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Integrate Salesforce to Transform Your Business

Being a top provider of technological solutions, we are experts in launching companies into new frontiers with well-thought-out integrations and implementations. Our mission is to provide your company with the tools and technology it needs to thrive in this digital age. Our Salesforce installation service is one such game-changing option. Our services for Salesforce implementation are intended to enable your company by smoothly integrating the top customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the world. Salesforce implementation partners create specialized solutions to fulfill your unique requirements and guarantee that you fully use Salesforce.

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Boost Your Company's Performance with a Smooth Salesforce Integration

With OrangeMantra's professional implementation services, you can easily integrate Salesforce and unleash the full potential of your company. customized solutions to improve operations and spur development for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporations.

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Salesforce Small Business Solutions

Customized Salesforce programs made just for small companies. Invest in a CRM system that grows with your business to streamline processes, improve client interactions, and increase productivity.

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Salesforce Business Solutions

Get a solid foundation for your business. Our Salesforce implementation for startups is designed to accelerate growth, optimize workflows, and build a solid clientele right away.

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Sales Cloud by Salesforce

Use Salesforce Sales Cloud to transform your sales operations. Give your sales teams the resources they need to handle leads, monitor opportunities, and collaborate in real-time, increasing output and generating income.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to revolutionize your marketing tactics. Provide individualized, focused campaigns and get knowledge about consumer behavior to make sure your marketing initiatives are successful and provide results.

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Commerce Cloud by Salesforce

Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to improve your online shopping experience. Optimize your online shop, create streamlined, personalized customer experiences, and increase sales via digital channels.

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Cloud Service by Salesforce

Use Salesforce Service Cloud to redefine customer care. Assure client happiness and loyalty by offering outstanding service via a single platform for case management, knowledge base access, and multichannel interaction.

Transform Ideas Into Reality with Our Salesforce Integration Services

Many success stories can be attributed to our Salesforce Implementation Services, which enable organizations to exceed expectations and accomplish their objectives. Salesforce implementation consulting sees directly how a smooth Salesforce connection can change lives.

Streamlining Sales Operations for Fintech Corporation

A top Fintech Corporation has difficulties overseeing its large-scale sales activities. They need a strong solution to improve overall productivity and optimize sales operations since they have a wide range of products and a large client base. OrangeMantra set up Salesforce Sales Cloud, giving Fintech Corporation a centralized platform for monitoring opportunities, managing leads, and working together on sales procedures. To improve their sales funnel, automated procedures, and customized dashboards were implemented. 15% Increase in Productivity in Sales of 20% Shorter Sales Cycle Time-Higher Accuracy in Sales Forecasting.

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Retail's Transformation of Customer Service

The leading retail company sought to improve customer service by streamlining help channels, enhancing case management, and giving its support staff access to a knowledge base. Salesforce Service Cloud was installed by OrangeMantra and integrated with their current systems. In addition to facilitating multi-channel assistance and streamlining client interactions, the technology offered a centralized knowledge source for effective problem-solving. A 20% decrease in the average case resolution time; A 25% increase in customer satisfaction; - Improved multichannel support capabilitie

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Use Cutting-Edge Technologies to Implement Salesforce and Grow Your Business

OrangeMantra is aware that integrating cutting-edge technology seamlessly is essential to the success of your Salesforce deployment. Examine the essential technologies we use to revolutionize your Salesforce experience and promote productivity, creativity, and expansion of your company.

Use Our Advanced Salesforce Tech Stack to Grow Your Business

OrangeMantra is a firm believer in using cutting-edge technology to enhance your Salesforce setup. Our technology stack is expertly designed to guarantee speed, scalability, and seamless integration, completely changing the way you handle company operations and interact with consumers.

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Unlock Business Excellence with OrangeMantra's Salesforce Implementation

Learn about Salesforce's revolutionary potential as we reveal unmatched benefits designed to improve your company. OrangeMantra's deployment of Salesforce offers strategic solutions that improve client connections, increase productivity, and catapult your business to new heights.

Streamlined Operations and Workflows

Streamlined Operations and Workflows

Use Salesforce's automation features to maximize your company operations. Our implementation guarantees improved processes, decreasing human labor and increasing overall efficiency—from lead management to complicated workflows.

Improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A sophisticated CRM system can elevate customer interactions. OrangeMantra's Salesforce solution gives your team access to powerful analytics, a 360-degree view of customer data, and tools for individualized communication.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Use Salesforce analytics to harness the power of data. Get practical insights from real-time data to support strategic planning and well-informed decision-making for the expansion of your company.



Scalability is essential for future growth as it allows for easy adaptation to shifting business environments. Because of the scalability built into our Salesforce solutions, your system can grow with your company to accommodate additional users, processes, and data.

Accelerated Sales Cycles

Accelerated Sales Cycles

Use Salesforce Sales Cloud to increase sales productivity. Our approach shortens sales cycles and boosts revenue by improving lead management, opportunity tracking, and teamwork.

Better Cooperation and Communication

Better Cooperation and Communication

Encourage cooperation throughout departments and teams. OrangeMantra's Salesforce solution incorporates communication capabilities to guarantee real-time information exchange, enhanced transparency, and harmonious cooperation.

Empowering Industries Transforming Business

Find out how our Salesforce installation services are customized to address the unique requirements of different industries, promoting success, efficiency, and creativity.

Strategic Implementation, Seamless Transformation

With OrangeMantra's clearly defined step Salesforce installation procedure, you can set off on an innovative and efficient path. Salesforce implementation solutions which include both discovery and continuous support, guarantee a tailored and efficient Salesforce solution for your company's requirements.

  • Discovery and Needs Analysis


    Knowing Your Company's Requirements - Work together with our professionals to determine your specific company needs, obstacles, and objectives. The groundwork for a customized Salesforce solution is laid during the exploration phase.

  •  Custom Curriculum Development


    Transparent Planning and Communication. Obtain an understanding of the suggested fix. By outlining the features and functions that will be used, we describe how Salesforce can help you with your business difficulties.

  • Technology Integration


    Customizing Salesforce to Meet Your Requirements. Our skilled team uses the information acquired to create a unique Salesforce solution. We draft a plan that complements your company's goals and procedures.

  • Development


    With the help of Salesforce's powerful platform, our talented developers realize the concept. Coding, integration, and customization are used to provide a solution that is exclusive to your company.

  • Implementation


    Make the switch to the new Salesforce solution smooth. We give thorough training to your team and guarantee that our deployment procedure causes the least amount of disturbance to your activities.

  • Upkeep and Assistance

    Upkeep and Assistance

    Maintaining Continuous Achievement. Our dedication goes beyond the act of deployment. We give ongoing support, quickly resolving any problems, as well as upkeep to maintain your Salesforce solution optimized and current.

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Find out why companies rely on OrangeMantra to meet their Salesforce installation requirements. Our commitment to a client-centric approach and our experience provide unmatched value to your digital transformation and company development journey.

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Frequently Asked Question

Businesses need Salesforce integration because it boosts productivity, increases data accuracy, and offers a consolidated view of customer information. Processes are streamlined, which improves decision-making and customer relationship management.

OrangeMantra provides a large selection of Salesforce connectors, including eCommerce platforms, legacy systems, third-party apps, and more. Our expertise is in developing personalized solutions that are suited to your distinct company needs.

Our methodology includes a thorough examination of your company's requirements, which is followed by strategic planning, design, development, and implementation. Salesforce implementation partners in India our main objective is to develop an effective and scalable integration that supports your long-term objectives.

Indeed. Our area of expertise is connecting Salesforce with other platforms, such as marketing automation, CRM, ERP, and more. Our group guarantees a smooth connection, facilitating process automation and data interchange.

Yes, OrangeMantra places a high premium on security. We protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data by putting industry best practices into effect and making use of Salesforce's strong security features.

A Salesforce integration project's length varies according to its complexity and needs. Our staff works effectively to provide solutions on schedule without sacrificing quality.

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