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Get Your Hands on Ideal Social Media Marketing Services in India to Uplift Your Business

Social Media Marketing is a marketing strategy that harnesses the unfolded power of social media channels. Through this, escalation of brand, increment of traffic, and amplification of sales becomes effortless for a business. From social media engagement to social media analytics, we provide scratch-to-end social media marketing solutions that cater to your specific business needs. Our vision is clear to us i.e., to make our client satisfied. If you are ready to make your brand an established one, our team is ready to help you in the best possible way.

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Escalate your Brand with Orangemantra on the way to Increased Revenue

The World is now moving ahead from the traditional methods of marketing to the new paradigm. Every business thus needs to step up to remain aligned with the market and Social Media marketing is the best way to do it. Therefore, seek our impeccable social media marketing services to elevate your brand and inflate your business.

Our team of marketing professionals has their forte in social media management services. We think that social media offers valuable information about customer preferences and needs. Thus, we begin with customizing the solutions as per those insights to target a maximum number of people to fulfill all your fixed objectives.

With our strategic or tactical approach, we try to ensure that your social media presence will bring the desired success for you. Choose our Social media marketing services to unleash the full potential of social media channels to uplift your business. Our experts will make your brand visible enough that it can knock on the locked doors to expand miraculously.

Grow Scaled

Seek the Social Media Marketing Services that your Business Demands!

Drive more sales by spreading your brand among the right sphere of the audience with our various kinds of services.

Theme Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Attract or bring more users and increase your brand visibility with integrated SEO services and social media marketing services in India. Orangemantra is a social media marketing agency whose experts perform extensive keyword research to produce SEO-optimized content to address customers’ search intent to increase search traffic. Besides this, we create videos, infographics, and images to bring more users to your website.

Payment Gateway

PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising

Draw more attention to your live PPC ads with our impeccable social media PPC services. We take a step forward to first understand your target audience, spot high-performing keywords, execute sponsored updates, and use enthralling images or videos and captions to elevate the return on your ad spend all over the social media channels.

Client Assistance

Website Designing & Development

Orangemnatra SMM Services in India is known best for its results. We try to implement consistent page branding and show your social media reviews on your website to establish social proof to leave positive impressions on the audience. Furthermore, we embed social media elements such as social share icons and social feeds on your website for visitors to increase action.

Enhance Security

Email Marketing

Spread your online visibility and generate more lead conversions with commendable email marketing solutions. As a social media marketing agency, we integrate email marketing with your SMM tactics to form an unparalleled customer experience. We figure out your niche market, and craft email content, and SMM strategy that can fulfill your business objectives. Moreover, we email your social media profiles to boost your engagement.

Enhance Security

Content Writing

From your website to Instagram and Twitter to your LinkedIn marketing page, all need insightful content to convey your brand message. Leave your content creation to our social media marketing experts and seek quality content that connects with your audience. We perform deep research, adopt the brand voice, and form valuable content to amplify your marketing progress.

Client Assistance

Link Building

Our Social media marketing services strive hard to maximize LinkedIn social media marketing and other platforms to revamp your link-building strategies. Our geeks will enhance your Pinterest marketing tactics to pin back the link to your website. We also submit your content to renowned bloggers or niche groups to attain quality backlinks.

How have We Succeeded as an SMM Services Provider So Far?

See how our Social Media marketing agency transforms the business of our clients.

Refining the Brand Reputation and Amplifying the Awareness to Expand their Social Community of Gamers

Our client is doing well in their gaming industry but they understand early what their problem is. They want to build their following and awareness on social media and repair the damaged reputation that already existed there. Along with this, they want their campaigns enhanced to attain support for the new game launches. Now what Orangemantra comes up with is organic content posting and some paid advertising efforts. Along with this, we provide regular strategy recommendations, engagement monitoring, and monthly analytics reporting. It all brings more engagements, leads, and traffic to their website to enhance the overall brand visibility.

Improving the Connection with the Cosmetic-focused Target Audience to Convert them into Customers to Boost Sales

Our client is a beauty product or cosmetic company that aims to ameliorate the lifestyle mainly of women. They know their target audience and strive very hard to build connections in the same domain. But they want to revamp their social media to make the process of the formation of those bridges quite flawless. They come to Orangemantra to seek Social Media Marketing services. We run a paid campaign for them by targeting the same audience to directly increase the number of leads or users that form reliability and refine the connection with people.

Elevation of the Sales or Revenue by Expanding the Social Community of an E-Commerce Store

Now we face a challenge to increase the sales of an e-commerce website or store. They come to us to spread their store or website online and want it to be visible to gain more traffic and sales. Orangemantra devised a marketing strategy including organic content development and a paid strategic advertising campaign. Besides this, it comprises regular strategy recommendations, engagement tracking, and analytics reports every month. Through this, we created a steady stream of leads which will bring more customers to their website.

Technology Stack Infused in our Social Media Marketing Services

Escalate your brand and boost your Sales with our team and their bag full of technologies and Frameworks.

  • Platforms

  • JavaScript Instagram
  • PHP Facebook
  • HTML YouTube
  • CSS WhatsApp
  • PHP LinkedIn
  • PHP Twitter
  • Tools

  • Angular Hootsuite
  • React Canva
  • React Buffer
  • Angular Sprout Social
  • React Later
  • React HubSpot
  • Framework

  • Angular SOSTAC
  • React AIDA
  • React SMART Goals
  • Angular SWOT Analysis
  • React RACE
  • React PEST Analysis
  • Databases

  • Google Cloud Oracle Eloqua
  • Amazon Web Services HubSpot CRM
  • Microsoft Azure Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Socialbakers Suite
  • IBM Cloud Talkwalker Analytics

What Orangemantra can Offer you under the tag of Social Media Marketing Services?

As we are migrating to the digital world, traditional marketing methods are disappearing gradually. Thus, let us help you indulge in the social market and find new conversion opportunities to surpass the competition by reaching out to new customers.

What our Experts Can Bring Forth for Your Business?

Still in the dilemma of whether to go with our Social media marketing services? Read to know what it can bring to your business.

Improved Online Exposure

Social media is spreading its tentacles and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can easily increase exposure and interest in your company. With an effective social media strategy, you can simply generate more leads, and more engagement through your content that allows you to connect with a wider set of audience.

Particular Audience Targeting

No matter how valuable and right your content is, it will not generate leads or conversions until and unless it reaches the right audience. Thus, our experts will analyze who is your niche audience and then craft ideas and content to address their needs.

Enhanced Search Rankings

Search engines like Google and Bing integrate updates, tweets, and profiles in their search page to showcase the importance of social interaction. The more people share your content on your social media platforms, the more traffic will come on your website and it will increase your search rankings.

Complete Brand Control

Orangemantra, a social media marketing agency, formed packages suitable for your needs and finances. It denotes complete control over your budget, brand, and social media.

Refined Customer Reach

Half of the people use social media for product research and the other half look for recommendations by social media influencers. Therefore, Orangemnatra, with a robust social media marketing strategy boosts your brand awareness and puts your company in front of the right audience.

Better Customer Trust

Our social media marketing team shares valuable information and engages in online conversations regarding the company to keep a grasp on the target audience. It is a crucial tactic to attain customer trust and build unending relationships with the customers.

Industries our Social Media Marketing Agency Caters to

With our team of adroit professionals and their experience of years, our social media marketing services will take your brand to the next level. We enhance your brand visibility and make it quite popular among the masses.

Our Services Roadmap Right from Scratch to the End

Know how we help businesses to share their brand story across all the social media channels to increase their leads or sales.

  • Finding

    Meeting or Discussion

    It is the first step where we go ahead to understand what are the actual requirements of your business.

  •  Process Design


    Once we understand what you want, we begin to form a plan or strategy to provide robust social media marketing services.

  •  Process Design


    Without wasting time, we implement the suggested tactic or strategy to attain results as soon as possible.

  • Dеvеlopmеnt


    It is necessary to keep an eye to ensure whether the suggested plan is going on smoothly or in the right direction or not.

  • Maintenance & Support


    Then after inspection, we make needed alterations in the strategy that have to be there to gain the expected result.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Maintenance or Assistance

    Maintenance services are as necessary as deploying a strategy. Sustaining the strategy is the catch here; our team knows it well.

Expand your Social Presence with the Support hand of Orangemantra. Seek our Social Media Marketing Services and Accelerate Your Revenue

Orangemantra: An Ideal Choice for Social Media Marketing Services in India!

Forge new connections to strengthen the position of your brand in the market with our splendid social media marketing services.

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Frequently Asked Question

It can be used for multiple purposes other than marketing or branding. Here the most significant usage of the same is highlighted.
  • Promotion of the products, brand, and services
  • Introduction and awareness of the brand
  • Retargeting of already interested or existing customers
  • Sending online followers to your official website
  • Bringing attention to the special brand offerings like some promo or events

When you are posting something, you are letting your followers or consumers know only about it. It is there for all the general public to see. On the other hand, ad on social media is paid advertising. Create your unique ad, target your audience with the correct demographics and interests, and make sure that your brand stands next to the right people.

Social media marketing services include the usage of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote the brand with its culture, products, and services. Most of social media marketing agencies like Orangemantra focus on engagements, followers, and conversions.

When it comes to knowing about the way how you should market your business on social media, here are the necessary steps given:
  • Determine your goals to know what you want to accomplish on social media.
  • Research to identify your audience to know which platform they prefer most.
  • Form creatives as per your business from scratch to end.
  • Engage with your audience by commenting, listening, and troubleshooting issues.
  • Measure the output to know what loopholes are there to know whether you are achieving your social media goals or not.

The known or crucial 5 pillars of marketing are Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People. It is a framework that assists in guiding marketing strategies and keeps the marketers on the right track.

Want to Knock to More People and Increase Your Brand Awareness? Orangemantra (SMM Service Providers) is the Ideal Way for It!