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Open Charge Point Protocol to Remotely Manage Charging Station

Project Highlights

Reliability and uptime are dominant aspects for all EV charging point operators (CPO). Our client is a renowned EV charging point operator looking for a management system (OCPP) to streamline the communication between the back office and chargers. They want to expand their service offerings by mixing and matching hardware from multiple vendors. They needed a centralized back office to manage payment, authentication, error management, and smart charging. Instead of charging all vehicles at the maximum capacity of the charge point, the OCPP ensures central system applies intelligent decision-making.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

One of the major challenges is charging point service downtime due to hardware faults. Lack of back-office software to manage EV vehicle charging reservations and configure Smart Charging and Load Management on your charging network. For paid EV charging service, you must handle payments, setting prices, driver access control, and security. In addition, need to build a feature-rich driver app or customize management dashboards and reporting for your customer.

Technology Solution

The OrangeMantra team analyzed the client’s business requirements in the early stages. The OCPP development required deep knowledge of the platforms and vast expertise in smart charging. The EV Charging Management software was integrated with exceptional features for paid charging management. The client was able to manage charging network, and driver payment using a dashboard interface. In addition, manage your charging point energy across your network using Smart Charging features.

Value Delivered

OrangeMantra has helped clients build outstanding solutions (OCPP) to simplify communication between EV charging stations and central charging offices. Having vast experience in the smart charging domain, our experts offered a robust solution, covering most of the technology stack. Our expertise covered our clients’ most specific needs – installing hardware from any vendor and managing them remotely via a single central OCPP dashboard. This helped them to reduce grid extension costs, avoid demand charges, reduce energy costs (per kWh), and ensure sufficient energy for individual charge points.

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