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How OrangeMantra Digitally Enhanced
PVR’s Customer Experience Management

About the Client 

PVR, one of India’s pioneer and preferred retail entertainment companies, needs no introduction. However, its business required a makeover aimed at redefining its presence across metro cities. PVR needed an effective push to redesign its digital experience for the clients, and therefore joined hands with OrangeMantra. The entertainment giant was planning to increase its user base. And thus, the company was looking for result-oriented strategies and a technology partner to work for them.

PVR wanted to renew its state-of-the-art cinema exhibition experience for the users. With its desire to expand, enrich, and entertain customers with a delightful user experience, PVR had to ensure that the chosen partner could manage its brand presence pan-India and in some overseas countries also. The expansion plans were dynamic and challenging as well. Therefore, Orange Mantra needed to go ahead with definite objectives when implementing the new strategies.

  • Streamlining operations, like simplifying billing and making payment processes faster.
  • Diversifying product offering and client experience.
  • Redefining communication support and overcoming communication barriers.
  • Real-time notification management.
  • Plugging in attractive discounts, schemes, and promotions for clients.
  • Designing a robust platform capable enough to accommodate high traffic at any given point.
  • Refined customer engagement with real-time automated push notification on all transactions.
  • Incorporating loyalty programs, seasonal discounts, and coupons.
  • Smoothen the user experience (ticket booking, the flow of information, placing promotions) for both mobile and web app users.
  • Providing 24×7 technical and communication support across all channels, including app and web servers.
  • To redefine growth strategies with result-oriented customer-centric solutions.
How We Approached

Keeping in mind the client’s presence across India and abroad, we had to be very specific with our strategy. The fact that PVR was not satisfied with the service of the previous vendor implied that there was no room for trial and error. The solution had to be as specific as PVR’s services are. OrangeMantra’s initial phase of communication was business-specific. Our analysts devoted the first few days to figure out the pain points and the possible solutions that could be implemented.

After the initial data gathering, it was time to design constructive business solutions that could resolve all the challenges the client was facing due to low customer engagement.

How We Crafted The Solution

Our experienced developers decided to utilize the best technology to redefine the existing mobile and web app for PVR. Initially, we aimed at finding issues and fixing them immediately through our next-gen technology stack. We utilized Java to bring in desired innovation and transformation to the applications. Our seasoned developers are experienced in crafting solutions on a diversified technology stack. Therefore, utilizing Java-oriented solutions was much easier.

OrangeMantra’s exhaustive exposure to similar technology proved to be the effective guiding force behind transforming PVR’s business. Right after the beginning of the project, we decided to break down their business complexity into insightful data, which helped us design the solution as required. Our legacy of accelerating digital transformation and modernizing the business operations was thus successfully deployed. With this acceleration came the need for deploying complex business solutions, the highest levels of security, and 24×7 technical support that our team has successfully deployed to the client.

What Made the Solution Unique 
  • Result-oriented single click user experience.
  • Smooth transactional and digital experience for the users.
  • Implementation of seasonal campaigns to promote customers’ interest via coupons, promotions, vouchers, etc.
  • Top-notch data security backed by cutting-edge technology and support from seasoned professionals.
The Result

OrangeMantra’s strategic business transformation services helped PVR enrich its existing client base and retain new clients. The ongoing security support ensured no server downtime even when the load is multi-fold with the release of new movies across India. Our decades of expertise and experience were successfully translated to offer a brand-new identity to PVR’s business.

  • A seamless, unified platform for movie-goers and theater owners.
  • Online ticket sales were visibly higher within a few months.
  • The conversion rate rose substantially on both platforms.
  • The solutions also streamlined booking processes for theater owners.