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Professional Native Script App Development Services

Leverage the Benefits of NativeScript to Build High-performing Native Apps.

From app conceptualizing and designing to development and deployment, we have the right expertise to build NativeScript iOS apps and NativeScript Android apps for businesses that want to take advantage of the cross-platform framework to build robust and high-performing mobile applications. Let’s Discuss

Renowned NativeScript App Development Company

NativeScript is a free, open-source framework that is designed to develop purely native mobile apps using Angular, Typescript, or JavaScript. The framework offers a native user interface and high performance in both the iOS and Android platforms using a single code base. Some of the notable features of this framework are native-API reflection, Angular.js integration, and Vue.js integration. It uses XML data structures to trigger the platform-specific code that interacts directly with the native elements of the target operating system. NativeScript bridges the gap between Java and Objective C development, along with hybrid web development supported by frameworks like Apache Cordova. So, instead of Android apps using Java and iOS apps with Objective-C, our developers can build applications from a single source code base consisting of JavaScript and XML utilizing NativeScript.

As a reputed NativeScript app development company, we have been offering excellent NativeScript app development services to our global clients for a long time. We have a dedicated team of NativeScript app developers who have successfully completed hundreds of projects in various niches. We walk the extra mile to create and enhance your business growth using unique methodologies and cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing the industry, and NativeScript is one of them. Having rich experience in NativeScript app development, we can help you create the best native apps that meet your business needs and objectives.

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Core Features of NativeScript App Development

  • Cross-platform compatible apps
  • Provides ease of app development with Vue.js framework
  • Angular 8 support with the ivy rendering engine.
  • Live Reload and Synchronization
  • Access to Native APIs and Plugins
  • Enhance HTML, JavaScript, CSS Web Development Skill
  • Native User Interface and Performance

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Why Should You Opt for NativeScript App Development Services?

Startups, businesses, and reputed brands across the world are already leveraging NativeScript app development services and solutions to expand their brand’s capabilities and reach across multiple platforms.

  • Build Apps that Run Flawlessly on iOS and Android

    Avail our NativeScript app development services to build applications that deliver a native app-like experience and run flawlessly on both Android and iOS, thereby making the solution cost-effective.

  • Cross-platform App Development Approach

    In most scenarios, you can write one code script and use it to build apps for iOS or Android. However, if you want to implement platform-specific functionality, you can quickly adjust your code accordingly.

  • Native User Interface and Performance

    Since your app uses native elements, it looks and performs natively on Android and iOS platforms. If you leverage iOS and Android runtimes, then you can also implement platform-specific features with less effort.

  • Support for Version Upgrades from Day One

    Each time a new mobile platform version is released, the NativeScript quickly provides support for the new version and its updated features.

  • Provide Minor Updates to Users without Republishing the Entire App

    Publishing an app is a strenuous process. The major mobile platforms accept minor updates to your app, as long as these updates do not add or remove content or files of the application and do not change the original purpose of the app. NativeScript-based apps enable you to push minor updates without republishing the entire app on the app stores.

Explore Our Wide Range of NativeScript Applications Services

With the NativeScript framework, we offer native UI and high performance in iOS and Android from a solitary codebase. As a leading NativeScript development company, we extend our NativeScript app development services from Startups and SMEs to large-scale enterprises. Understanding the scope of mobility solutions in the future, we offer the most distinctive and authentic mobile app solutions with our NativeScript development services.

NativeScript Web Development

Create websites that look and behave like native apps on iOS and Android.

NativeScript Plugin Development

Develop plugins to extend the features and functionality of your application using NativeScript.

NativeScript UI Development

Create interactive native UI designs to deliver a truly native user experience

NativeScript Migration

Migrate jQuery or JavaScript to the NativeScript platform to leverage the benefits and capabilities of NativeScript.

NativeScript-based Mobile App development

Build robust and scalable mobile applications with cross-platform compatibility and functionality

24×7 App Support and Maintenance

Get instant and unbreakable maintenance and support for your business line.

Industries We Serve

We, at Orange Mantra, specialize in providing robust and scalable NativeScript web development or NativeScript mobile app solutions that are aligned with your business goals and objectives. We offer hybrid apps for a diverse range of industry verticals including banking, finance, healthcare, education, small businesses, startups, and large enterprises.

  • HealthcareFun & Entertainment
  • E-commerceEducation & E-Learning
  • LogisticsGaming
  • AutomotiveSocial Networking
  • ManufacturingSports
  • Real EstateWeather Based
  • TelecommunicationsReal Estate
  • Banking Healthcare & Fitness
  • AgricultureTour & Travel
  • Retail Banking & Finance
  • Retail Hospitality
  • Retail Lifestyle

Why Choose Us for NativeScript Development Services?

We promise to deliver reliable and best-in-class NativeScript App Development Services to build applications that offer truly native user experience and performance. We do our best to meet the ever-growing market demands by delivering top-notch NativeScript mobile apps that are outcomes of extensive research and development. We are armed by a flawlessly talented team of NativeScript app developers who stay abreast of the latest tools, solutions, and innovations. We create applications from a single source code made of JavaScript and XML using NativeScript. When you hire NativeScript app developers, you enjoy various benefits including:

  • 360-Degree App Development Solutions
  • Fully-Functional Cross-Platform Reach
  • Truly Native UX/UI Design and Development
  • Competitive Pricing and Delivery
  • Quick Time to Market
  • 24×7 Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

Both NativeScript and PWA are cross-platform mobile development tools. With NativeScript, you can build truly native applications with JavaScript for iOS and Android while using the single source code across the platforms. PWA, on the other hand, helps you create user experiences that have the reach of the web. With high-quality Progressive Web Apps, you can easily delight your users, grow engagement, and increase conversions. These web applications work across any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser.

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