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We have served client from different industry verticals with fast, secure and easy to navigate web solutions.


Next Gen Web Solution for India’s Top Two-Wheeler Manufacturer

Our client Hero MotoCorp is an Indian two-wheeler manufacturing company. The brand offers a wide collection of two-wheelers to ensure riding comfort, style, and cost-effectiveness. For more than three decades, Hero MotoCorp has displayed an impressive level of engineering characteristics. They need a web solution integrated with feature for users to sell their old bike or exchange with the new one. They partnered with OrangeMantra to build a web solution with fast-paced loading. Initially, we developed a web platform in the ecosystem of pre-owned two-wheeler to bridge the information asymmetry.


Building Award-Winning Web-Based Child Nutrition Platform for Nestle

Nestle, one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, needed a tech partner that could build, integrate, and deploy a web solution for child nutrition management. They want to build a web platform to help parents deeply understand nutrition and ensure healthier childhood for their kids. We were able to bring in the right kind of exposure and trust in the services that the client was looking for. We successfully integrated a single user login to enable parents to access a Growth Tracker to track how their children are growing.


Engaging Web Solution to Transform PVR’s Customer Experience

PVR, India’s pioneer retail entertainment company needed a digital makeover aimed at redefining its presence. PVR needed an effective push to redesign its digital experience. We build a web solution to build a personalized platform to increase its user base and integrate result-oriented strategies. The entertainment firm renew its state-of-the-art cinema exhibition experience for the users. With lack of a robust web platform, they were unable to accommodate high conversion at any given point. Besides, users were facing troubles during ticket booking, accessing promotion offers.

Nature Panels

Website Portal for a Gabon-Based Renowned Wood Board Maker

Nature panel wanted a Wordpress powered website to promote their services and market their work. They lacked the digital platform to connect closely with prospective customers. With years of diverse experience in the website design & development, OrangeMantra was a good fit. We designed and developed a website focused on showcasing the background, culture, and values of the client. The website took client closer to their prospects within a comparatively short period. We created high-fidelity designs, showing each of the features. Each of the pages was bespoke designed as per the client guidelines.


Building WordPress Website for Eurofish for Streamlined Operations in Europe

Our client Eurofish contributes to the development of fisheries and aquaculture in Europe. They publish marketing and industry related information in the Eurofish Magazine and its website, and on the organization’s website. They were looking to merge their existing Joomla websites and migrate them to WordPress. They partnered with OrangeMantra to build CMS focused platform with fast-paced loading and streamlined navigation for smooth operations. Initially, we migrated their website and made crucial customization with interface to target European audience.


Scalable Web Solution for India’s Largest Snack Company

Haldiram’s is one of the largest and most popular brands of Indian sweets, snacks, wraps, and frozen food, among others. They needed to rapidly develop and maintain their business website for ensuring a competitive digital presence. Our team quickly analyzed the client’s business requirements. They evaluated the most relevant requirements along with technical requirements. Our competent web developers discussed possible development options in terms of technical specifics. Since we needed to launch quickly, our team selected the Rapid Application Development model for developing the website.


Professional Website Development for a Sustainability Consultancy Firm

Our client, a leading sustainability consultancy firm offers a holistic approach to green building. They aspire to be the industry’s partner and advisor on sustainability, and alternative energy. They have a strong presence in India, Singapore, and Africa. They were looking to build multiple websites to spread awareness about the environment, waste recycling, the survival of our planet, and other green measures. Their existing website was not going with their vision, who they are, what they do, and the impact they have. They were in need of a full website redesign.

foundation Arise

Feature-Rich Business Website Development for IoTechWorld

Our client, IoTechWorld Avigation, is proud to be India’s largest drone manufacturing company, with an aim to bring socioeconomic change in the field of agriculture through advanced drone ecosystems. They are on the mission to become the world’s premier drone manufacturer, with a dedicated commitment to establish a comprehensive Drone Ecosystem and ensuring drone accessibility to small and marginalized farmers. With a commitment to deliver top-notch products, IoTechWorld sought to grow its online presence and engage prospects in an engaging manner. OrangeMantra helped them with a professional website development in a short duration.

foundation Arise

Feature-Rich Website Development for a Geneva-Based NGO

Arise foundation is a non-profit organization focused on improving the lives of the local communities in the African countries. Their mission is to expand the reach of their positive work by developing community-focused initiatives on poverty reduction, climate resilience, health and education. They need a feature-rich, fast and mobile-responsive WordPress website to promote their services and get investment for serving in Africa. We designed their website to make it mobile-friendly, multi-lingual and focused on engagement. We implemented advanced security elements that combines latest practices and algorithms.


Enhancing E-commerce Efficiency of DistiMax with Magento Plugins Upgrade

DistiMax a trusted source in whole Australia for HP computer spare parts, components, and accessories was looking to optimize the inventory management process. Their existing Magento plugins were outdated resulting into sluggish performance and meet the growing demands of its customers. The company needed Magento plugin upgrade to speedup the user experience, streamline inventory management operations. They partnered with OrangeMantra to avail the Magento upgrade services in a professional manner.

Swedal Fastighet

Streamlining Excellence for Swedal Fastighet with Website Redesign Services

Swedal Fastighet offers comprehensive cleaning services to facility owners. Their ambition is to strengthen position in the market and to increase service capacity, quality for both existing and future customers. They are into all kinds of cleaning, including floor care, window cleaning and general cleaning. They need a platform to modernize its online presence. They required a digital transformation service provider to enhance their existing website with engaging look and feel. OrangeMantra team helped Swedal Fastighet with the desired web development service.


Business Website Development for GSEZ to Streamline Operations in Africa

GSEZ, a leader in Africa known for its local timber processing work. The sole promoter of Gabon’s natural resources, primarily timber, for local and export markets. They need to revamp their online presence and boost user engagement. The objective was to have a modern and user-friendly WordPress website that not only reflects their commitment to sustainability but also effectively communicates their services. OrangeMantra helped them to build CMS focused platform with fast-paced loading and streamlined navigation for streamlined operations.


Feature-Rich Business Website Development for Mahindra

Our client, Mahindra has a strong presence in over 50 countries. Mahindra Farm Machinery is at the forefront of mechanizing India's farmlands and driving agricultural prosperity on a global scale. The client recognized the need to build a compelling online presence to reach a wider audience, improve brand perception, and showcase its innovative farm machinery products. The company aimed to leverage digital platforms to enhance brand recognition and engage with existing and potential customers. OrangeMantra was the right technology partner to build a Drupal-powered website to showcase company’s diverse list of farm products.


Design & Development of Websites for Business Engagement & Expansion

Our client, a leading sustainability consultancy firm that offers a holistic approach to green building. They aspire to be the industry’s partner and advisor on sustainability, alternative energy, and environmental, social & governance (ESG). They have a strong presence in India, Singapore, and Africa. They were looking to build multiple websites to spread awareness about the environment, waste recycling, the survival of our planet, and other green measures. They partnered with OrangeMantra to digitally transform their operation by building multiple websites.


Enhancing Mental Well-being with Personalized Health Care Portal for Samvedna

Samvedna a mental health care organization recognized the growing demand for accessible and personalized care. They have were looking to build a web platform to connect users with multiple health resources, tools, and professionals for personalized care. There has been a rapid surge in the growing awareness of mental health and the need for personalized care services. The primary goal was to bring user-friendly services for individuals looking for support to improve mental well-being. OrangeMantra helped Samvedna with their business need by building a professional web portal.


Building Digital Presence for Ojas Vegan in Canadian Market

Our client Ojas Vegan are proud to present their unique feel-good plant-based products that are made with Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. Being a certified vegan, gluten free and kosher product manufacturer they wanted to bring a change in the world. They were looking to revamp their website to meet current market trends. They partnered with OrangeMantra to modernize their website with fast-paced loading and streamlined navigation for customer engagement. Initially, we customized their website and made necessary changes with interface to target Canadian audience.

Tulips Ambbience Furnishing LLC

Building Digital Estimation & Sales Automation Capabilities for a Home Decor Brand

As the hospitality industry bounced back after the pandemic, the interior design products maker saw a dramatic surge in sales inquiries. But they’re unable to manage the leads due to resource crunch. Sharing estimates and quotes became major problem. They need a solution to automate their overall sales process and eliminate possible redundancy errors. OrangeMantra was the right technology partner to deal with this pressing situation.