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Automating Battery Manufacturing for EV Startup

Project Highlights

Being a new entry in battery manufacturing for EV vehicles, our client is constantly looking to automate their business operations. Battery pack quality and assembly are critical elements in the EV business. OrangeMantra supported the client by being an experienced leader to integrate key missing disciplines into the manufacturing process and eliminate legacy software.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The start-up had not defined proper quality standards, used legacy software when built battery manufacturing lines. There was no quality control software to support prototype builds and proper communication tools for internal processes. Considering the large volume of production, the process requires automation and data processing with solid expertise in data mapping solutions.

Technology Solution

Being an expert in providing automation solutions, and data mapping services, OrangeMantra was the perfect partner to contribute to our client’s shift from the existing system to the next-gen manufacturing line. We established a cross-functional task force and deployed actions to build a robust system. We made sure operator training was in place and developed a plan for guiding software usage. Our team also ensured timing and quality were delivered while integrating automation software for manufacturing purposes. We implemented robust quality inspection and supported engineering tasks.

Value Delivered

Experienced OrangeMantra software developers improved the efficiency of the project and automated the battery manufacturing line. In addition, created scalable solutions depending on their strong experience with the overall delivery process. OrangeMantra’s extensive experience with the third-party solution was a game-changer in the automation project. Creating a nice build system helped the codebase stay healthy and maintain a fully automated build script. Each of these improvements had a huge positive impact on the manufacturing’s overall efficiency and helped cut production costs.

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