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Our client is one of India’s leading logistics brands. It offers end-to-end tech-enabled logistics solutions to the eCommerce industry. Headquartered in Gurugram, India, the company has shown tremendous growth and expansion since its inception.

The need for a technology partner became evident as soon as they needed to enhance & take their existing first-mile solution to the next level. OrangeMantra directly engaged with the client’s requirements and deployed a team of Java developers for order-picking app development.

Logistics supply chain
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The logistics company was using a conventional approach to manage the first-mile process. Having separate operations involved ranging from product booking, barcode scanning, and manual addition of details at warehouse centers, there was insufficient transparency and higher operational cost.

Our client was looking to upgrade, and optimize their legacy process with next-gen technology. Modernizing the platform with a Java solution would allow the company to provide top-notch service to its customers and expand its footprint to acquire new revenue streams. The client needed to seek external assistance and augment their team with relevant skills to keep the project moving forward.


To meet our client’s requirements accurately by addressing their first-mile challenges, our Java team conducted regular meetings. We worked to digitize their business operation, adding new advancements, and features.

The real-time update feature was done at the back end as soon barcode is scanned. This helped the warehouse team to track the order-picking details. Refining existing features and adding new functionality to barcode scanning, pickup confirmation, notifications, and alerts.


The importance of first-mile solutions is growing as logistics companies want to optimize their order-pickup operations. We integrated the location tracking technologies, using Java coding, and UI/UX best practices to help our clients with their solutions. The aim was to lower production costs, and automate the whole operation including order picking, and update to eliminate possible human errors.

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