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B2B Sales Force Automation for a Manufacturing Giant

The Story

JK Cement Ltd., a leading cement manufacturing company, needed a solution to automate its sales for two divisions, namely, white cement and grey cement. The company was dealing with a huge amount of data that restricted all departments from keeping and managing records of sales, orders, and inventory. Earlier, we provided a solution to manage their sales network and client details. But with bigger expansion plans on the cards, the company needed more automation and customizations to manage day-to-day operations.

JK Cement Ltd
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Collating sales executives’ site-visit info in real-time was one of the most significant challenges. JK Cement has an expansive pan-India team of salespeople who visit prospects like construction-material shops. Altogether, it was required to manage and monitor all sales executives’ data by the higher management. Managers needed a complete penetration into the work of executives to boost productivity across two divisions. Moreover, team management and reporting were quite inefficient for tracking overall ROI. The company needed a solution that provided them with an in-depth look into executive work, ongoing activities, lead funnels, and sales. Besides, the company’s data was scattered across multiple channels, which made it hard to access in one go.


We provided a concrete Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution developed on Java microservices. Along with the Android app, we built an Angular-based admin panel for managing all user accounts and KYC approval. The SFA application, Umber, runs on both web and mobile and enables sales executives to lodge their order data and confirm site visits using a geofencing enabled app feature. Altogether, the application showcases a unified graphical data representation of both divisions. Also, it allows users to work on different modules such as leads, stocks, orders, sales, and more.


Our team successfully delivered an efficient and faster SFA solution that enables the business to record, monitor, and manage sales data from different sources. It was a full-fledged solution providing all level of monitoring and process automation. The application is user-friendly and accessible through mobile, which means managers and sales executives can access data on the go. The solution enabled the organization to manage teams, improve workflow, and gain more productivity. Also, a unified picture of data generated on an application helps organizations gain critical insights and identify areas for improvement.