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ADAS Safety and Compliance

We adhered to safety standards (e.g., ISO 26262) and industry regulations to develop custom ADAS solutions. This ensures that your software meets paramount safety-critical requirements.


ADAS Algorithm Development

We create and fine-tune algorithms for ADAS functionalities, such as object detection, path planning, and sensor fusion. Here, our strong understanding of computer vision, machine learning, and AI makes a difference.


ADAS Sensor Integration and Fusion

We offer our proficiency in integrating data from diverse sensors, such as cameras, LiDAR, and ultrasonic sensors, among others. We fuse this data to generate a complete understanding of the vehicle's surroundings.


ADAS Simulation and Testing

Our expertise in virtual simulation environments delivers a market-ready solution. Moreover, we conduct extensive testing to validate all ADAS functionalities under various conditions to find the safest solution for your ADAS endeavour.


ADAS Software Architecture

Usher in the change with smart vehicle solutions like Autonomous Driving and Navigation solutions for revolutionised travel. Utilise the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for seamless user-vehicle interaction and supercharge your decisions with Connected Vehicle and Telematics Solutions.


Machine Learning and AI

OrangeMantra is known for its strong capabilities in leveraging machine learning and AI techniques to enhance ADAS features. Our driverless vehicle solutions offer adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, autonomous emergency braking, and others.

Maximum Safety For Your Driverless Vehicle Solution with OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra is a renowned name in the technology space. Our global-leading talents deliver state-of-the-art ADAS software solutions that offer complete safety through compliance with the latest standards. Get a driver assistance app customised to your specific business needs.

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Our Advanced Driver Assistance System Software Services

Our team of expert ADAS software developers possesses the exact technical proficiency you need. We develop safe, compliant, and scalable solutions for you to succeed and grow.

System Design and Architecture

We create the blueprint for the ADAS software, integrating various components and functionalities as per your business objectives and project requirements.

Algorithm Development

We design and implement complex algorithms for advanced features like object detection, localization, route planning, etc., for a sophisticated ADAS solution.

Software Development

We develop specialised software modules for specific and general ADAS functionalities and ensure seamless integration and optimal performance in the automotive domain.

Testing and Validation

We conduct extensive testing and assessments to ensure your ADAS software performs with high precision and achieves complete safety for passengers.

Integration Services

We integrate ADAS software into your hardware or vehicle systems in the most seamless, cohesive and compatible fashion.

Maintenance and Support

We provide continuous support to keep your system updated and functioning. We ensure your system stays reliable and robust on all occasions.

OraneMantra Success Stories in Automative Industry

Truck Fleet Management System Powered By ADAS A leading cooking equipment installation service provider maintains a large fleet of trucks. They were looking for a technology solution to gain real-time insight into the operation of each truck and its driver. They want to make improvements in both driver safety and fleet sustainability, which they want to achieve with one integrated solution. The client partnered with OrangeMantra for a high-tech automated solution to improve truck fleet management operations.

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Automation Solution for India’s First Driverless Shuttle One of our clients needed an app solution to help their fleet managers remotely control every driverless shuttle. The solution features an array of capabilities, including seat booking by users, stoppage alerts at the source and destination, emergency stoppage, real-time location, and navigation, among others. As a tech solution partner for the client, we’ve continued our collaboration to explore new avenues in automation.

Explore Our Case Studies

Cloud Infrastructure for Magneti Marelli’s Connected Vehicle Technology Magneti Marelli is an internationally acclaimed Italian-based manufacturer of automotive equipment, established in 1919. They faced the biggest challenge in areas like maximising safe-driving experiences, providing secure onboarding, and a multi-level approach to combining the cloud with their existing 4G and 5G telematics boxes. The company also wanted to ensure the desired efficiency of next-generation capabilities like predictive maintenance. OrangeMantra helped them achieve their objectives with its sophisticated solutions.

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Our Advanced Tech Stack For Your Perfect Driver Assistance App

  • Front End

  • Qt for AutomotiveQt for Automotive
  • OpenGL ESOpenGL ES
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Angular or ReactAngular or React
  • Flutter
  • Vue.jsVue.js
  • Back End

  • PythonROS 
  • JavaApache Kafka
  • CNode.js
  • C++Django
  • CSpring Boot
  • C++Flask
  • Frameworks

  • NVIDIA DriveWorksNVIDIA DriveWorks
  • Mobileye EyeQMobileye EyeQ
  • ApolloApollo
  • Waymo Open Dataset Waymo Open Dataset
  • OpenCV OpenCV
  • Database

  • SQLiteSQLite
  • MongoDBMongoDB
  • InfluxDBInfluxDB
  • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL
  • CassandraCassandra
  • RedisRedis

Predictive Analysis for Automotive Software: Safe, Accurate and Powerful

OraneMantra carried out rigorous testing for foolproof safety in your advanced driver assistance software. With advanced technology like predictive analysis for automotive, we infuse precision and make it completely reliable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Automotive AI solutions leverage artificial intelligence to bring next-gen advancements to the automotive space. They aim to enhance safety, efficiency, and the users’ driving experience with powerful and reliable software solutions, including automated driving. These solutions utilise high-tech technologies like computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning to make vehicles intelligent and bring an era of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
A driverless vehicle is one that can navigate and operate without human intervention. It uses technologies such as LiDAR, radar, cameras, and advanced sensors to join forces with AI algorithms to perceive the environment. They make real-time decisions and navigate safely to achieve driverless transportation.
Predictive Analysis for Automotive utilises data and analytics to anticipate future trends, performance issues, and maintenance needs in a vehicle. This helps in optimising supply chains, improving vehicle reliability, and enhancing decision-making processes across manufacturing, logistics, and customer service within the automotive sector.
ADAS security involves employing techniques like encryption, secure communication protocols, and robust cybersecurity frameworks. They are meant to safeguard ADAS components from potential threats like data breaches or cyberattacks. With continuous monitoring and over-the-air updates, along with adherence to industry standards, the ADAS system ensures the security and integrity of its functionalities.
ADAS is designed to assist drivers and improve vehicle safety. ADAS utilised AI to achieve advanced features such as collision avoidance, lane departure warnings, and adaptive cruise control. AI provides real-time information and automates certain driving tasks, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and improving driver awareness.