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Design & Development of an Online Commerce Platform for a Furniture Brand

Project Highlights

Our client is a global interior design, architecture, and bespoke residential and commercial furniture manufacturer. The company has multiple retail stores, factories, and design studios to serve the demands of the global market.

Unlike traditional eCommerce operations, the client needed a unique business model that isn’t possible with standard eCommerce solutions. They needed an online store to represent every location they cater to in multiple languages and currencies. The client partnered with OrangeMantra to build an online selling solution that helps them to attract prospects, boost sales and retain existing customers.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Looking for a big brand transformation, moving from retail stores to the digital platform in a smooth and sophisticated manner was the real challenge. They need an out-of-the-box platform for their brand expansion but dreamt of something a little swankier.

Top of their eCommerce needs was speed, a streamlined user experience, and engaging mobile performance. When it came to designing, they need a polished, premium eCommerce site that is full of elegance, showcasing their luxury product offering.

Technology Solution

Furnished with a deep analysis of the client’s brand and its values, goals, and audience, we got to work on a bespoke Shopify platform. The products are served in an approachable format to help customers to buy their dream interior in a few clicks. Overall, it’s a stylish, secure site that enables the user to get what they want quickly.

We also implemented next-gen Wishlist features, an intuitive module that allows users to save and return their favorite items when they access the website. Merchants can run personalized marketing campaigns, based on shoppers’ activity. This results in more conversion and sales.

Value Delivered

Once launched, the client’s online presence has improved significantly, and they’re now enjoying improved sales and conversions. With the integration of the latest marketing trends and strategies into the design process, they’re getting more visitors and buyers. In the first few months of launch, the website started bringing remarkable profit. Implementation of the scalable e-commerce platform enabled the client to reach out to even wider audiences internationally and boost sales volumes, and drastically improve the online shopping experience.

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