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Blockchain technology Solutions

Blockchain Software Development services
Leverage the unlimited possibilities of decentralised systems with the revolutionary Blockchain Technology.
We have deep expertise in developing Blockchain technology solutions.

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Our Custom Build Enterprise Blockchain Development Solutions

Blockchain is radically changing the enterprise world with the increasing penetration of decentralization, security, traceability, and transparency. Create secure, interoperated, well-integrated, and scalable decentralized applications with enterprise Blockchain development assistance. We, at OrangeMantra, appreciate the extensive benefits of this technology and adopt them while developing powerful Blockchain applications for our clients. Our technology specialists help businesses seamlessly embrace this futuristic technology. From technical advisory to Blockchain consultancy, strategic development, implementation, and maintenance, we take care of the entire aspects of Blockchain technology solutions adoption. In addition to building customized Blockchain applications, we enable our clients to make a smooth transition to the technology. We extend reliable maintenance services to ensure that these applications perform well and bring effective results for their businesses.

Blockchain Software Development Services

We are at the front of molding Blockchain development solutions, including the development of consortia with our venture and arising accomplices.

IEO & ICO Services

Our all-around IEO & ICO services include preparing your idea for investors, generation of Cryptocurrency for distribution, developing White Papers, and Promotion of your IEO & ICO.

Crypto Wallets

Earn, monitor, and transfer virtual currencies through the usage of feature-rich Crypto wallets. Digital wallets for putting away and controlling digital forms of money (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so on).

Smart Contracts

Smart contract development ensures the respectability of multi-party arrangements and naturally authorizes fixed commitments. Rely on the expertise of our Blockchain developers who craft conflict-free contracts for the business ecosystem.

NFT Marketplace Development

Build protocol-specific decentralized NFT marketplace with the aid of our NFT experts. Organize your NFT-related trading, and biding, and seamlessly sell digital assets while keeping valuable information secure.

Metaverse Development 

Count on our deep-level expertise in Blockchain, NFT, and Crypto development techniques and tools for Metaverse development. Create a metaverse spanning world for social media, 3D gaming, and other purposes.

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Build smart enterprise Blockchain development of decentralized apps helping clients to accelerate the profit ratio. Here, we design and develop decentralized apps by including customized features as per your requirement.

Security Token Offering (STO)

Invest safely while implying the necessary compliance with the advent of security token offerings. We have rich experience in developing secure STO for investors to deal with transparent investments. 

Crypto Exchange Development

At OrangeMantra, we help you develop a hack-proof platform for the real-time exchange of cryptocurrencies on Android and iOS. Rely on such a decentralized, controlled, and centralized Blockchain functional ecosystem.

Hyperledger Based Solutions

Using hyper ledger, we focus on Custom Blockchain Software Development that is scalable, immutable, trusted, protected, and support a range of plug-ins.

Transform Your Business with Secure and Safe Transactions

Industry-Centric Blockchain Software Development Services 

  • Reduced transaction fees on cross-border payments
  • Fast and easy global remittance
  • ID management to check identity theft
  • Corporate bonds
  • Health records management
  • Provider data management
  • Pharma supply chain management
  • Clinical research database management
Real Estate
Real Estate
  • Smart contracts for regulating rentals
  • ID management for fraud prevention
  • Reduced costs by elimination of intermediaries
  • Transparent peer-to-peer transactions
  • Distributed marketplace
  • Inventory tracking
  • Supply chain management
  • Loyalty reward management
  • Insurance claim management
  • ID management for fraud prevention
  • Smart contracts with minimal paperwork
  • Efficiency in the insurance value chain
  • Inventory visibility and management
  • Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions for SMBs
  • Digital Product Memory
  • IoT in manufacturing

Reminiscence of Our Successful Blockchain Projects

Over the years, we have assisted enterprises in embracing Blockchain software development services and experienced a much-required change in operations.

Explore The Unmatched Potential Of Blockchain

Data Decentralization

Data Decentralization

A Custom Blockchain Software solution comprises data distributed over a peer-to-peer network, with each node continuously recording, time-stamping, and storing transactions chronologically in a blockchain. The core feature of the system is that it is decentralized which ensures that the data is safe, secure, and unalterable. Smart contracts development is characterized by the absence of an intermediary or a third party to validate the transactions, which is taken care of by a consensus mechanism.



Transparency of transactions is another benefit associated with Blockchain technology as no individual is allowed to alter the data blocks unless the majority of the network permits them. Also, the changes are accessible to all users. Since the chances of data duplication are minimal, the data on Blockchain is of high value. Additionally, the use of a single public ledger for recording the transactions minimizes the complications of handling and managing multiple ledgers.



A Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions for SMBs significantly enhances efficiency as well as reduces the cost of financial transactions. The transactional cost and time can be cut down as peer-to-peer data exchange eliminates the need for third-party authentication during the transactions. Also, the settling of transactions becomes lightning fast as these are to be completed between the parties involved and with digitized information. Reduction of costs and time thus drives the efficiency in the transactions.



The data blocks in the Blockchain technology solutions are synchronized chronologically across the network, making it virtually impossible to modify the historical transactions without the permission of the entire network. Such a robust modular structure of the Blockchain environment minimizes the security risks for the data. Moreover, the risk of unauthorized intervention is reduced to a bare minimum as there is no need for third-party involvement when the users make or verify the transactions.

Hire Blockchain Developers

Hire Blockchain Developers

Hire Blockchain developers for your next project and meet a preferable set of requirements. Our team comprises experts and innovators with proficiency in Blockchain technology. We maintain transparency and bring security to your business application. 

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions
  • Software development expertise in different industries, including healthcare, banking and financial services, retail and wholesale, media, telecoms.
  • Experience with reputed Blockchain frameworks including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Graphene.
  • Professional Knowledge of Cloud services like Amazon Managed Blockchain, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Blockchain, and IBM Blockchain.
  • Practical experience in C++, Golang, Node.js, Java, Python, JavaScript development.
  • A mature and experienced quality management system and data safety with advanced security.

Our Blockchain Application Development Process

We follow an effective project methodology to ensure a smooth and seamless Blockchain journey


Evaluate Blockchain Opportunities

Our experts evaluate Blockchain opportunities for the client’s business and create prototypes with relevant use cases.


Elaborate and Design

We elaborate and design the selected Blockchain use cases to validate their feasibility in the real world.


Implement the Blockchain Solution

We implement the blockchain solution and test it to verify their scale, performance, and security.


Integrate the Partner System

We integrate the partner systems into the blockchain network to have it ready for functioning.


Deploy the Blockchain Solution

Finally, we deploy the Blockchain solution and enable the requisite updates and changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain which is also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a decentralized database that stores valuable business information. It is like a database that stores an encrypted form of extensive information including financial details and is distributed in nature.
Blockchain enterprise development services have the potential to solve manifold business issues including the following few ones. 
  • Data storage solution in a decentralized manner.
  • Secure data storage in the nod network.
  • Improve the efficiency of payment procedures.
  • Solve supply chain tracking, recording, linking & sharing issues.
The 4 different types of Blockchain technologies are as follows:
  • Public Blockchain: It is a completely decentralized Blockchain that allows anyone to join without having prior permission. It provides the right to access to everyone and is majorly used for exchanging and mining cryptocurrency.
  • Private Blockchain: Also known as managed Blockchain is controlled by a single business entity and is under the control of determining authority. Private Blockchain is partially decentralized because public access is restricted for the same.
  • Consortium Blockchain: These are permission-based Blockchain that is under the control of a group of organizations, rather than a single entity. It experiences more decentralized authority as compared to private Blockchain.
  • Hybrid Blockchain: Hybrid Blockchains are also under the control of a single business entity. But sometimes require oversight performed by the public Blockchain. 
Blockchain development is the process of creating a decentralized and distributed set of the network that provides data security, transparency, and traceability in relation to financial transactions. 

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