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Customer Service Chatbot for a Leading Bank

Project Highlights

A leading bank with branches spread across India needed a chatbot to enhance its customer service. The bank was experiencing a staggering rise and queries and service requests due to lockdowns prompted by the pandemic. Developed for seamless customer experiences, the chatbot promptly answers questions related to banking services and other financial queries. OrangeMantra developed a chatbot to perform routine banking work and allow users to leverage banking features.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Customer service was a big challenge for the bank even before the COVID-19 pandemic. When lockdown measures started to unfold, more customers started contacting with service requests and queries. Since the customer support team of the bank was working much lower than its capacity, the response time increased dramatically. It created a sudden rise in the number of customer complaints. The bank needed to address this issue urgently.

Technology Solution

A team of automation experts, chatbot developers, customer service specialists, and business analysts discussed the requirement with the client’s team. Our team came to know that the centralized customer support of the bank was not the only team affected by the pandemic. Relationship managers deployed in various branches were also facing challenges in streamlining communications. Having worked with several banks, the team had a clear perspective on the solution.

Our chatbot helped the bank’s branches across the country to promptly resolve queries and process service requests. The solution freed the bank from the need of deploying human customer service agents and call-center teams. The bot can respond to queries and process many service requests. It forwards a request only when it’s necessary. The chatbot responds to both text and voice inputs.

Value Delivered

We delivered the chatbot in record time, considering the client’s urgency amid the COVID-19 crisis. The bank started seeing results immediately after deploying the chatbot. Customer service quality and customer satisfaction have improved significantly. Response time is dramatically reduced in all kinds of customer queries and service requests. The number of customer complaints saw a sharp decline following the deployment. With automation, the customer service team takes a staggering number of calls and requests. Customer satisfaction dramatically increased, especially in functions like query resolution and service requests. The bank started to build a reputation as a tech-savvy brand.

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