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App Store Optimization for an Automotive B2B Commerce Mobile App

Project Highlights

Our client is a multinational automotive company. The brand offers an excellent range of vehicles to ensure comfort, style, and cost-effectiveness. The company is on a mission to become a globally leading player in the automobile market. They were looking for professional ASO services that increased visibility and conversions for their B2B commerce mobile app. We thoroughly analyzed the app and spotted significant issues in keyword use and store conversions.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The client’s B2Bcommerce mobile app was already available on App Store and Play Store. But it lacked the desired visibility and rating on both the Android and iOS app stores. Keywords weren’t properly structured, and they were placed in an inappropriate field. The main challenge was to put keywords appropriately to generate decent traffic. The screenshot design was a bit “dull,” did not stand out in the search results, and needed an immediate update.

Technology Solution

The first step OrangeMantra took was performing an in-depth analysis of competitors. We needed to understand their services alongside their visual and language style. All these are required to create both organic and paid strategies for the B2B commerce app. Our data analyst prepared a list of top markets using available sales and market data.

Next, we needed to change the way the app used keywords. On the App Store, this includes the title, subtitle, and keyword bank, which the App Store uses to index the app keywords. After researching high-volume and relevant keywords, they were implemented. These choices focused on keywords while presenting them to users in a way that gives proper messaging about the app functionality.

Value Delivered

The OrangeMantra team executed ASO using comprehensive methods. And within weeks of adding the new keywords, the improvements were clear. The B2B commerce app not only improved the existing keywords it already ranked for, but it also gained high rankings for keywords for which it was previously unranked.

Overall, it increased the number of high-volume keywords it ranked among the top apps on the Play Store. The increased keyword rankings lead to better visibility. Within that same period, the app’s overall impressions from organic search increased significantly. Monthly downloads rose 20% when compared with previous months.

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