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As a leading OXID development company, we have served numerous B2B and B2C clients with custom and flexible OXID development services, building modular, scalable, and robust OXID eShop for their businesses.

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Your Trusted OXID Development Company

OXID development is one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce solutions. OXID eSales has published and developed OXID eShop as commercial open-source software so that users could take advantage of rapid, advanced, and high-quality development as well as a long-term and reliable investment security. Since OXID eShop has a well-structured and compact code base, it delivers content quickly. OXID eShop is modular and scalable so you can extend any possible functionality with small size database-driven performance.

Our valuable clients benefit from the implementation of highly customizable and flexible eCommerce solutions from the knowledge and abilities of our proficient OXID eShop developers. As a top-notch OXID development company, we deliver excellent OXID eShop development services to our clients who wish to develop their eCommerce stores with the right solutions. Our rich experience in a diverse range of projects and our close strategic partnership with OXID makes us a trusted partner for your eCommerce project. We can efficiently extend the robust OXID eCommerce solution according to your specific requirements. Our vast knowledge in the field of ERP, PIM, and eCommerce enables us to integrate any kind of solution in your existing environment.

Salient Features of the OXID EShop Solution

Because of its modern, modular architecture, it can be scaled, modified, and customized to meet your business requirements easily.

  • Quick and easy installation and setup
  • Minimal launch and support costs
  • Ideal for building an online store for selling almost any kind of products/services
  • Flexible, modular, and scalable structure
  • High speed, reliability, and performance
  • Provides an efficient and intuitive admin panel
  • Search engine optimized using current technology and social media marketing integration
  • High load ability
  • OXID eShop provides Integrated Content Management System
  • OXID eShop has out-of-the-box functions ranging from web2.0 tagging, social commerce, rating, etc.
  • Can be upgraded to the latest stable version with OXID CE, EE, and PE editions
Salient Features of the OXID EShop Solution

Looking to Hire OXID Developers for Your Ecommerce Project?

Three Editions of the OXID Eshop

OXID eShop is available in three editions or versions namely Community, Professional, and Enterprise.

OXID eShop Community Edition (CE)

Its free version has the following advantages:

  • Integrated Content Management System (CMS)
  • Quick project implementation, thus has a short time to market
  • Search engine optimization, automatic creation of semantic micro-markup for pages
  • Supports modularity at the level of inheritance and configuration
  • Creation of product variants and options, various built-in attributes to describe products.
  • User groups, flexible pricing, and discount management.
  • Mobile version
  • Excellent marketing features
  • More than 100 system settings.
OXID eShop Professional Edition (PE)

Its main advantages over OXID eShop CE include:

  • Easy and seamless integration with third-party applications (ERP, PIM, CMS, etc.)
  • Greater scalability
  • High performance
  • A higher level of security
  • Visual Content Management System for creating pages
OXID eShop Enterprise Edition (EE)

Its main advantages include:

  • Dedicated, professional support
  • Multi-shop management
  • B2B customer support
  • Rights and roles of administrators and managers
  • More caching options for high performance

Key Benefits of OXID Development

  • Reliable and non-failure operation
    The websites on OXID eShop work 24/7 non-stop.
  • Free to use
    Regardless of revenue generated or the number of products sold.
  • Wide functionality
    OXID eShop provides all the core features needed to develop an online store.
  • Well-developed infrastructure
    Thousands of robust plugins have been developed for OXID eShop.
  • Easy connectivity
    OXID eShop can easily connect with third-party services or applications using OXID eFire.
  • Fully customizable
    OXID platform uses the Smarty Template engine that can be easily customized.
  • Stable platform
    The OXID platform has a modular architecture and is ideal for B2B and B2C industries.
  • Robust
    Using the OXID enterprise version, we can manage 100+ eCommerce stores with a single backend system.
  • SEO-friendly
    OXID platform excels with SEO capabilities and functionalities.
  • User-Friendly
    It delivers an excellent user experience with Omni-channel integration.
  • User-Friendly
    It delivers an excellent user experience with Omni-channel integration.
  • Social Media Connectivity
    OXID provides functionalities like Web2.0 tagging that helps in social media connectivity.
  • Multilingual Support
    OXID stores support multiple languages and are widely used in the eCommerce industry.
  • Object-Oriented
    Leveraging object-oriented programming, OXID platforms receive new updates without any data loss or damage.

Explore Our Range of OXID Development Services

Take advantage of our fully customized, effective, and quality-oriented OXID web development services.

OXID eShop Development

Our full spectrum OXID eShop development services encompass everything from installation and setup to implementation and maintenance.

PSD to HTML Conversion

Our OXID developers hold strong expertise in delivering PSD to OXID eShops conversion that will give you better and flawless results.

Payment Module Integration

The Tokenized Security benefits both the Investors and Issuers. With the help of our security token offering, the legal documents turn out to be progressively long-standing and you can get access to a universal capital easily.

OXID Store Design and Development

Get a complete suite of OXID design and development services for your online store for maximum performance.

OXID Module Development

We can help you implement custom module functions to extend the functionalities of your OXID eShop.

OXID Theme Development

Our creative and talented OXID developers design and develop mobile-responsive themes for your eCommerce store from scratch.

Our Technology Stack

Our Technology Stack

  • Languages & Platforms
  • Database
  • Front-end
  • Deployment/ Server Management
  • Caching
    Zend OpCache
  • Project Management Tools

Our OXID Web Development Industry Experience

When it comes to on-demand OXID web development, we offer the best OXID development services to give you a competitive edge in the market. We are armed by specialized teams of OXID developers who have vast experience in creating applications of all sizes and complexities ranging from robust, dynamic websites to fully interactive business applications, software to powerful eCommerce solutions, and open-source to fast application framework development.

Home and Lifestyle

Home and Lifestyle

Hire OXID developers to achieve faster efficiency with superior-quality enterprise-level online stores.



Leveraging OXID eShop functionalities, our OXID developers have delivered perfectly-balanced eCommerce stores to the Fashion Business owners.



Hire OXID developers to build custom on-demand portals and applications for your travel business using OXID eShop.

Identification System

Identification System

Our OXID developers have also developed an advanced automatic identification system to maximize efficiency and business productivity.



Our rich industry-specific OXID development expertise enables us to develop robust applications for the textile industry.

Why Hire OXID Developers from Orange Mantra?

Hire OXID developers from us to boost your business growth by leveraging our advanced OXID development solutions that meet all your requirements and goals.

Transparency and Integrity

We keep you informed about all the minute project details regularly and also consider your valuable feedback and suggestions as and when required. Your business ideas and vision are safe with us as we value your secrecy.

100% Client Satisfaction

The success of our hard work lies in your satisfaction. We employ the latest technologies and frameworks to deliver next-gen, secure, scalable, and user-friendly business solutions that meet your requirements perfectly.

Dedicated Teams of Professionals

We are backed by a dedicated team of developers and are considered ideal for agile-driven projects. The team utilized its rich experience and knowledge to select the best-suited business solutions among a variety of technologies and frameworks available.

Competitive Pricing

We offer OXID development services at the most competitive pricing without compromising quality. Request a free quote to get a full estimate of your project according to the requirements for an ideal solution.

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