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Truck Fleet Management System Powered By Hitech Robotics

Project Highlights

Our client, is a leading cooking equipment installation service provider. With state of the art technology and a vast inventory, the company has a large fleet of trucks. They were looking for a technology solution to gain real-time insight into the operation of each Truck and its driver. They want to make improvements in both driver safety and fleet sustainability, and wanted to achieve with one integrated solution. Client partnered with OrangeMantra for Hitech robotics solution to improve truck fleet management operations.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

With no telematics systems employed, the company lacked control over its fleet operations and had no way of reporting ROI. Client was relying on a manual method. Drivers would have to share their location over call. It created big time challenges for client because no real-time information about truck and drivers were available. Productivity also suffered because client had no visibility into a driver’s whereabouts.

Being unable to monitor driver behaviour, the fleet owners/managers have minimal control over, turnaround time compliance for their end customers as they are reliant on the driver.

Technology Solution

OrangeMantra helped the client grow their idea into a fully-fledged truck fleet management system. The integration of Hitech robotics provides client essential features for effective truck fleet management. The ADAS dashboard has advanced options to analyze driver behavior, the health of vehicles and immediate information about vehicles entering or leaving a specific area. The company now has one accurate, real time version of the truth across its fleet, and a complete risk management audit trail.

Value Delivered

The new Hitech robotics platform was targeted to provide all the advantages of a fleet management solution. Major benefits included optimize logistics and supply chain management, eliminate manual documentation, speed up the workflow, improve fuel efficiency and reduce accident rates. Due to reduced downtime and improved driving, the trucks can spend more time on the road and generate more revenue.

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