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Manufacturing Consulting Services

Digitise your manufacturing industry operations and management with tech-driven IT solutions. Meet every single goal of your manufacturing enterprise, embrace fast operations, and yield guaranteed results while harnessing the power of technology.

The manufacturing segment has always faced the growing challenges of streamlining operations for enhancing productivity and lowering operational costs. This is where our manufacturing consulting services drop in to help you. Simply, witness the transition from traditional production and management methods to automation. With our high-end and well-connected manufacturing IT services, you can enrich the power of your industry, ensure seamless production, delivery, logistics, and segmentation model.

We at OrangeMantra, provide you with cutting-edge technology support and services to operate your manufacturing operations in a profitable manner. With our solutions, overcome the rising challenges of burdened operational cost, slow production, and other issues. Here, we provide you result-oriented tech-approach to maximize production capacity & ability, meet diverse customer requirements, reduce cost, maintain uptime, and increase the overall ROI

Manufacturing Consulting Services

Manufacturing Industry IT Solutions

We offer you profitable Manufacturing industry IT solutions of various kinds. These help your industry to harness the power of technology that helps to improve operational efficiency and get visibility across various enterprise functions.

Warehouse Management Solutions

Control and manage day-to-day operations in the warehouse with a smart-driven Warehouse Management System. Develop this software to guide inventory receiving & put away, manage picking and shipping of products and get advice on inventory replenishment. Our manufacturing industry IT specialists help you develop a feature-rich WMS software to maximize transparency on the product processing, maximum labour productivity, reduce errors, and optimize storage capacity.

Predictive Maintenance

Make the most out of embracing the manufacturing industry IT solution of Predictive Maintenance to predict accurately to close happenings with the equipment. Get to know in advance about real-time insights of the condition of your asset and machinery and get the same fixed before the actual issue occurs. Overall, it helps to increase the process efficiency and reduce operational downtime along with additional costs.

Transportation Management

Streamline the overall product movement, automate scheduling, enhance routing, dispatching, and ensure hassle-free fleet management with our Transportation Management solutions. With our technically advanced solutions, empower the workflow with reliable remote asset tracking, inventory management, warehouse capacity optimization, and more.

Supply Chain Management Solution

Meet requirements and delight your targetted customer base with a more flexible and responsive supply chain. We provide you with enterprise-level supply chain management solutions to reduce the gap between product orders and shipment. Meet the challenges of growing supply chain issues with our IT solutions along with saving costs in an efficient manner.

Our Service Offerings

Rely on our digital Manufacturing Industry IT service offerings to steer your enterprise growth across the entire manufacturing lifecycle. We offer you smart, connected, Cloud-enabled, and mobility is driven high-tech solutions.

 Asset Management & Optimization
Asset Management & Optimization
Develop result-driven asset management solutions to perform, adapt, and manage critical assets digitally. Reduce the cost of asset management with a technology-driven solution and keeps a close check on availability and utilization for improved business operations.
Smart Manufacturing Solutions
Smart Manufacturing Solutions
Make the best out of interconnected and digitally driven manufacturing processes to monitor seamlessly. Enjoy smart manufacturing solutions to identify real-time opportunities to automate your operations and make performance better with desired result outcome.
 Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Ideally meet your inventory management issues with our technology-driven inventory management services. Our expert developers create robust, fast, and secured management solutions for you to bring down complex tasks to a single take rendering data.
    Field Service Operations
Field Service Operations
Increase your manufacturing industry employees’ productivity, utilize the best of resources, and ease up the process of managing diverse talents. Develop a cutting-edge field service operation solution to manage employee activity, do scheduling, dispatching work, and ensure safe production and delivery of products.
Order Management
Order Management
Stay ahead of your manufacturing industrial curve by efficiently tracking your orders with our order management service offering. The system allows you to see into the process of manufacturing, supply, and overall management of orders to ensure a better customer experience.
Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized manufacturing technology solutions that are designed according to the client’s requirements.
  • Use of advanced technologies for delivering innovative manufacturing solutions.
  • Agile application development services compatible with all platforms.
  • Proficient team with skill and experience to accelerate product development.
  • Years of experience and a successful track record in the manufacturing domain.
  • Best-in-class services backed by a highly reliable delivery model.
  • Cost-effective services with the commitment to deliver high quality.
  • Well-tested solutions designed to perform seamlessly all the time.

What Clients Say


Manufacturing industry IT solutions are technically-driven services like asset management, order management, predictive management, smart logistics, and more. All these services help the manufacturing enterprises to digitally streamline the production, manufacturing, maintenance, shipping, and other logical operations in a cost-effective manner.
If you want to scale up your manufacturing industry business and stay ahead of the competition, then it is important to avail of IT services. It helps you digitally operate several modules of the business to increase efficiency, streamline the process, and increase the overall profit of the enterprise.
The estimated cost of implementing IT solutions for the manufacturing enterprise differs as per the requirement, size of the business, particular operations, functionalities, complexities, and the resources required. Here at OrangeMantra, we provide you with cost-effective manufacturing industry consulting services and IT solutions to enhance your business operations and profitability
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