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It’ s time for the Magento merchants to stay tuned with the present version of Magento, i.e., Magento 2. Magento has been always user-friendly and is further upgraded to accommodate the ever changing customers’ trend of shopping. We stick to the raising standards in the e-commerce strategy and give our clients the best in the market. Our team has been trained and set new test server to serve the purpose.

The new technology comprises of the latest versions of PHP, jQuery, CSS3, Apache 2.2/later, PHP 5.5x, MySQL 5.6, PSR Compliance, and, etc.

Some of the Interesting and Advantageous Features of Magento 2.0 Over Its Previous Version Are :

    • Each step demands about
    • Enhanced customization process.
    • It handles more customers and traffic with less investmest cost.
    • It supports 3.5 million page view/ hour and >2,50,000 orders/hour.
    • The server side performance enhancement includes varnish 4 support, layout performance improvement, and compatibility with HHVM 3.6.
  • Reduced cost and upgrade efforts.
  • The website gets loaded fast. For instance
  • Full page caching on both the Enterprise and Community version.
  • Testing framework supports continuous integration and testing practices.

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