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Fleet Management App & Captive Community for an EV-Powered Company

Project Highlights

Our client is a logistics services company. Driven by a futuristic approach to supply chain, the company has become one of Asia’s leading players in the vertical. With a digital-ready logistics business model, the company is expanding its venture to industry domains. It caters to diverse industries, including manufacturing, aerospace & defense, automotive, FMCG, and retail, among others. They were looking to streamline logistics operations across processes using IoT solutions. Improving EV fleet management by getting real-time data about vehicles’ conditions. They wanted to build an EV captive community platform for users to initiate smooth collaboration. A live chat functionality allows fleet managers and vehicle drivers to chat with each other regarding road conditions, nearest toll-plaza & gas stations.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The core challenge for client was to blend automation with manual tasks-related capabilities for creating efficient and streamlined logistics operations. Picking cutting-edge technologies and frameworks that perfectly meet the client’s specific requirements. Incorporating mechanisms that ensure fast and flawless data sync in real-time, across processes and users. Mitigating risks associated with potential glitches failures due to improper handling of tech solutions.

Technology Solution

For us, the first order of business was to create a roadmap for building processes that connect fleet managers, vehicle drivers, and technicians. We built an IoT-powered logistics management app that transformed the company’s workflows. Our app covered every aspect of goods transportation, enabling the logistics company with best-in-class technologies. We created features that dramatically enhanced the capabilities of managers, drivers, and technicians alike. For instance, with a comprehensive back-end dashboard, managers get an overview of processes and activities as they happen. In addition, the presence of an EV captive community helped client to improve their internal and external communication. Drivers, fleet managers can share update on regular basis within the community app.

Value Delivered

With this custom IoT app and a captive community in place, the logistics company achieved a significant boost to its tech infrastructure.

  • Average delivery time became 27% faster.
  • Unexpected vehicle breakdowns rate declined by 66%.
  • Drivers, fleet managers, & technicians became more efficient.
  • Freight managers decision making became more data driven.
  • The captive community sped up engagement & branding.
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