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Virtual Classroom Solutions

Disruption-free online teaching and learning with technology-rich virtual classroom solutions.

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Real classroom-like experience with software-powered learning platforms

Virtual classrooms are digital replicas of traditional classrooms or training centers. The instructor teaches and students learn in real-time using a software application connected via the internet. These digital learning platforms feature all the basic elements of a traditional classroom. Be it interactions between students and the teacher or conversation among students, the platform enables everything. Instructors can also use a whiteboard for teaching as they would do in a traditional classroom.

The virtual classroom software is equipped with features like video conferencing and live chat to create an immersive learning experience. Instructors can use multiple communication tools, open discussion forums, and share multimedia content, among other things.

We offer custom-built virtual classroom solutions and online teaching software for coaching institutes, schools & colleges, individual instructors, and corporate trainers.

Key Advantages of Using Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms are the best alternatives for education service providers and higher education institutes when traditional classes are not feasible. The digital learning infrastructure creates a highly engaging experience both for both learners and instructors. Virtual classrooms offer wide-ranging benefits.

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Engaging teaching/learning experience

Virtual classrooms enable you to minimize disengagement by integrating interactivity features. Encourage the participants to actively engage in a class/session through LMS capabilities. Add features like questionnaires and gamification to enhance interaction.

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Instant video conferencing

The virtual classroom platform features video calling tools such as Skype and Hangout built-in on the software. This enables students or trainees to quickly participate in an ongoing video conference. Instructors can easily create video conferences.

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Assessment and insights

With virtual classroom software, instructors can evaluate the performance of learners with incredible precision. They can track the engagement levels of students and evaluate performance in tests using a timer and other features.

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Recording and storage capabilities

Users can record live classes to watch later. Recording capabilities also create a backup of all the classes and training sessions. Recorded classes become useful materials for learners who find certain topics difficult to understand.

Main Features of Our Virtual Classroom Solutions

Be it quick and easy user signup or an incredibly engaging learning experience, our virtual classroom solutions stand out from others in many ways.

Seamless integration

We ensure the smooth integration of the virtual classroom solution into your existing software infrastructure. Integrate your virtual classroom into an existing digital education platform, LMS, or CMS.

Efficient administration

Have full control over how your virtual classroom operates. Give access to information according to your choice. Conduct, schedule, and manage classes without any hassle.

Record live classes

One-click record of every live session creates a backup of lessons. Share the recorded videos with learners or on social media for better cross-platform engagement.

Engage learners & instructors

Interactive features, live chats, and gamification enable the learners and instructors alike to engage in the session. We let you select the interactive features according to your needs.

Learning on the go

We also build virtual classroom mobile apps according to your requirements. Let learners attend live sessions on the go using their mobile devices. This ensures that registered learners can attend classes from anywhere they want.

No downloaded needed

The web version of the solution enables learners to attend virtual classes by installing any app. It makes the experience hassle-free and attracts more participants to the online classes.

Our Digital Learning Solutions Portfolio

From custom e-learning solutions to virtual classrooms and AR/VR-based digital learning, our digital learning solutions cover a full spectrum. Being a pioneer in digital transformation services, we can meet every demand promptly and efficiently

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