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Salesforce CRM implementation for tech-enabled business growth

Most successful businesses today rely heavily on a CRM system — not just for customer relationship management. With a drastic evolution of platforms like Salesforce, CRM software applications have expanded above and beyond. However, only strategic implementation ensures success. And that’s where Salesforce implementation partners like OrangeMantra come into play.

We have a proven track record of developing and implementing Salesforce solutions to a diverse range of clients the world over. With a team of Salesforce consultants and software development experts, we build the most suitable CRM ecosystem for your business. We incorporate the most advanced capabilities by Salesforce.

The Salesforce CRM implementation process we follow

We use a predefined process and tried-and-tested tools for building and implementing all kinds of Salesforce solutions.

Team building

We start by building a dedicated team for the specific Salesforce project. We create a team in consultation with the client. Before starting the actual project work, we define the requirements and set specific goals.

Project setup

The project setup stage involves importing data, defining permissions, and adding customization, among other things. During the setup processes, we work closely with the client’s team, acquiring necessary data, authorization, etc.

Pre-deployment training

Once we achieve the final milestones in the project, our team of specialists trains the potential users of the system. It usually involves organization-wide engagement with the client’s departments and business partners.

Post-deployment training

As the users become familiar with the basic functionalities of the Salesforce ecosystem after deployment, we introduce the advanced capabilities to them. Be it CRM capabilities or data analytics, our experts train the users for everything.

Salesforce Implementation Services

Our Salesforce CRM implementation services cover an extensive range of business-specific tech requirements.

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Salesforce small business solutions

Take customer relationship management to the next level with the world’s most advanced CRM platform. Salesforce for small businesses starts from $25. We build custom CRM solutions for all your specific needs.

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Salesforce startup solutions

Planning to launch a new enterprise? Salesforce provides you with the right tools and infrastructure to start a new business powered by advanced software technologies. We build custom startup solutions.

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Salesforce sales cloud

Move your software ecosystem to a fully scalable and secure cloud ecosystem. Equip the sales team with advanced software capabilities and automated processes. We help you achieve all these by implementing the Salesforce cloud.

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Salesforce marketing cloud

Automate marketing tasks, extensively collect data, and get deeper market insights alongside a robust, scalable, and feature-rich cloud environment. Empower your team with cutting-edge capabilities and foster conversions.

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Salesforce commerce cloud

Quickly move your business to the opportunity-rich world of digital commerce. We build powerful B2B and B2C commerce solutions using Salesforce, with features like order management, content management, and AI.

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Salesforce service cloud

Transform the way you manage customer relationships with the world’s No.1 solution. Boost retention rates strengthen customer loyalty and offer completely frictionless customer support with custom Salesforce CRM solutions.

Key Benefits of Implementing Salesforce

Salesforce implementation benefits small and large businesses alike. Be it endless scalability, advanced software capabilities, or cutting-edge analytics, Salesforce lets you transform business in many ways.

Small Business Operation
Scale up your customer relationship management with the world’s No. 1 CRM platform. Grow your customer base and explore new business opportunities.
Sales Management
Empower your sales team with the most advanced software capabilities. Automate repetitive tasks, let the team focus on generating and converting leads.
Customer Service Enhancement
Seamlessly manage customer support across multiple channels using the Salesforce dashboard. Offer best-in-class customer service and grow business with happy clients.
Marketing Enhancement
Launch marketing campaigns and activities driven by customer data. Leverage AI and other technologies to boost the effectiveness of marketing.
Cloud-enabled Scalability
Create an endlessly scalable cloud environment for your business processes and workflows. Salesforce allows you to migrate everything to the cloud.

Our Salesforce Implementation Portfolio

Our Salesforce CRM implementation expertise has benefited businesses of all kinds and sizes. From mid-sized enterprises and tech startups to large conglomerate companies – we’ve worked with a diverse clientele

Saalesforce Portfolio

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The costs of implementing Salesforce vary widely, based on your requirements. There’s really no average cost of Salesforce implementation. OrangeMantra offers Salesforce implementation services at a market-best price.
There is no predefined average time for implementing Salesforce. It depends on what kind of solution you need. We follow predefined processes and rapid development techniques to deliver projects in the shortest turnaround time.
Salesforce is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) focused on customer relationship management (CRM). It’s an integrated CRM platform that enables you to automate tasks and streamline business processes. Using Salesforce, you can manage departments like sales, marketing, eCommerce, and customer service.
Salesforce enables you to automate time-taking manual tasks, effortlessly manage customer data, streamline processes, and enhance business productivity. Salesforce also allows you to efficiently manage areas like eCommerce and customer relationships.
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