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OrangeMantra helps any company no matter what their size is, they can be startups or enterprises to attain the most out of their business with our Cross-platform app development company. Our team members are well-versed in the usage of frameworks to offer identical rich and unparalleled user experience across all devices. So, whether you need full-fledged support to have a native-like app from scratch to end or need some upgrade in your existing app, we undoubtedly are the most fit partner for you.

Our еxpеrt tеam еnsurеs that your prototypеs rеsonatе sеamlеssly with your targеt audiеncе. Whеthеr it involvеs visualizing groundbrеaking idеas or crafting an intuitivе usеr intеrfacе, wе arе dеdicatеd to transforming your vision into a tangiblе rеality. Elеvatе your usеr еxpеriеncеs with OrangеMantra's high-fidеlity prototypеs.

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Diverse Devices, Diverse OS-One App That Covers Them All

Choosing between iOS and Android has always been mind-boggling for businesses but this is something that you may need to do, particularly when you have limited time and budget. You can resolve the concern by engaging in a cross-platform app development company. Not only are these apps compatible with different development platforms but run seamlessly across diverse devices as well.

If you are looking for cross-platform app development services, OrangeMantra is a name you can trust. We offer multi-platform app development solutions that will provide the same dynamic experience to your customers, whether they use an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or even a desktop.

Our seasoned app developers cater expertise in the latest cross-platform technology React Native and the time-tested Ionic and PhoneGap as well. Share your requirements with us and we will have a perfect cross-platform app for your needs.

High-Fidelity Prototypе

What do we offer as our Cross-Platform Development Services?

Indeed, OrangeMantra has expertise in providing a variety of cross-platform app development solutions. See what all are available on our gigantic platform.

Prеcision in Dеtailing

App consultation & Architecture

This service includes consultation with clients to grasp a vivid understanding of the business demands based on which only we will provide you with the best possible solution. With this service of ours, we plan your application’s technical architecture.

Rеalistic Usеr Intеraction

Native Mobile App Improvement

We take care of your existing apps by making them align with the current trends to refine the user experience and functionality of a mobile app by infusing new features and functionalities. Our developers are aware of every platform’s language so that they can deliver the exact same thing that our client is expecting.

Usеr Flow Optimization

Cross-Platform App Designing

Our team has several years of experience in forming or designing captivating custom UI/UX for your app with the intent that it will leave a lasting impression on your targetted audience across all platforms. We understand it well that how crucial the visuals are of an app.

Visual Excеllеncе

Cross-Platform App Upgrade

OrangeMantra as a leading Cross-platform app development company will always take care that your app remains up-to-date with all the latest advancements. We ensure that your application gets equipped with every update as soon as it comes up in the market to let you stand above the clutter.

Collaborativе Fееdback Intеgration

Cross-Platform app migration

Jumping to some better alternative that is more relevant or suitable for your website becomes possible now safely with all of your data by teaming up with OrangeMantra. We carry out the procedure of migration of mobile and cross-platform web apps to a single base code structure flawlessly.

Effortlеss Intеgration with Dеvеlopmеnt Workflow

App Support & Maintenance

Ensuring that your app will work without any issues is our forte hence we have a dedicated team for cross-platform app maintenance & support. Our motive behind giving out this service is to guarantee optimal performance and a high level of reliability from your web app.

Narratives of Success of Our Clients

See how we as a Cross-platform app development company bring a positive impact across verticals for our various clients.

Efficiency Boost with React Native for a Retail Leader

Our client here runs a leading retail chain looking forward to elevating its customer experience through a mobile app that can run across platforms. They approached OrangeMantra to develop a streamlined application that could perform without any issues on both iOS and Android-based platforms. With the support of our development team, the clients witnessed huge cost savings for themselves while having a features-laden app that escalated the level of customer engagement and loyalty.

Transforming eCommerce

Flutter Powers Global Expansion for a Tech Company

In this scenario, we come across a client who belongs to the tech domain looking forward to expanding to gain impeccable global reach. For the same reason, they search for a commendable Cross-platform app development company and come to OrangeMantra. We suggested to them the alternative of Flutter because of its rapid performance and efficiency. We developed an app that can perform flawlessly on both iOS and Android. With this, our client saw a reduction in their development cycles and instantly gave user feedback. In the end, what they have is an app that brings International expansion, drives user acquisition, and huge market penetration.

Corporate Finance

Immersive Learning App for Education Institutions by our Cross-platform App Development Services

Our client in this case is an educational institution looking forward to having an app that can be accessed by every student on every kind of device. We provide them with a cross-platform app developed on Unity. Due to its rendering capabilities backed up by rich multimedia content while ensuring impeccable performance across iOS, Android, and web platforms. As soon as they receive cross-platform app development solutions from our side, they witness high student engagement and learning outcomes verifying that our solutions never fail to fulfill anyone’s expectations.

Healthcare Solutions

Apps You Can Acquire From Us!

The existence of multiple mobile platforms and devices has led to the extensive popularity of cross-platform apps. We extend expertise in cross-platform development for both Android and iOS platforms and have a comprehensive range of services to our credit.

Rеalistic Usеr

Enterprise Apps

Robust and scalable cross-platform enterprise mobility solutions with advanced administration panels, custom user interface, powerful analysis panels, and more

Enhancеd Stakеholdеr

Custom Android App Development

Feature-rich cross-platform desktop apps that empower your business to reach a larger audience and connect with them

Accuratе Usеr Fееdback

On-Demand Apps

On-demand cross-platform mobile apps that are empowered with features such as geolocation, map integration, digital POD, mobile scanner, and more

Streamlined Development Workflow

E-Commerce Apps

Full-featured e-commerce apps that are capable of running across diverse platforms and fulfilling all the essential e-commerce functionalities

Effective Communication Tool

Social Network Apps

Powerful social network apps that connect a wide base of users across devices and platforms to enable businesses to extend their reach

Cost-Efficiеnt Solution Validation

Business Apps

Custom cross-platform apps that have the right set of features to match the challenges and expectations of a business

Technology & Frameworks Involved in our Cross-Platform App Development Services

Standing on the top as a Cross-platform app development company, we impart the finest solutions to our clients using the latest tools and technologies.

  • Languages

  • HTML Dart
  • CSS JavaScript
  • JavaScript Swift
  •  RеactJS Kotlin
  • Python Objective-C
  • Tool

  • Skеtch Unity
  • Flutter Adobe AIR
  • Figma Qt
  •  Proto NativeScript
  • Balsamiq Appcelerator Titanium
  • Framеworks

  • Bootstrap React Native
  • Foundation Flutter
  •  Matеrializе Xamarin
  •  JSX Ionic
  •  JSX Apache Cordova
  • Databases

  •  Cloud Storagе SQLite
  •  GitHub Realm
  • Slack Couchbase
  • Asana PouchDB
  • Asana MongoDB Realm

Frameworks we Pick as a Cross-Platform App Development Company

Streamline your process of Cross-platform app development with us as we lead the entire operation by picking some of the best frameworks.

Why Go Cross Platform- Multiple Platforms, Multiple Benefits!

Take a glimpse at what you can receive after seeking Cross-Platform app development services from OrangeMantra as we never leave any stone unturned in serving you. web application growth with competitive edge.

Unmatched Performance

Cost Saving

Having a reusable code base translates into an opportunity for direct cost savings. Secure the advantage of the cross-platform development approach for cutting down hybrid mobile development costs significantly in comparison to native apps.

Seamless Customizations

Fast Delivery

Building, testing, and maintaining apps for each platform requires coordination between separate teams. With cross-platform apps, you need to get a unique code base for different platforms to accelerate the delivery of the app.

Multi-Lingual Support

Easy Maintenance

Cross-platform apps are easy to maintain, and it is also possible to deploy changes quickly for an app that runs across all platforms. This ensures faster implementation of functionalities and troubleshooting as well.

Vast Community

Wider Audience Reach

OrangeMantra with cross-platform app development services targets multiple platforms for your business to gain wide audience reach and expand the market share. With our services, we ensure that startups or new businesses will reach a higher level only by remaining within limited resources.

Flexible Content Management

Seamless User Experience

Seeking our cross-platform app development services will promise this thing for you that you have a seamless user experience. It happens because of using the same codebase for different platforms. It will maintain your brand identity, consistency, and user satisfaction at a certain level.

Next-Gen Security

Easy Maintenance & Updates

Our team full of experts takes care of the updates and maintenance to make sure that your business won’t get hampered across any mobile platform because of any bugs or errors.

Industries We Take Care Of

OrangeMantra, a top-notch cross-platform app development company will never deny to any industry as our developers are well-seasoned in catering to every realm.

Tactical Guide how we offer Cross-platform app development services

We are a widely known cross-platform app development company thus we care about the procedure we impart our services. See our steps in successfully delivering you with apt business solutions.

  • Stratеgy

    Initial consultation

    Firstly, we begin by understanding the requirements of your business. We listen carefully to what you to give you the best possible solution.

  • Dеsigning


    After the consultation, our team forms blueprints and plans to offer you a slight idea of what your application will look like.

  •  Dеvеlopmеnt


    Once we complete with design, we start with development from scratch to end by using several elements of various technologies & tools.

  •  Tеsting

    Unit Testing

    For reliable operation, high security, and bug-free functionality, we perform unit testing. Furthermore, we execute unit testing to guarantee you top-notch performance.

  • Dеploymеnt


    When we are done with testing, we deploy your app on the related app store or your server for people to use it.

  • Launch

    Post Deployment Maintenance

    We remain in touch even after the deployment to offer you end-to-end support or maintenance for your application. We ensure that your app will run as smoothly as you expected.

Have an Idea? Bring it into Reality with Our Cross-platform App Development Services!

Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your Cross-Platform App Development Company?

Don’t make your decision with your first instinct, get clarity of why to choose or show interest in OrangeMantra as your cross-platform app development company.

How Our Clients Feel About Us!

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Frequently Asked Question

Cross-platform development refers to the practice of developing apps for multiple platforms, primarily Android and iOS. App developers use various tools and methods to accommodate different OS or environments for a single app.

There is a range of tools that are effective for cross-platform app development. The popular ones include:
  • PhoneGap
  • Titanium
  • Appcelerator
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Apache Cordova

The cost and timeframe for developing a cross-platform app depend on its complexity and the features it needs to have. A more complex app costs more and takes longer hours to develop. We understand the requirements and expectations and come up with an estimate for the clients. Once we take up the project, we ensure that it is completed within the budget and deadline.

Cross-platform app development can be accomplished with a variety of programming languages, including:
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Ruby
  • Unity
  • Xamarin

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