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SFA Solution for a globally renowned manufacturing brand

About the Client

A leading cement manufacturer in the country, JK Cement Ltd is an affiliate of the multi-disciplinary industrial conglomerate JK Organization. Having a diversified portfolio, namely, White cement, Grey Cement and Wood paints, and simultaneous presence across India, Nepal, and parts of the African continent, JK Cement manages an extensive sales network to cater to their vast clientele. Until then, client was managing their operations through Sales Force as a SFA platform. However, their business operation demanded customization which their existing tech was unable to offer. The lack of flexibility alongside the steep licensing fee forced client to look out for a strategic technology partner to design an integrated SFA as an apt replacement tech.

  • Mix smart automation and people skills to smoothen outbound sales process while seamlessly integrating back-end process management to cater to orders
  • Automate field sales processes, boost sales team productivity, and eliminate redundancy from business processes
  • Create automatically customizable workflows thus reducing time spent on manual or repetitive tasks
  • Build business intelligence and plan and target future sales efforts
  • Increase response time and revenue
The Challenges 

How to design a fully integrated system clubbing independent sales team for three different brands without any manual intervention for an enriched operational efficiency.

How to integrate the proposed SFA with the existing platforms of SAP, DNA and other back-end and third-party systems.

How to address network connectivity issues at remote locations.

How to design a real-time data sync for round the clock data access for a wide network of users across India, Nepal, and Africa.

How to create an authorized access system as per organizational hierarchy.

How to automate route planning for sales team.

How to streamline business process, thus mitigating operational challenges during the designed road-map of growth.

How to ensure customer KYC.

Our Approach

Client was contemplating the role of technology to support their strategic business goals and we were expected to come up with a solution that matches their technology demands in corroboration with their business process goals.

Having served various business labels throughout their digital transformation journey for over a decade, Orange Mantra’s domain expertise and in-depth knowledge made the entire pitching process a smooth journey. From a system restructuring point of view, our process and methodology along with our data driven and customer centric approach for enabling business (to align to technology for future needs) played the crucial role.

The Solution

To begin with, we embarked upon a structured approach to study:

  • Existing CRM & SFA and its functioning
  • Customization needs for target business technology and architecture
  • Sales funnel and order mapping
  • Geography and potential based tracking needs
  • Roadmap for implementation
  • Deployment

We studied their desired business ambitions, did a dipstick of their sales funnel for all three brands and dashboard, existing CRM & SFA functioning and analyzed their target business technology and architecture, zeroed down on the needs, conducted business and technology readiness check for the expected changes, drafted the solution architecture, and deployed it across three countries.


We designed a live application that had crucial integration with SAP, DNA and other backend and third-party systems. It ensured real-time data sync across geographies and offline functioning at poor networked areas while mapping 3 brands performances simultaneously.

Our solution ensured:

  • Key account management
  • Contact management
  • Contract management
  • Lead management
  • Order management
  • Pipeline management
  • Quotation management
  • Sales prediction
  • Hierarchy based access authorization
  • It was a fully integrated functional platform that matched their sales needs and were aligned with their operational demands.

The Result 

The success lied in not only developing a seamless technology integration, it also was a classic example of customized SFA and third-party CRM integration.

It ensured:

  • Improved customer relationship, staff productivity, and business revenue.
  • More closing opportunities, short sale cycles, ease of tracking sales cycle.
  • Increase in salesforce productivity and accurate reporting.
  • Improved customer relationships, increase in sales revenue, improved market share, increase in profitability.
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