Reliable Maintenance And Support Services At Your Doorstep

As technology becomes the lifeline of businesses today, there is a need to ensure that the entire applications and systems are running seamlessly all the time. Therefore, they need to look for dependable maintenance and support partners to ensure optimal application performance, reduced maintenance costs, and minimum downtime. Having such a technology partner also enables businesses to adapt to innovations and updates in an agile and effective manner.

At OrangeMantra, we extend reliable maintenance and support services which guarantee optimum efficiency and minimum downtime for the critical business applications of the client. We follow a collaborative approach, working closely with the clients while understanding their needs and challenges and resolving them at the earliest whenever there is a need.

Our Process

All That We Do For Ensuring That Your Business Applications Are On Top

Analysis and Diagnosis

We analyze the entire system architecture and each of the individual components to diagnose existing issues, forecast future challenges, identify bugs, and appraise upgrade requirements.


We put the maintenance and support plan into action, implementing the bug resolutions, issue fixing, version upgrades, and all that needs to be done, ensuring that everything is done seamlessly.


Once the changes are implemented, we monitor and stabilize them so that they do not interrupt the business processes in any way and bring the desired benefits for the business environment.


We ensure that the entire cycle goes through continuous improvement by analyzing the required metrics to gauge their performance. Further, we take perfective measures to optimize the business architecture.

Our Service Offerings

We deliver end-to-end and comprehensive maintenance and support services





Website Audits
Our team conducts periodic website audits for identifying flaws and suggesting improvements to improve it structurally and functionally.
Mobile App Support
We also have a team of mobile app specialists who evaluate your business apps and offer upgrades and support services to keep them on the top.
E-Commerce Support
Being e-commerce specialists, we extend dependable maintenance and support services for the e-commerce businesses too.
Server Support
We take care of the central IT infrastructure of the business, with reliable server setup, maintenance, and monitoring services.
Architecture Review
Our experts are responsible for reviewing your system architecture and suggesting improvements to enhance performance, scalability, and security.
Environmental Backup And Restore
We secure the virtual environment of businesses with our expert environmental backup and restore services.
Disaster Recovery
We provide cloud-based disaster recovery solutions that stronghold the business’s IT systems with secure data backup and high availability.
Emergency Support
Our support staff is available round-the-clock to troubleshoot unforeseen challenges, bugs, and issues and keep the systems up and running.
Speed Optimization
We offer expert speed optimization services that ensure that all your business applications run at lightning speeds and in a glitch-free manner.
Enterprise Integration Support
In addition to integrating enterprise applications to the existing systems, we ensure that they render smoothly and bring the desired benefits.
Infrastructure Support
We strengthen the core IT infrastructure of the business so that the entire processes and operations run in an effective manner.
Support For Digital Transformation
Our expertise in the latest digital technologies makes us a digital transformation support partner that is dependable all the way.

Why Choose Us





We bring flexible engagement models with options of 24X7, hourly, and weekly support packages. We even create custom maintenance and support packages to suffice to the unique needs of the clients.


We offer comprehensive services to ensure that the entire system runs smoothly and seamlessly all the time. From bug fixes to upgrades, security patches, speed optimization, and more, we cover them all.


We are a reliable partner that offers consistent services at a quick turnaround time. Our experts are available round-the-clock to provide emergency troubleshooting and issue resolution whenever needed.

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