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Search Engine Optimization of a Leading Automobile Spare Parts Manufacturer Website

Project Highlights

Our client is a leading automobile spare parts manufacturer that is known to build quality products. They offer top-quality parts to customers, and has a ship-time record that is unbeatable.

When client was looking to drive growth for its online selling website, it turned to OrangeMantra, a reputed name in Search Engine Optimization. Our professional team provided client with desired expertise, guidance and data required to boost growth, putting them ahead of competitors. Our optimizations process impacted every metric, ranging from keyword visibility, impression growth, and website growth and ultimately increases conversion rates.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Client already have a website for auto spare parts sales and delivery. We needed a way to overcome monotony and competition. Starting from scratch with a brand new website, we were tasked to get a piece of the market share. We knew that it is a challenge to rank for high-volume search terms initially, so we had to think of alternate means to bring traffic to the site.

Website reach was not as desired and overall bounce rate was very high. Only a few daily visitors were coming. And moreover, there was no active user. Real challenge was to increase the conversion rate, lower bounce rate and improve search ranking for improved business.

Technology Solution

OrangeMantra’s deep research enabled our SEO experts to identify what keywords would perform best, in terms of conversion rate. The team set a time duration of 4-6 months to rank identified terms related to client core business functionality. Moreover, other keywords were also identified to expand their footprint within the automobile industry.

After identifying core keywords, we restructured the website content, and added keywords to maximize visibility and organic downloads. SEO team continued optimizing metadata based on market trends and latest insights. This result into significant surge in business sales. We kept pushing for traffic that we thought was attainable until the site achieved relevant recognition, link authority, and brand visibility.

Value Delivered

By month six, we had increased conversion rate to 3x what we started with in month one of our work. The content strategy we developed was not only well-received, but earned client over two thousand social shares and quality backlinks. The success also reflected in website traffic, increasing 25x times over in less than a 6 month period.

Every change OrangeMantra implemented resulted in new growth for client’s website. This included increased impressions and growth in keyword rankings and reduce bounce rates. Our SEO expertise, technical audit and unique strategy significantly accelerated client website growth and visibility.

The improved keyword ranking with higher conversion rate was a direct outcome of OrangeMantra’s SEO strategy. Our work and guidance supported client website consistent growth on the search engine, resulting into brand value and higher sales.

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