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Corporate Travel Management System for a Leading FMCG Brand

Project Highlights

Our client, India’s leading FMCG brand, had been using a paper and email-based travel request and approval system. With a manual approval system in place, the client was facing issues related to any compliance and accountability. Also, the system was wide open for errors, as well as lengthy delays. These factors resulted in a loss of productivity and missed expense savings opportunities. They needed a travel management solution to resolve all these challenges. OrangeMantra became their partner of choice and took on responsibility for the technical side of the solution. This initial engagement with our client has resulted into a solid, ongoing collaboration.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Client business was relying on a manual travel management system, it was facing myriad challenges that were hampering operations of the organizations. Managing a business trip has become a complex process with lots of overhead before, during, and after the trip. Communication gets lost in emails and leads to a lack of compliance with corporate policies and employee dissatisfaction. Travelers face difficulty with approval processes as many times their submitted trips were delayed in receiving manager approval. As a result, they need to repeat the process only to find airfares had increased. Further, the managers had no clear overview of the travel plans of the team, while finance teams were struggling to reconcile the travel expense requested and actual travel expenses.

Technology Solution

Our consultants analyzed the client’s requirements and came up with the concept of a custom-built automated travel request and approval system. A dynamic HR hierarchy in addition to the integration with the ERP system was also factored in as a part of the system. The idea was to ensure that it integrated seamlessly within the existing ecosystem and added value to the business.

Solution provided corporate travelers with direct access to travel-related information and facility to raise travel requests. At the same time, it allowed the managers to approve and monitor travel plans and expense reports for their team.

Value Delivered

The Travel management solution has transformed complex job into a standard, reliable process, which allowed the client to have complete control over their travel. While the client has benefited considerably from a streamlined approvals process, they are also empowered with more knowledge about the travel budget. Furthermore, there is more awareness among travelers, which translates into significant reduction in operational cost for the business.

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