project teams with data and visualization. With an easy visual representation of KPIs, a dashboard dramatically improves the efficiency of project managers and teams. A well-designed project management dashboard displays project data, key metrics, and real-time progress status, among other things.

Benefits of Using a Project Dashboard

Increased Team Efficiency

The entire project team gets access to the dashboard, not just managers. So, it improves the efficiency of every stakeholder on the team.

No Communication Blind Spots

With in-built communications features, the dashboards ensure that every piece of information is shared seamlessly. Dashboards save time by keeping everyone on the same page.

Improved Visibility & Accuracy

Dashboards significantly improve the visibility of data and KPIs. With features like at-a-glance progress reports, managers have more control over the project.

Insights-Driven Decisions

able project managers to make data-driven project decisions.

Key Features Of Our Project Management Dashboards

From captivating design to emerging technologies, our dashboards exceed your expectations.

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Real-Time Collaboration
With updated data and analytics, your teams can collaboration across departments and organizations. Dashboards reduce data processing delays and improve communication.
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Project Status Reports
Track assigned tasks check unassigned tasks and set priority with easy-to-use functionalities. You can easily get insights, real-time project progress status, and forecasts to improve efficiency.
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Higher Customization
Project management processes of medium businesses would not be similar to a multinational conglomerate. We enable clients to choose design and features according to choices and needs.
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Immersive Design, Seamless Navigation
Our dashboards are designed to make your project management experience intuitive. Project managers can flawlessly navigate across the dashboard to manage things easily.
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Performance Management
Managing resources’ performance and project health become easier with features like a project summary dashboard. Analyze planned value and earned value of the project and adjust tasks accordingly.
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Big Data, ML & Analytics
We develop personalized project management dashboards equipped with big data analytics and machine learning capabilities. These features take project management to another level.

Our Dashboarding Portfolio

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions
    We have built powerful dashboarding solutions for businesses of every kind and size. With a diverse development portfolio, we are capable of promptly understanding every requirement. We have a track record of delivering solutions before the estimated time.
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What Clients Say


Project management dashboards display key performance indicators (KPIs) related to specific projects. The software dashboards can display metrics for a project’s overall performance and progress or highlight particular problems that require further attention.
The costs of developing a project management dashboard depend on several factors. Development time, type of features, and choice of technology, etc. play an important role in calculating the costs. OrangeMantra builds design-rich dashboards at a competitive price.
There’s no predefined time for project management dashboard. It varies widely depending on the features of the solution and its design. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult development experts. We ensure the delivery of dashboarding solutions within the estimated time.
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