Python is a dynamic, high-level programming language that serves a variety of applications. One of the most easily readable languages, it has a syntax that enables programmers to express concepts with lesser coding requirements. Additionally, it comes with a dynamic type system, has automated memory management, and supports multiple programming paradigms. With such extensive benefits, Python becomes a much-sought-after language for developing business-oriented applications.

At OrangeMantra, we are a leading Python development company that caters a complete range of services for diverse requirements. Our team specializes in creating custom Python-based solutions that are aimed at helping the clients to fulfill their business objectives. We not only deliver state-of-the-art solutions but also make sure that these are integrated seamlessly into the client’s business environment and bring optimal results within the minimum timespan.

Get The Python Advantage

Benefits Of Choosing Python For Your Next Project

Simplicity and Readability

Being amongst the simplest and most easily readable high-level programming languages, Python is easy to learn and understand

Unmatched Extensibility

It can be easily clubbed with existing applications and serves a range of standard libraries and third-party packages as well

Exceptional Scalability

Python is exceptionally scalable, making it apt for projects for budding startups as well as large-scale enterprises

Amazing Versatility

The language extends support for multiple programming structures, including Imperative, Object-oriented and Functional programming

User Friendliness

Python comes with a user-friendly data structure which minimizes the length of codes that programmers need to write

Speed and Productivity

An object-oriented design along with strong integration capabilities and own unit testing framework gives it the benefits of speed and productivity

Our Services

We Offer A Complete Range Of Python Development Services

Python Web Development

Python Web Development

Dynamic websites with custom animation, data-intensive enterprise applications, cloud apps, and content management systems

Python UI Design and Development

Python UI Design and Development

Custom UI design and development with popular frameworks such as PyQt, PyGTK, and wxPython

Custom Python Products

Custom Python Products

Custom products built with Python’s frameworks (Django, Flask, web2py, Pyramid) and IDEs (PyCharm, PyScripter., Net Beans)

Python Integration

Python Integration

Python and Active Directory integration and integration of Python with Java, PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, and more

Python Migration

Python Migration

Migration to Python from other frameworks such as Java, ASP.NET, etc or from the old Python version to the new one

Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

Monitoring, maintenance, and support services for the existing Python apps to ensure that they run seamlessly

Our Expertise

Tools We Use For Python Software Development

Web Development
  • Django
  • Pyramid
  • Flask
  • Tornado
  • Web2Py
  • NumPy
Software Development
  • Buildbot
  • Roundup
  • Trac
GUI Development
  • PyGObject
  • PySide
  • wxPython
  • PyQt
  • tkInter
  • Kivy
Scientific and Numeric
  • Ipython
  • SciPy
  • Pandas
System Administration
  • OpenStack
  • Ansible
  • Salt
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Why Choose Us As Your Python Development Partner

  • A seasoned team comprising of skilled Python developers
  • Adoption of the latest Python tools and technologies
  • Extensive experience in Python software development
  • Impressive track record with numerous successful projects
  • Clientage across diverse industry verticals
  • Proven work methodology for optimal results
  • Adherence to deadlines with timely completion of projects
  • Customer-centric approach for tailoring result-driven solutions
  • Commitment to serving the highest quality standards
  • Dedicated developers available on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis

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Client’s Testimonials

OM team did a great job. The problem has been completely solved in a short time! I liked the regularly communication so I was always informed about the working status and the next steps. Thank you again!.


We have been working with OM since mid-2015 now and they have been a trusted partner for us. Till date, they have delivered three projects for us and the fourth one is in process. Everybody, from the talented developer team to the top management professionals, has been thoroughly dedicated and helpful. I also had the opportunity to be at the Gurgaon office on my last visit to India. Vinit and his team are passionate people who look for mutual growth. I am impressed guys!


Orange Mantra offers highly skilled professionals, whether it is about development or design. They designed my e-commerce website and got us impressive results. We are pleased with their approach- effective, responsive, well managed, the team always delivers what is needed and does it well in time. It’s a pleasure to work with Orange Mantra team.


They are very sharp and they really understand their work, very patient and understanding. I would recommend OrangeMantra to anybody with serious project.


OrangeMantra has a good PHP developer’ s team and I enjoyed working with them. Communication and responsiveness were top-notch and his skills were reasonably strong. In any case where the work was beyond his ability, they were very forthcoming and we worked well as a team to find additional freelancers to support the core work. I enjoyed working with Orange and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.


This has by far been our best experience on oDesk and we are glad we made the right decision by hiring OrangeMantra guys for our eCommerce website. The team was super responsive over Skype, there design skills were beyond exceptional and their professionalism was high class. I would continue to work with OM for future projects…well done guys!!!


OM has turned out to be a great technology partner for my business. I have been taking their services for the last 5 years. They have developed high-quality mobile application and website for my business. The team has also been maintaining it with regular updates as and when needed. I trust them fully as they have always delivered the best solutions in time.


We partnered with Orange Mantra several years ago, and have found it to be the most amazing service provider. The team is thoroughly professional and the support they provide is unsurpassed. They simplify complex technical issues so that we can understand them and think of a solution together. They are responsiveness and knowledge is impeccable too. Every single interaction with Orange Mantra is a positive experience.


Team excels at quickly learning systems. They picked up my existing AngularJS project, and extended its capabilities in a matter of hours. Amazing!


Professionalism, flexibility, talent that can be trusted. I am extremely pleased with Vinit and the team. I am looking forward to work together again hopefully with bigger and better projects. Thank you so much guys!!!!