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ERP Solution for a globally
renowned clothing brand

About the Client

The globally admired fashion brand Numero Uno was looking for the right technology partner to revamp its digital landscape. As a global fashion icon, they wanted to elevate to the next level of business in terms of expansion and revenue. However, their existing technology was falling short of expectations, and they were on the look-out for the right technology partner to help them achieve the desired business goals. 


Holistic assessment of the existing technology stack to define the roadmap for the future goals, which would include:

  • Ramping up sales, keeping scalability at the core of designing
  • A comprehensive strategy to achieve client-centricity for better retention
  • Transforming the existing catalog with the structured process flow to ensure business efficiency
  • Introduction of process automation, business data curation, endpoint management automation, introduction of mobility across the system
  • Migration of client’s existing technology stack to a robust e-commerce ecosystem to accommodate the desired changes and scalability
The Challenges 

How to streamline business process, thus mitigating operational challenges during the designed roadmap of growth.

How to keep ROI & ROX at tandem to the envisaged plan.

How to define a price and data driven consumer journey roadmap.

How to design a fully integrated system without any manual intervention for an enriched operational efficiency.

How to align technology as per business goals and strategy.

Our Approach

Client was contemplating the role of technology to support their strategic business goals and we were expected to come up with a solution that matches their technology demands in corroboration with their business goals.

Having served various business labels throughout their digital transformation journey for over a decade, Orange Mantra’s domain expertise and in-depth knowledge made the entire pitching process a smooth journey. From a system restructuring point of view, our process and methodology along with our data driven and customer centric approach for enabling business (to align to technology for future needs) played the crucial role.

The Solution

To begin with, we embarked upon a structured approach to identify:

  • Baseline business technology and architecture
  • Target business technology and architecture
  • Gap analysis
  • Business and technology readiness check for the change
  • Solution
  • Roadmap for implementation
  • Deployment

We studied their desired business ambitions, did a dipstick of their consumer profile and consumption pattern, baseline and target business technology and architecture, zeroed down on the gaps, conducted business and technology readiness check for the expected changes, drafted the solution architecture, took their stakeholders in confidence, onboarded them, and eventually ran a pilot.

Post the successful implementation of the pilot and all-stakeholder buy-in, we went full-fledged.

We added support to smoothen the inventory process, payment and shipping journey, and the day-to-day business operations.


We designed a full-fledged e-commerce ecosystem. It was a fully integrated functional platform that matched their marketing needs and were aligned with their operational demands.

More so, it was not only aligned with latest trends but was also structured as a fully scalable model keeping the upcoming future needs as a foresight.

The Result

The success lied in not only developing a seamless technology integration, it also was a classic example of successful migration implementation. 

The success lied in not only developing a seamless technology integration, it also was a classic example of successful migration implementation.

After the Magento-powered solution was successfully integrated, client was able to expand its digital presence globally. The entire process was automated, which further reduced the scope of operational errors and inventory management, thus ensuring scalability.