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Developing High-end and Feature-Rich Web Applications with Exceptional MERN Stack Development Services

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Product development Challenges minimized with Quality Development

MERN Stack Development, with software components like MongoDB, Express.JS, React and Node.JS, is an open-source Javascript designed for building web applications and dynamic websites. MERN Stack is designed solely to ease up the process of development as each of these tools provides an end-to-end developing environment to the developers and each of them plays a big part in the development of web applications. At OrangeMantra, we offer a wide range of services to help global clientele attain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Our experienced team of developers can leverage these 4 powerful tools to their full potential while building highly customized, robust, and scalable solutions for our clients. We provide the best bits for you that fit your organization and also provide you with the flexibility of engagement with our developers with different hiring models based on your requirement for your team extension.

Why MERN Stack? 


Integrating highly secure functionality to ensure that your data and your user’s data are safe.

Highly Scalable

MERN framework develops web apps or dynamic websites that are highly scalable solutions for your business


A look and feel enriched website that can entice your users, MERN Stack is known to enhance your site’s traffic


A faster yet smoother user experience that increases the productivity of your business 

Mobile Friendly

Solutions developed on MERN Stack are responsive and hence can be accessed on any device across the globe.

A wide range of MERN Stack Development Services for Creative Solutions

From ideation to prototyping to product development and maintenance – we got you covered.

MERN Stack Integration
Experts with hands-on experience in migration and integration of web application on MERN Based framework, our team delivers best-in-class solutions for our clients
Web Services and API Development
Be it Web application services or API development in any domain, our team of dedicated developers has expertise in delivering power-packed solutions.
Enterprise Application Development
Partner with us to build an amazing enterprise-level application that is scalable, feature-rich, cost-effective, and compatible across all devices.
Drupal Commerce
MERN Stack eCommerce Development
Designed and developed according to your requirements, Our MERN Stack eCommerce solutions will enhance your business productivity
MERN Stack Support and Management
With more than 2 decades of experience, our team has expertise in maintaining solutions globally while offering a glitch-free user experience.
MERN Stack ERP Development
ERP development services with the MERN Stack framework delivering highly scalable, flexible, and expandable projects.

Why OrangeMantra?


Custom Solution Development

We understand your needs and our team of developers prioritizes those requirements by customizing the solution as required to ensure that the solution is compatible with the client’s business model.


Seasoned Developers

Highly Experienced Developers with extensive knowledge in all of those powerful tools from MERN Stack. The combined strength of this experience and knowledge is used in developing a pixel-perfect solution.



NDAs signed, your idea is safe with us as our developers to follow NDA and other policies strictly to maintain the greatest level of confidentiality.


Time Constraints

We have developed an agile methodology to conquer all our challenges at the desired time. On-Time delivery is our major advantage in MERN Stack development.


Yes, it is secure and a well-established stack. Using MERN, we can build a highly secure website that will also be able to generate high traffic.
Not much, Both are very similar to each other. The only difference is MEAN uses AngularJS for Front-End Development and MERN uses React.
MERN Stack can be beneficial in these ways:

It can be used for both front-end and back-end development

Supports Model View Controller Architecture, enhance the development process

Ie is equipped with pre-built testing tools.